Many SPOILERS are contained throughout these posts. You have been warned!

Shigeru Miyamoto's Zelda timeline craziness

This interview with Miyamoto explains a lot about why he often disregards the timeline in the Zelda games.

Iwata Asks: Ocarina of Time 3D with Shigeru Miyamoto

In regards to why there are so many inconsistent plot connections between Zelda games that don't always make sense:

The stories in The Legend of Zelda may not match up as the series progresses. We actually expend a lot of time trying to make them match up, though. It would make things a lot easier if the players said, "Oh, that doesn't really matter."

He also goes on to say this:

But the moment I say Yoshi lays eggs so Yoshi must be a girl, they'll say, "Then Yoshi's voice needs to sound more like a girl's!" But I want to make video games without having to worry about such background info. Take the animated series Popeye12, for example. In old cartoons like those, the roles of the characters were different every time.

Even though the setting was different each time, the characters you knew and loved would come out and perform. Well, the Mario games are set up like that. It would be much easier if we could use any setting in The Legend of Zelda while preserving the essential relationship between Link, Ganon and Zelda.

Heh, I think I'm beginning to understand Miyamoto's insanity a little now. This kind of reasoning explains some of the stuff he's done like his simplifying of FSA's story, and his decision to throw Ganon into TP at the last minute just for the hell of it (see this article for details). He likens the Zelda games to a sort of episodic cartoon series, with only the roles of the characters remaining consistent as they are placed in random settings and situations that don't even try to follow a timeline. If it were up to him, the Zelda games would be no more connected together than the Mario games are.

I have to agree that OoT wouldn't have felt as epic as it did, had it not been for all the interesting character involvements that really brought the game to life. The story alone isn't award-winning material, it's the way in which it was told. This is what Miyamoto means when he emphasizes putting the game together first, and writing the story second. Putting the game together also involves adding the characters that would best suit certain roles/elements of the gameplay. The story is then built around the game, instead of the other way around.

Fortunately, Eiji Aonuma seems to be doing a good job of following the Miyamoto tradition of game first, story second, while still balancing out the plot connections and keeping some semblance of a timeline in tact. It must take some insane writing skills to connect the games together with all of Miyamoto's wacky random plot holes... and for hardcore fans like me it more fun and challenging to piece together the a series with so many unexplained connections...


Spirit Tracks high playthrough comments, part 3

Sand Temple... this is the most "Zelda 1" looking dungeon in the game yet so far. It's much more non-linear right from the beginning... I don't even know if I'm going the right way or not at first.

Pirate Stalfos! Sand Wand! epic...

Did the temple shift around after I got the sand wand? or am I just way too high?
These puzzles are really something... need to get sand onto the floor... took me a while to realize I could walk on those rolling spike things... sand boulder catapult thing...
oh cool, got a pirate necklace... the trading items from WW return in this..
wow, I like how this uses 3d height perspectives in a mostly 2d game..

This game has some messages on the wall with cryptic hints, similar to Link's awakening or the old man hints in Zelda 1... it doesn't spell it out for you at all.

and the puzzles involving marking stuff on the map with the touch screen, something that Phantom Hourglass did really well, are expanded upon further in this game too...

Making sand paths with the sand rod... This really feels like a classic LttP dungeon in a lot of ways... The dungeon design in this game is really good.

I was expecting a Twinmold-like boss fight but instead I got a giant pirate skeleton snake... that was an amazing boss battle.

The outside of the dungeon parts of this game are pretty fun too. The sidequests and minigames are really fun and remind me a lot of WW's side content.

The story starts to pick up a lot after that... Byrne helping us with info on Malladus... After a bunch of running around collecting Force Gems (a thing from FSA), got the Lokomo Sword... heading towards the final section of the Spirit Tower and the end game...

I got distracted here and had wrote down some big theory on how the story/legends change each game while still keeping similar elements such as the legendary sword and an evil king... It's like each of the 3 main characters (Zelda, Ganon, Link) have their own unique take on reality, and their imaginations affect the history and future of the world in some way, because of their connections to the Triforce and how the Triforce makes the desires of its owner into reality...

For example, this Spirit Tracks story is the result of Toon Link's imagination having an effect on the future events... Wind Waker and Twilight Princess were the result of Zelda's influence on the Triforce affecting reality... The classic 2D games are the result of Four Sword Link and LttP Link affecting reality... Zelda 1 is where Ganon influences reality... I wrote like 3 pages worth of reasoning and expanding upon this theory, but reading it again now it's kind of hard to follow and not very good...

Part 2 - Part 4


The King of Hyrule is a jerk

This comic shows who the true villain of The Wind Waker was all along.


Wind Waker in a nutshell: An angry boat uses Link to do his bidding and restore the triforce so he can use it to flood an ancient kingdom.


Spirit Tracks high playthrough comments, part 2

This game actually makes you literally TALK to the game characters using the DS's microphone... how embarrassing...
That moblin pirate battle was some epic stuff... I wasn't expecting that at all.
Locomo... I wonder if they're related to the old Hyrule somehow...

Wait, so the land of Spirit Tracks is divided into 4 regions.. Forest, Snow, Ocean, and Canyon... that sounds very similar to the 4 regions of Termina.

oh wow... in the Ocean section the train tracks actually go beneath the ocean... there are underwater octoroks shooting at you and stuff... this is amazing...
running backwards away from a demon train to get to the temple...
woah, the Ocean Temple looks like a giant crystal switch... like the ones from LttP... that's really neat.
The inside of this Ocean temple looks a lot like OoT's Water Temple.

Back to the Spirit Tower... the next floor ramps up in difficulty a bit... this actually feels comparable to the early game of LttP or LA.

I love the puzzles in this dungeon... using Phantom Zelda to lure the other phantoms away from Link with her cuteness... and at some parts, instead of Link hiding behind Zelda, Zelda's the one who has to sneak through behind Link...

The Spirit Tower might be one of my favorite Zelda dungeons of all time...

Malladus... the ancient demon king invading the spirit realm at the top of this tower... I guess the spirit realm is kinda like this new Hyrule's sacred realm in a way...

That battle against Byrne was intense, reminded me of the WW fight against Ganon. Byrne was once the servants of the spirits, but now he serves the demon king...

This story is really interesting... it's like... Zelda's sacred power purifies the Spirit Realm, the world above... and the demons are from the world below... the demon king Malladus escaped his imprisonment under the train tracks and has invaded the Spirit Realm... I had some theory about how this all might connect to Ganon or old Hyrule, but it was way dumb.

Part 1 - Part 3


Spirit Tracks high playthrough comments, part 1

This was my first playthrough of Spirit Tracks. I played through it mostly entirely while high and wrote some notes on it. I was surprised at how good this game was after Phantom Hourglass being a bit of a disappointment.

From wind conductor to train conductor... the next incarnation of Link is the hero of... trains!

This New Hyrule looks sweet, kinda gives me classic LttP vibes.
Princess Zelda calling Link up to her room... giggity

I noticed there's no moat at this new Hyrule Castle... I guess this continent is very dry...

The tower of the Spirit Tracks... an entrance to the Spirit Realm... this is interesting... it's like there's a world of darkness looming over Hyrule in the sky... the environment around this Spirit Tower area is incredibly powerful... reminds me of OoT kinda.

Niko is this Link's grandfather... so he's not blood related to WW Link, but instead is related to one of the pirate characters in WW... and Tetra is this Zelda's grandmother...

Zelda entered the Spirit Realm and became a ghost... she's now this game's navi. I'm okay with this...

Wow, I'm having a ton of fun with this game and I haven't even picked up a sword yet... o_O

Tears of Light... an element from Twilight Princess returns in this game... maybe the Spirit Realm and the Twilight Realm are the same thing?

Zelda enters the empty vessel of one of the phantom guards and takes control of its body... holy shit this is an amazing twist... even though it's on the cover art, this gameplay element still caught me by surprise. It's kind of like playing Four Swords on single player where you have to switch between each character, except here you only have 2 characters to switch between, and it's a lot less tedious, and also more fun since each character is unique.

A lot of people seem to not like the overworld train tracks gameplay, but I find it really fun. It's like a game of pac-man, avoiding the demon trains while trying to get to your destination on the maze of tracks...

Actually, a lot of the gameplay in the Spirit Tower is kinda like Pac-Man as well, since you have to run around through a maze while trying to avoid the invisible phantom enemies.

It's amazing how much better this game is than PH.

Part 2


Why Skyward Sword is doing everything right

Just like the Dark World/Light World system in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Skyward Sword also takes place in 2 separate worlds.

The Sky

The sky world is just like the sea in Wind Waker, in that it's a huge free roaming area with many islands. Instead of a boat or a horse, you travel by bird. The sky world is a heavenly realm that some speculate to be the Sacred Realm, the resting place of the Triforce. That could be the case...


Other sailing/ocean exploration games worth playing

Wind Waker's vast ocean overworld had such a great atmosphere, it really gets you into the mood of sailing the open seas. The wind carries you across the bobbing waves, as you roam the camera around looking for islands off in the distance, and filling out your sea chart. This game was sailing done right.

In case Wind Waker leaves you thirsty for more epic maritime adventures, here's a list of other epic games involving seafaring exploration.