Many SPOILERS are contained throughout these posts. You have been warned!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Kirby's Adventure high playthrough log

Kirby's Adventure screenshot High replay started, on Kirby's Dream Collection for Wii... I'm glad I went with this port for the high replay, instead of the GBA remake version called Nightmare in Dreamland.

wow, an actual tricky sword puzzle in 2-3 for a hidden UFO power and tomato... This makes that recurring miniboss gang actually really easy.

3-5 has a hammer at the end...

First 3 worlds... it's VERY easy so far... It's even easier than Dream Land 1 because of the powers... so far at least... even the sun+moon boss which I remember being very hard, is a piece of cake if you have the cutter or laser. And there are powerups/miniboss arenas you can go back for infinite times...

31% ~Swift Hunter~

Friday, March 11, 2016

Metroid II high playthrough log part 2/2

Okay, just finished going over what I went through with my first high session, 7 months ago...

This does some like a really decent half-way point (well more like 2/3rds of the way probably)... I did a great job of documenting where I left off on that map.

now for Level 7..

there's this VERY huge tower in the middle of this level that you can climb up with the spider ball, and also 3 little side areas to the right/upper right, a bottom path underneath the tower (where I started off from this session), a couple sidepaths left of the tower, and then 3 little interconnected paths in the middle of the tower, that can be entered from the left side, the top, and the upper right side... oh and a little spiderball passage at the ceiling above the tower with missiles/energy tank.

altogether this level has 4 "gamma?" 'r' metroids and 3 "zeta" metroids...

Metroid #12 was a Zeta... holy shit these were hard at first, until I learned to deal with their pattern. stand still and duck until they swoop down to attack you, then you have a (JUST short enough) span of time where you can jump up in front of it and shoot a few missiles at its torso, which is its only weak spot... and then repeat the pattern.

okay what's my reward...
wait a sec... OH WOW, I just got the joke with this first inner tower area (upper left entrance)... it's like the chozo statue rooms in metroid 1, but in reverse, you're coming in from the secret underground passageway.