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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Super Metroid high playthrough log part 2

Brinstar/Norfair part 2

Super Metroid screenshot Super Metroid screenshot Super Metroid screenshot

So yeah... next I'm going back through Norfair, to Brinstar, while looking for unmapped sidepaths and stuff that I needed speed for.

well yeah there's that right path near the beginning for one... it leads to an unmapped place where you need the ice beam to platform over lava with the morph ball... and a side path with the ice beam. oh wow, and that whole room was to introduce enemies that you can't kill and can only freeze... some genius level design...

Back to the bottom right of Brinstar... oh wow, there's the Spazer beam in a small upper ceiling path that I could've gotten before. I can now easily get back up that east Brinstar shaft I fell down, and go further up to more blue map...about to go up through to the 3rd Crateria elevator, but first there's an unmapped path with the Power Bombs... now do I go up or go back down for all the extra Power Bomb stuff including the Maridia tunnel? obviously...

lol just noticed the door back down where you came is yellow, so it locks you on into new path until you get the power bombs, but they still are possible to miss... also wtf that side area just before the Brinstar elevator, just a trap room that locks you out with a grey door until you defeat all the killable enemies? if you power bomb the floor here there are spikes and unkillable plant monsters with serpent tongues that grab at you... like no reason to be here at all looks like...