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Saturday, February 25, 2017

EarthBound high playthrough log part 6

Reading through more of the guide now...

I didn't notice that the dinosaur museum in Fourside was hinting at the next plot development, as they've been receiving fresh dinosaur bones from a place east of Fourside called "Scaraba".
But at least when you're on foot, Fourside is a dead end oceanside city... after you finish saving the Runaway five, defeating the evil statue, and saving Paula there's nowhere else to go except back across the desert to Threed, where your UFO is.. and that leads you to getting the 4th melody and taking the UFO to Summers. This part of the game is kinda cool cuz it's not very obvious where to go next unless you are paying attention.

- Summers/Toto -

Now at level 47, 36, and 37
Time to explore Summers... no idea what to do beyond that. There's a lot of expensive stuff to buy here.. I actually drained out my whole 50k savings

Earthbound screenshot

Some bird on the beach has a lot of random dialog if you keep talking to him...
Wake up in the morning, fall in love. Eat lunch, fall in love. And at night, fall in love. That is my dream life!
Are you from Eagleland? If you like adventure, this isn't your kind of place. You should travel across the sea to Scaraba from Toto, the port town.
To go to Scaraba, you need to cross the sea. However, a monster named Kraken lives in the open sea. He attacks ships that pass through. Are you scared?
The guy next to me is really bugging me. He keeps following me around.
Scaraba Cultural Museum... a lot of cool but useless stuff to see here... the curator mentions the Fourside museum curator called him..

Earthbound screenshot


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

EarthBound high playthrough log part 5

Several more attempts at the Dept store, still no progress... guess I'll check the guide and see if there's anything I can do here besides grind.

Actually, looks like I just need to get to the Dept store boss with both Ness and Jeff alive, then I can defeat him in one turn with Ness's PSI and Jeff's Big Bottle Rocket... er wait no, I only have a normal bottle rocket. But I do have the counter-PSI unit which would be really useful against the boss who mostly only uses PSI.
looks like there are Super Bombs I can get for Jeff to make the enemies more manageable. but I have to deposit some items and run back and for the revive Jeff and then travel to Threed.. Oh wait, those are only normal bombs and normal bottle rockets I can get there... I missed my chance at buying big bottle rockets and super bombs at Fourside Dept Store before this event happened... damn

Also I learned these present enemies can only move in a straight line, so it is possible to avoid them if you can't despawn them.

There we go.. I got there with both Ness and Jeff... the strategy is just to spam PSI Weed beta and bottle rockets and he's dead in two or 3 turns.
At this moment, PAULA should be... Monotoli...
It looks like staying on the inner sidewalk when you're on the outskirts of Fourside lets you avoid running into angry taxis and other enemies... I gotta be careful here with NESS at very low HP and no PP.
Hotel newspaper:
Mysterious Dept Store blackout caused by mouse.
So hint guy says to go to the Cafe... nothing I can do at Monotoli building yet... oh yeah I recall someone there was specifically saying to me "Monotoli is definitely not here."
Someone else is hanging out here trying to find Monotoli.. and the woman here says she hears something outside...

Earthbound screenshot


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

EarthBound high playthrough log part 4

Oh... so Jeff starts fixing things at each rest stop once he gets to 10 IQ. I guess he'll be able to fix more things as his IQ level gets higher. So far I haven't found anything else in this section of the guide that I didn't already know about from my playthrough, I was very thorough...

The Saturn Valley part of the guide also blends into the desert section, which I haven't done yet... but before that there's also the Milky Well part that I haven't done yet... I stopped right before that part.

NESS is at level 29, Paula is at level 23, Jeff is at level 24.

Wow, I'm actually really under-leveled for this Milky Cave area... I keep having to go back to heal at the hot springs again right after fighting that first set of enemies in the cave. it doesn't help that I can't revive my PSI without a butterfly... er, actually I can heal PP easily by staying at the hotel at Saturn Village, duh

The 3rd melody boss is the Trillionage Sprout. This boss battle is interesting. Jeff says it's weak to fire.. and since Ness is feeling strange, I'm only having him defend and heal (so as not to accidentally hit my own team with him), while Paula uses her PSI Magnet to gain PP from the enemy and using that to shoot fire and shield everyone.. and Ness used the temp guts boost on Jeff so he could be more on the offense in place of Ness... at the beginning, I just used Ness to paralyze the two mini sprouts so they can't do anything but use PSI on us, and used PSI Shield Omega on everyone with Paula, and used Spy on the Trillionage Sprout with Jeff.. then I kept the two mini sprouts alive so I could drain their PP with PSI Magnet beta, and once they were paralyzed and out of PP they became useless/harmless plants. now I just have the boss himself to worry about... but Ness is running low on PP to heal with and sometimes even heals the enemy accidentally. oh, and Trillionage used PSI shield on himself before I got the chance to do any damage to him with fire... so now I'm just buffing Jeff and relying mainly on him.

Sheesh this is intense... you really gotta focus on strategy the whole way through...
Oh man it's getting close... Paula got diamondized before she could manage to fully drain the boss's PP.. and both Ness and Jeff are close to dying... I have to take risks with Ness now and use him to fight as well... just barely made it

Earthbound screenshot

Ness's sound stone recorded the melody of the Milky Well

Saturn Valley's stink problem is now fixed... some of the Saturns have different dialog now.
"i HaVE nO SOmEtHinG."
"YOU wait tHREE minUtES! ZOOm! YOU COmE HERE tO wait tHREE minUtES? nO?"
"nO SCaRED."