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Friday, June 30, 2017

Yoshi's Island high playthrough log part 4

a frantic but slow paced autoscrolling level with a lot of baseball bandits and lakitus, it's easy to fall off but I made literally no mistakes and got through this part of the level with 30 stars and I think all things collected so far.
the 2nd part is a non-autoscroll bridge section with fast running goonies everywhere. the zoomed out flock of goonies in the background looks really cool...
then it opens up a bit... you can keep going right along the bottom path or you can take the balloons up into the clouds and keep going right on the upper path, and there are certain pipes you can go in...
the top path sure has a lot of those condom looking ghost enemies... and insta death spikes... AND baseball bandits holy fuck what...
oh wait, so the bottom path is just a dead end with another way leading up to the clouds... dunno one that one pipe I could go into was about, but I found all the things...

first part has a bunch of wavy rail platforms, and raven enemies that walk around on tiny planetoids...
a fun bonus area with a falling platform run to a flower and a timed coin run on the fallen platforms
then a carousel platform area with goonies everywhere... more swirving moving platforms and ravens...
then there's a really tricky section where you navigate a big open falling platform maze...

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

10 gaming video content creators I recommend

This is a list of my 10 most regularly watched youtube/twitch gaming channels, and my recommendations for anyone who happens to enjoy my blog and wants to see some of the other stuff that I'm into.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Mother 3 high playthrough part 3: Wan Sum Dung

Chapter 3: The Suspicious Peddler

The pig ship has landed.

Mother 3 screenshot

Oh no they're bullying those monkeys...

Alright monkey! Listen up! If you don't do your job... then this girlie monkey is as good as dead.

Mother 3 screenshot

No... stop...

The monkey gets zapped whenever he disobeys his commands... He makes the monkey, dance, laugh, and backflip... and when the monkey starts crying...

Mother 3 screenshot

Hey, you stupid monkey! You only get to cry when I tell you to!
No... stop this.

You wound up being taken with Fassad.

Death Desert

I'm playing as the monkey right now... I'm in control, well not really... If I go anywhere besides where Fassad wants me to go I get zapped.
The monkey, Salsa, has monkey skills...
- Apologize to an enemy to stop it in its tracks.
- Perform various tricks to stop an enemy somwhat.
- Perform various dances for different results.
- Counter an enemy with its own attack.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Affordable Space Adventures playthrough log

This game starts off really boring, but then it picks up as you gain more and more abilities. At first you're just exploring a barren, linear path using your flash light to see where to go.. and then you gain stuff like a Mass Generator that lets you sink into water, and a stabilizer that lets you fly with more precision.

Then it starts to get good when there are actual obstacles you have to avoid. Getting hit usually just makes you restart right before where you died, so it's just trial and error. the game keeps a log of all the stuff that has happened to your ship, including your deaths, so it kind of challenges you to get through without dying once.

Affordable Space Adventures screenshot Affordable Space Adventures screenshot Affordable Space Adventures screenshot

Later you get the electric engine, which makes way less heat and noise than the fuel engine, and it's needed for sneaking passed certain objects that attack you if they sense too much heat or sound.. there's also objects that sense electricity levels, and those I think the only way to get through them is with going really slowly with minimum thrusters.

Level 13 is where it starts to get really hard. there's an enemy with homing missiles that shoots if it senses you, and you actually NEED it to sense and shoot at you in order to unlock certain doors...

Friday, June 2, 2017

Mother 3 high playthrough part 2: Froggy Intelligence

The enemies in this forest seem harder than before.. now that Flint is on his own these snakes and mice make me constantly need to heal.
lol what's with this walking bush enemy... It follows you around but doesn't actually engage you unless you try and talk to it. then in battle it just uses Lifeup on Flint and does non-hostile things. weird...

Mother 3 screenshot

Walking Bushie greeted everyone politely and left.
These boar enemies are kinda tough, but then I learned the rhythm to get combo hits on them...

Back to Alec's house

Mother 3 screenshot Mother 3 screenshot

Alec says he knows where Clause went...
According to my froggy intelligence, he's at my friend's house.
My friend is able to talk with frogs, lizards, and what have you.
His friend is a Magypsie... The Magypsies have lived isolated from civilization for a long time...
In addition to the save frogs, there's also these weird red "arrow lizards" that point to the direction you need to go...
The magypsies are neither human nor beast, neither man nor woman.
Eventually these arrow lizards lead me to...
Wrong. I am the wrong frog.
Right. Right! Right!! Frog!! The right frog!!

Mother 3 screenshot Mother 3 screenshot

Frog bridge...