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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wario Land II - high replay log

Wario Land II screenshot Wario Land II screenshot
Captain Syrup's henchmen broke into Wario's castle, stole some of his money, then flooded the place.

- instead of dying/shrinking from getting hit or dying from falling in pits, you can't die at all in this. getting hit only makes you lose coins, and falling in a pit always leads you to another area that you can return from.

- instead of powerups that you keep until you get hit or find a different powerup... you have stuff like
"being on fire until you touch water"
"being flattened and gliding through the air like paper, until a bat unflattens you"
"being a fatass that crushes certain blocks and makes certain platforms fall, until you walk off the extra fat"
"being a zombie and can't jump until you walk into light"

- instead of collecting treasures as a main goal, and coins as secondary... you're just collecting as many coins as possible while finding the one indistinguishable door that leads to a minigame (that costs coins) to win the treasure of that level... as well as post-level minigames to win pieces of a map...

- there's no level select... and there doesn't seem to be a way back into a previous level if to get a treasure/map piece that you missed...

- the enemies respawn, so it's always possible to grind for coins to meet the requirement for the next treasure/map...

Chapter 1: One Noisy Morning

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 - high replay log

Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 screenshot
Instruction manual summary:

Wario can turn 10 coins into a weapon to throw... I forgot all about that. Some doors need a 10-coin weapon to open them.
- Small Wario: same as when Mario defeated derp Wario at the end of SML2.
Jet Pot: Jet Wario - Peach's glide combined with body slam
Bull Pot: Bull Wario - stronger body slam, can stick to ceilings
Dragon Pot: Dragon Wario - destroy things with fire instead of body slam
- any pot or garlic changes Small Wario to normal Wario, then to Jet, then Bull, then Dragon
- hearts are now like coins, 1up for every 100 of them, contrasting SML's heart=1up and 100coin=1up... now coins are for the game's ending cutscenes
- keys, skull doors leading to treasure rooms. treasure also goes toward the ending cutscenes
- all the world names of Pirate Island are named after food...
- there are harmless enemies that are basically like coin bags for Wario

high playthrough summary:

Rice Lake... stage 3 is the only one with treasure somewhere.. stage 5, enemies already getting harder now. this boss is probably a good/easy way to grind coins

Mt. Teapot
course 8 has a secret exit leading to Sherbet Land

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Virtual Boy Wario Land - high playthrough log

Virtual Boy Wario Land screenshotStarting this playthrough during high session. I've never played this before.

14 levels... apparently there's a hidden treasure to find in each, except for the boss levels...

Intro cutscene... Wario notices some masked monsters taking treasure into a cave behind a waterfall... the door closes... 10 paintings in the wall pop out and scatter...

I'm missing the treasure from stage 3... I was sure I used fire on every wall and bumped every ceiling I could... this might be harder to 100% than I thought.

wow... I can't figure out the timing to hit this first boss... sometimes got lucky, but not lucky enough to hit him 3 times. actually, couldn't I go back to an earlier level, grab a dragon powerup, backtrack to the elevator, then kill this boss easily? of he's vulnerable to fire, that is... Wario Land bosses usually only have one way to hit them.

at a game over... a bat takes one of your treasures away so you have to go back and get it again.