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Sunday, January 1, 2017

EarthBound high playthrough log part 3

Reading the recap of part 2 now... the guide describes the happy happism people as "Pokey's friends"

The guide also mentions the egg->chicken money making strategy I learned. and it suggests doing the 2nd melody after rescuing Paula, like I thought...
Stopped reading after the page that tells you how to get to Threed.

- Threed part 1 -

Someone at the hotel warns you about the monsters outside... it's especially dangerous at the graveyard.
Someone outside the hotel:
There's a rumor that there is an underground path at the edge of the graveyard that takes you somewhere. When you get through the path, you'll meet a dirty, stinky, ugly powerful monster.
Everyone is hiding out here at the center of town.. near the circus tent that is the HQ of zombie relief corps.
lol this guy in this one house... a double agent for the zombies, gives lore/spoilers on this zombie creator named Belch, who is a follower of Giygas, who "is female, I think."

Hmm, exploring the town is the obvious next priority here... I checked out a bit of the south graveyard, fought some zombies, found a photo...
Then went around the upper right gated graveyard and found a hint house... and a teddy bear in a trashcan... score!
The hospital has a sign saying the cure to being bitten by a zombie is to bite back... but this theory hasn't been tested.

Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot

lmao I love this dialog this game is amazing