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Monday, July 13, 2015

Mother 1 high playthrough log part 1

EarthBound Beginnings box cover artEarthBound Beginnings box cover art

Here's my unorganized thoughts and notes I wrote down while getting high and playing through the fan-translated version of Mother 1 for GBA. The town names and some other stuff are different from the official Nintendo translation. I'm mostly playing this version because it's a lot less grindy than the original NES version.

- Backstory -
In the early 1900's, a dark shadow appeared, and the married couple George and Maria disappeared. Only George eventually returned and started some weird research...

- Mother's Day -
In 1988, in the town of Mother's Day, Ninten's house started shaking and household items attacked. Inside his sister's doll was a broken melody...
The sister gives me unlimited orange juice...

Ninten's dad on the phone:
It sounds like a poltergeist of some sort. Your great-grandfather did study PSI at some point.
Some creepy horror movie stuff going on... Ninten's dad tells me about the checking ability, and gives me the key to the basement.

An NPC describes the people/animals attacking as zombies and animals gone mad.

GGF's diary:
The password... Where is the god's tail, that which was left behind by the ship that soars the heavens?
Pippi is missing, tell the mayor...

First enemy I encountered was a hippie and this was just hilarious...
Hippie is praying
Hippie used bullhorn and shouted "Your mother is calling you!" Ninten was not convinced. Ninten became angry. Ninten's offense increased by 12!
A smoking crow in high heels... I love the enemies in this game. It's even more humorous than the later games in the serious in some ways.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Guacamelee playthrough log

Started playing this on Wii U. It starts off a bit slow, especially if you're talking to every NPC in town and trying to find all the sidequests/extras before moving on...

But the game suddenly gets really good at the first "real" level. The platforming physics are fun and the various combat moves you learn throughout the game also double as agility moves that add to the platforming mechanics.

This game has a dual-world mechanic similar to LttP, with portals that seemlessly transition you between worlds. The game makes good use of this in platforming situations.

I also like how there doesn't seem to be anything like breakable/fake walls that are indistinguishable from normal walls. at least not so far. the level/map design is very fair about showing you all of the possible paths to take.


Wow... I'm already near the end of the game. Only like 3 levels left on the world map that I haven't been to yet.. and 3 more abilities to unlock before I'll be able to go back through everything and finish up the game 100%.

I'm really liking the atmosphere of this game now... Starting with when I got turned into a chicken in the spirit world, that's when I noticed it... exploring the the spirit world versions of the towns really made me notice a lot of minor details too.

The game suddenly got way addicting once I gained the power to instantly transition between the worlds of living and dead. And it really is INSTANT, like there are tons of platforming sections where you you have to swap worlds back and forth mid-jump.

I like the story of the villain.. he used to be good, and then sold his soul to the devil, only to be betrayed. So he took revenge and turned the devil into a chicken, and took over as lord of the underworld, and now is trying to merge the 2 worlds together.

Guacamelee! screenshot Guacamelee! screenshot

Monday, July 6, 2015

DuckTales Remastered playthrough log

I started playing this today because I don't remember much about the NES version, it's been too long... First I'll play through the HD remastered version by Wayforward, then I'll replay the NES version.

I don't remember this tutorial level at all, I'm pretty sure this is new. They also added a lot of cutscenes that interrupt the gameplay, but you can skip them easily.

Playing on Hard mode... The Amazon level is fairly long. Some parts have spikes on both the floor and ceiling and I'm not sure how you're supposed to avoid getting hit... also that part with the falling rocks is very annoying. I got game over the first time I made it to the boss, but he's not hard once you get a feel for when his shockwaves cancel your pogo.

Got over 1.6 million points on that stage. I'm pretty sure I found every treasure, but probably didn't get the max possible score. Took me over 30 minutes just for that one stage.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Ganbare Goemon DS playthrough log part 3/3

So, the guide isn't helping much on where to go at chapter 5, and when I checked this part in the video walkthrough, this is where they started going back to all the previous areas and doing sidequests...

I definitely won't 100% this game... there's so much dialog I'd be missing out on, and I'd have to follow this walkthrough so closely there'd be no point. even Goemon 3's sidequests weren't as tedious to do without a translation as this game's sidequests are.

I've stopped trying to pay attention to the story around chapter 5... the boss there is a dragon that jumps out of the water and sends out mini-enemies on a bridge... next there's a part where you have to knock on a mansion door exactly 4 times to talk to the person inside, and he gives Ebisumaru a fart stomp ability, that is used for pressing certain switches.

Next I have to find a bunch of dieties who are hiding in obscure places, like inside a bamboo log, etc.. there's a part where I have to use the stylus to draw the japanese character that's shown on the ground, it's very hard because the game is bad at detecting the correct pen strokes... and a part where you have to play whack-a-mole with an old man who pops up out of the ground.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Ganbare Goemon DS playthrough log part 2/3

Next there's a part where we find the imposters again, having lunch, and Ebisumaru goes and eats all their food and turns into a giant round ball. The imposters run away, and now I have to roll Ebisumaru across this narrow path, it's just as annoying as the watermelon stage in Mario Sunshine. If Ebisumaru falls in the water, he'll be warped all the way back to the start.

Eventually, we find a doctor who is able to turn Ebisumaru back to normal, and we also run into Yae, who joins the group, and get to a ninja town. There's this one guy inside a house filled with mushrooms who gives us a bit of exposition.. then someone dresses Ebisumaru up in a tutu.. this gives him the ability to drill into the ground. Using this ability, you can into this fortress level...

This place is really annoying. It's a sidescrolling platforming area, if you fall off once you die and have to start over from the beginning. One thing I noticed at this point, is that Yae's katana has ridiculously bad hit detection, you can't hit an enemy at all unless you are standing directly inside it after taking damage..

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ganbare Goemon DS playthrough log part 1/3

Ganbare Goemon: Toukai Douchuu Ooedo Tengurigaeshi no Maki screenshot Full Title: Ganbare Goemon: Toukai Douchuu Ooedo Tengurigaeshi no Maki

This is the last game in the Goemon series that was ever made. It's more of an adventure style game, like SNES Goemon 3, except it's a lot more puzzle-y. The game controls with the d-pad and buttons, but you also have to use the touch screen to interact with the environment in various ways to get passed obstacles.

Goemon and Ebisumaru get thrown in jail after Omitsu comes and warns them that some imposters dressing up as them have been going around robbing people. Yae busts you out, and then you get a tengu mask from Omitsu which lets you avoid fighting the Edo guards. Then you come to a temple, the first action area of the game. it's very simple, all of the touchable things have a glowing outline around them. The first boss is a walking candle that shoots flames at you, it's very easy to dodge. After that, you find the imposters, they're a couple of fat guys wearing barely passable disguises. They get away.. and then you have to go on a journey chasing them down. Also Goemon gets power gloves allowing him to push/pull big blocks.

Next there's a town where everyone is wearing tengu masks.. and to get passed one of the guards, you need to bring him a pot from the pottery shop, but you have to make the pot yourself in a touchscreen minigame. it's kind of difficult.