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Friday, October 31, 2014

Wario Land 3 - high replay log

Wario Land 3 screenshot

high session 1: 9/23/2014

Wario finds a music box, and gets transported inside it. The god that protects this world tells him about a wicked being that sealed away his power, and took control. Wario needs to find the 5 music boxes needed to break the seal, only then can he be sent back to his own world.

Graphics are mostly the same as 2...
Controls are almost exactly the same, but at the start you can't ground pound, can't pick up enemies, can't swim (only float), can't high-jump or bounce high off enemies... probably new abilities later on.
Enemies look different now... Captain Syrup's crew is no longer part of the story.
Taking damage doesn't make you lose coins... instead there's a lot of knockback and stun time... now coins aren't as plentiful and you don't get coins from the respawning enemies.
Looks like each level has 4 keys unlocking the grey/red/green/blue treasures, and 8 music coins...

Getting a treasure ends the level, looks like I can only get the grey treasure and 2 music coins at N1 right now.

Also it changes from night to day each time you go back to the world map... stages are different depending on the time...
N2 has zombies at night, and the normal enemies are asleep and wake up when you get near them... at day it has donut throwing enemies.

N3's grey treasure was the last piece needed to open the door to the Western part of the world

W1 Desert Ruins - at night, the path to the red chest is open, in the day, you can get to the grey chest...
yeah, coins are MUCH more sparse now... I'm actually destroying any block I can find hoping for grey coins.