Many SPOILERS are contained throughout these posts. You have been warned!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Banjo-Kazooie high playthrough part 3/3

Finished the rest of the game on another 10/10 high edibles session.

Finished everything at Gobi's Valley, then went to do the 2nd crocodile minigame in Bubblegloop Swamp, and the 2nd Boggy race in Freezeezy Peak. That race was actually decently challenging.

Mad Monster Mansion portrait near the Rusty Bucket Bay entrance... I'm kinda remembering now how all the portraits in the hub world are kinda placed in a way that makes you find where the next level after that is... except for the Click Clock Wood one.

That timed glass sliding puzzle thing is only hard because of the camera angel.
Swam down the well and got the stuff at the bottom of it, even though I know it's much easier to do this later as a pumpkin...
The giant haunted church, with the rhyming ghost piano player... this part is really huge and atmospheric... almost missed finding the flight pad.
Creepy potted plants that say "thank you" in a really strange voice... wow
Some of the windows lead to random hidden rooms with nothing but monsters + consumable pickups
I remember having a lot of trouble at this hedge maze part when I first played this, I guess I didn't know back then that you can kill the ghosts with gold feathers and they don't respawn.
Exploring this level again as the pumpkin, with all the enemies gone, is really fun... just taking in the atmosphere...

Friday, April 20, 2012

Banjo-Kazooie high playthrough part 2/3

Did some vaping and played through Freezeezy Peak and Gobi's Valley... the only 2 levels where you have to go back to them after getting an ability in the other level

Beak-bombing all those annoying snowmen on their hats is so satisfying... then as I was running low on feathers I went ontop of the giant snowman and got the 2 jiggies that were just sitting there out in the open.

These levels with flight pads in them... there's like no reason to do any of the intended platforming obstacles, you can just bypass everything... lol N64 game design.

Turning into a walrus... this is the point where they kinda ran out of interesting ideas for transformations... you can't do anything with it except slowly crawl around everywhere.

Brentilda, a fairy that you can find throughout the hub world... tells you little tidbits of trivia about Gruntilda's personal life... this game is so silly
Cockroaches and Cream... god damn that sounds nasty

lol the architecture of Grunty's tower makes no sense... going inside the mouth of a Grunty statue leads to a lava pit room out of nowhere... found the Gobi's Valley portrait here... and then it leads to an outdoor graveyard area... what? am I still inside the tower?

Despite it being weirdly designed, I still find it easy to find my way around even after all this time.

Died for the first time ever at the timed pyramid maze thing...

Banjo Kazooie screenshot Banjo Kazooie screenshot

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Banjo-Kazooie high playthrough part 1/3

Started a high replay of this in spring 2012. Did the 1st 4 levels during a 10/10 weed edibles session...

This game is so much easier to me now than it was when I first played it lol... I remember having a lot of trouble on the termite tower but I found it super easy now.
Found the Click Clock Wood picture, but no puzzle pad... I don't remember this being at such an early part of the game...

The Bubblegloop Swamp area... wow something about this really hits me in the nostalgia... The pointing witch statue... Gruntilda's rhymes... I'm getting major Alice in Wonderland vibes here

Did the first 4 levels, and did everything in them except for the crocodile minigame where you're supposed to use the shoes... Spent 22 minutes on the first level, 32 minutes on the 2nd level, 30 minutes on the 3rd level, 42 minutes on the 4th level... this game is soo easy now wtf... I was so bad at video games when I first played this.

Banjo Kazooie screenshot Banjo Kazooie screenshot Banjo Kazooie screenshot Banjo Kazooie screenshot