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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Official Zelda timeline artbook in the works

You thought Nintendo was finished with the Zelda 25th anniversary stuff? Not quite...

The book is called Hyrule Historia.
It's 274 pages long.

Based on the table of contents, it contains:

Detailed Skyward Sword stuff broken into various sections: 67 pages
The World of Hyrule detailed in several sections including a timeline: 70 pages
Artwork for the individual games:
Legend of Zelda – 4 pages
Link’s Adventure & Link to the Past – 2 pages
Link’s Awakening – 1 page
Ocarina of Time – 6 pages
Majora’s Mask – 3 pages
Wind Waker – 10 pages
Oracle series – 6 pages
Twilight Princess – 32 pages
Phantom Hourglass – 4 pages
Spirit Tracks – 22 pages
The rest of the book contains an evolution of Link’s character designs over the years, a catalog of Zelda games, and some other extra stuff.