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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Mother 1 high playthrough log part 4

To start with, I had to rely on a guide to know that the next area is the Desert, east of Santa Claus Station... I bet there was some NPC hint that would've lead me here, but I don't remember and didn't write it down...

- Yucca Desert part 1 -

This place is very big... I don't wanna get lost in this clusterfuck overworld again, so I'm just gonna go straight toward the dot. Found an oasis, someone camping out there with a little plane, says he can't find the last land mine he planted in this desert a long time ago...

So uh... do I wanna ride in the plane or do I wanna look for this land mine? hmmm... oh and I get to ride in the tank if I buy enough plane tickets.. okay sure.
Course A: it just flies around over the desert and lands back at the tent... this shows that there's there's a ruins area a bit farther to the east.
Course B: It flies west to the factory and past some houses I'm not sure if I've been to or not...
Can't carry all 10 stubs... sigh, gotta warp back to Magicant and deposit items...

Ugh, apparenly one of the melodies is hidden near some random cactuses in the desert that you pass by in the plane course A... may as well take this time to explore the perimeter of this giant area and try and see what's available... Oh wow, I can get all the way to Easter station. Which would've been the next stop after Santa Claus Station if the bridge tracks weren't broken. I guess I'll explore here for now before finishing the desert stuff.

- Easter -

Some creepy Lavender Town-esque music here...

Seems a lot of people have gone missing.
Bring my mommy and daddy back, please.
A big flying ship took all the grown ups away.
At the left side of this town is the house of a brother and sister and a strange baby.
Mommy told me this baby has a special power.
Oh hello there. My name is Tom Garrickson. Introducing myself is my hobby.

Used telepathy on the baby.
I am this baby's consciousness. I have psychic powers, just as you do. I possess the ability to teleport. With it, you can return to anywhere you've been before.
Learned teleportation PSI... sweet, now I can warp to anywhere, not just Magicant. in fact I probably don't even need to carry around the