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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Super Paper Mario high playthrough: Chapter 1

Starting a new playthrough of this game while high... this is definitely the weirdest game in the Paper Mario series.

This isn't my first playthrough, but I honestly don't remember much of my first playthrough of this game, so this is practically blind... Gonna play through all of this while high on weed edibles.

Super Paper Mario screenshot
The Book of Prophecies... a book that contains some dark, frightening secrets not meant for anyone's eyes... It later became known as the "Dark Prognosticus" and was sealed away...
This... is the tale of the forgotten book's last owner. It is a tale of love...
The story starts off all dark and serious... and then it turns into a saturday morning cartoon, where Count Bleck is holding a wedding ceremony for Bowser and Peach...
Do you take Peach to be your lawfully wedded wife 'til your games be over?
This was all Count Bleck's doing... Bowser doesn't even know what's going on, and is just going along with it.

Super Paper Mario screenshot Super Paper Mario screenshot