Many SPOILERS are contained throughout these posts. You have been warned!

Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3 100% playthrough comments

On my 2nd playthrough of this GBA port, I played through every level with Luigi, and getting the "white mushroom house" secret in each world. The GBA version actually puts a coin counter on the level with the mushroom house secret (only after you beat the game), so you can see how close you are to getting it.

wow... I actually found a secret passage in 5-1 that I never knew about before... you have to use a star to kill the chain chomps, then fly up with the tail at the beginning to get to a pipe... after that point I explored more found a bunch more bonus rooms in this level that I either never knew about or forgot...

Then I started playing through all the e-Reader levels, called "World e", using a save that had all of them unlocked. This save even included the Japan-only e-reader levels... 36 levels in total.

These levels are surprisingly good... first there were some SMB1 level remakes, that's nothing exciting... then a bunch of gimmick levels using stuff like note blocks etc... there was sky world levels, a really complex world 7 style maze level, an ice level where you had to use fire flower to get some of the A coins... this world also had a "get all the coins in the level" challenge, it was a level filled with bob-ombs that kept screwing up my maxing out the 10-coin blocks... I managed to beat it eventually.

Then even more surprisingly, it also started using stuff from SMB2 and SMW.
- some levels had vegetables you could pick up out of the ground...
- it had the cape powerup, with the same flying ability from SMW and everything..
- there was also a level where you had to use the boot to hop off thwomps, just like spin jumping in SMW
- triangle blocks that let you run up walls, were used a lot for flying and timed switches
- had a bunch of enemies from SMW like flying hammer bro, wiggler, round goomba, etc...
- this one level was really easy to beat, but really hard to get all the A coins on... it had a bunch of doors on a mountain, most of those doors were exit-only.. you had to fly up to some of them... and inside the doors were puzzle/action rooms with an A coin and/or connecting rooms between doors.. however some rooms had invisible walls/floors all over the place.. I found out you had to find the tanooki suit in the level and use its power to see the invisible walls.
- there was even a SMW-style ghost house level with a Big Boo battle at the end.
- then there was a desert level where you had to go inside a pyramid and dig through sand...
- got to this one really hard Bowser Castle level... seems to be based off SMB3's Bowser Castle, but also has a bunch of stuff from SMW like dry beetle, falling spikes, magikoopa, jumping bowser statues... also a choice of 3 rooms at the beginning, each of them has the 1st of 4 A coins. I beat all 3 rooms while getting their coin... the part that gave me the most trouble was the Bowser battle at the end. the blocks were arranged differently making it take longer, and making it harder to dodge flames.

and... done... completed every E level with Mario... that was really fun. It felt like a SMBX game with everything about SMB1, 2, 3, and World rolled into one.


Super Mario Advance 100% playthrough comments

Got high and went through every single level with Mario and used no warps...
lol I used to be so bad at this game when I was a kid, and thought it was way too hard to beat without cheating... I actually find this game easy now. Only got game over twice at 5-3. I think I got about 65% of the "A" coins along the way..

Some of the differences I really liked about it:
- Killing more than one enemy with a single throw gives you hearts. Health was very rare in the NES version and it made that game kind of unfair later on.
- There are giant versions of some regular enemies, and killing them gives you a heart.
- The koopa shell actually bounces off walls now instead of disappearing. It makes it more risky to use because it can kill you, but it also gives you a heart for every enemy you kill with it.
- Every stage has 5 "A" coins, similar to the Dragon coins in SMW, which gives the game some extra challenge if you feel like collecting them all.
- There are stationary heart pickups before bosses and at certain hard sections, but they become less frequent at later levels to keep the difficulty going up at a fair pace.

This game is a terrific improvement over the original SMB2.

Oh yeah there's also the "Yoshi Challenge" after you beat the game, where you have to find 2 yoshi eggs hidden somewhere in the potion world of each stage. it's kind of tedious though, there's no kind of indicator to help you find them so it's just a matter of luck. I used a guide to find the eggs cuz it would just be way too tedious otherwise. Getting to them is pretty easy, but if you die before finishing the level you gotta collect the eggs again...Getting the eggs in the last level was intimidating, because after getting the 2 eggs, I had to beat 2 conveyer belt birdos, the birdface (which is easy), and Wart, without dying once... but it was actually not that hard with Toad.

Used the level select mode to collect all of the "A" coins, mostly using Peach. Unlike the Yoshi Challenge, I was able to find all the "A" coins without a guide. I guess exploring the levels to get the eggs first made me more familiar with the layout and made finding the "A" coins easier.