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Friday, March 27, 2015

Kid Icarus: Uprising playthrough log

Kid Icarus: Uprising box cover artKid Icarus: Uprising box cover art

Angry Kirby syndrome with that American box art...

Started playing this today.. went straight to 5.0 intensity and decided to stay there, since I was still just barely beating the early levels without dying. Playing with the autofire turned on makes it more fun, but sometimes I still have to shoot manually because it doesn't autoshoot at some enemies that have some kind of guarding ability.


Defeated Medusa at stage 9, after a bunch of boss refights. it really fools you into thinking it's the final stage... Dark Pit comes along and helps us defeat her... But it's not even the half way point. Then the real final boss, Hades, reveals that reviving Medusa was all his doing, and that his real plan is to steal the wish seed... The underworld forces cause the Phoenix to lash out, and after defeating it, the Phoenix creates a beacon. Pit hopes that this will inform the human world that the Wish Seed is a fake, but Hades says this will trick the humans into thinking the Wish Seed is real. Palutena realizes that defeating the Phoenix was a huge mistake, and fell right into Hades plan.

Now, the humans are destroying each other and wreaking havoc on the earth to get to the Wish Seed. Viridi, the goddess of nature, doesn't like this, so she attacks the humans and imprisons them in her labyrinth.. Pit rescues them and defeats one of Viridi's guardians...

Monday, March 16, 2015

Aquaria playthrough log

Aquaria screenshot Just started a new game on this today... I'm really enjoying it.

Naija, the Zora-like character, narrates the story to you as you progress... She lives in this isolated underwater cave area and has never thought about trying to leave... she says that she can hear the "verse" that calls out to her in this area... After some really chill exploration, I found a new verse, which teaches Naija the ability to lift rocks with her mind.

Now, all over this first area there have been rocks that could have cooking materials or new recipes hidden under them... but in order to go back and find them all again I'd need to re-explore the whole first area, and I'd have to remember which parts of the map I've re-explored, which is kind of annoying.

I also found a large stone tablet thing, which was connected to a statue of Zora people in another area that showed a four-note verse. Playing that verse at the stone tablet thing, opened up a portal to a small alternate world type area, with nothing much in it... wtf

I explored a bit deeper, and found the 2nd verse which transformed Naija into a being of pure energy... in this form, you can shoot homing fire shots at enemies, and charge up a really strong attack that can also light up those orbs which unlock certain doors. The door closed behind me after I got this ability, and I was stuck in the Energy Temple. I explored every nook and cranny of this area, but all I found was a single white orb that I could light up with energy, and I don't know what that opened up.... I retraced through the whole area, and didn't find any new passageways opened up...

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters playthrough log

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters box cover art

This game seems tougher than the NES one.. finding your way around is harder because of the smaller screen resolution, and I got game over at the first boss cuz he takes like hundreds of hits.

I missed a "beat this test for an upgrade" thing in one of the earlier levels... will try again later. this time I'll grind up some hearts/potions and try to get all the powerups I can before the first boss...

You don't have angel allies in this to help you against the boss. instead, all statues just reward health or map/pencil/torch items.

Attempt #2

I started this over again later that night... really the only hard part of this game is the beginning, where you need to make sure you grind enough to get all the bottles and powerups. I got lucky and won a barrel at like the first vase room (didn't even need to cheat for it either), so now I could grind for all 8 bottles.

I got to the minotaur boss again... his pattern is simple, but I still find it really hard to dodge him. However, with all my strength powerups and bottles I was able to beat him.