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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Mother 3 high playthrough part 6: The "Oh yeah, I remember that from EarthBound" section

After taking Ionia to Aeolia's seashell house, and untying her... suddenly an earthquake occurs, and then Aeolia starts to disappear...
Does this mean that...

The Needle in Osohe Castle that I've protected for so long... Someone has pulled it. Someone able to pull the needles... has finally appeared. The Dark Dragon sealed away by the seven Needles will awaken...
The table moves, and reveals an underground path that leads directly to the Osohe Castle courtyard. Before Aeolia completely vanishes, she says she wants us to find out who pulled the needle.
The answer to that may change the fate of the world completely.
Received Aeolia's memento, a razor and lipstick... is this a battle item or what? It's not in my key items.

Mother 3 screenshot Mother 3 screenshot Mother 3 screenshot

That underground path was very short and easy... and it does in fact lead straight to the courtyard where the Needle used to be. I remember passing by this place when looking for the egg in chapter 2.
The Dark Dragon's heart will become as light or as dark as the person who pulls it... That's what is said, anyway, but I don't sense anything here at all. I don't sense a heart of good OR evil.

Mother 3 screenshot Mother 3 screenshot Mother 3 screenshot Mother 3 screenshot Mother 3 screenshot Mother 3 screenshot

There's one other legend... it says only those with the power of PK weed can pull the seven Needles.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Mother 3 high playthrough part 5: Greetings cheese popsicle

Highway continued

Further up on the highway, passed the cafe, found a little cave with a guy named Leo-Leo, surrounded by a bunch of gift boxes. He says he got these presents from some girls, and tells me not to open them... then I talk to him a few more times.
You naturally try to open a gift box the instant you see one, don't ya? But too bad! These ones belong to me!
You look like you're thinking to yourself, "Come on, just one box.", Well too bad!
I really doubt you're popular with the girls. You don't seem like a very bad dude, either. I dunno, should I let you open one...? Nope, not gonna happen!
Okay, okay! You can have one, and only one. Even a bad dude like Leo-Leo has a nice side... That's why the chicks dig me.
Hmm... this is mysterious... I wonder what would've happened if I had just taken all the presents first and then talked to him.

Opened a present.. got the "Knit sweater" with Leo-Leo's name knitted onto it... oh I see, and if you try to open more than that, the guy stops you... this wasn't very exciting...
I also found another hidden mouse kid in this room... one more to go... and the last mouse is just out in the open on the side of the road.

Mother 3 screenshot

In exchange for bringing the mouse mom's kids back, the reward is a kiss and an item called "Shield Snatcher"

Went to the junk yard, where the defective clayman was dropped off... got attacked by a Junk Heap.

Mother 3 screenshot Mother 3 screenshot

lol when you try to sniff the Putrid Junk Heap with Boney to figure out its weakness, the stench is too much and he can't do it.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Metroid Prime comprehensive playthrough part 1.5

Tallon Overworld - First Visit

Metroid Prime screenshot Metroid Prime screenshot Metroid Prime screenshot Metroid Prime screenshot Metroid Prime screenshot Metroid Prime screenshot

Now you can switch the map to hexagon view, where you can see where each named world is in relation to each other, and which hexagon you are in.

Metroid Prime screenshot

This first area is called Landing Site. The main central area where your ship is, giving you a place to save and fill up on ammo.

Metroid Prime screenshot

I'm still walking around with the scan visor on constantly, scanning everything I can... But there's mostly nothing interesting to learn here, just boring plantlife... The pirate bases and chozo lore stuff is where all the interesting scans are. Still I kinda prefer playing this way, scanning everything... it's like you're exploring an unknown planet, scanning around for hazardous stuff before proceeding forward.

Metroid Prime comprehensive playthrough part 1

First, I'll read through some of the lore in the Trilogy Collector's Edition artbook. and in the instruction book.

No one knows when Phaaze was born.
A planet completely unique in an infinite universe, unlike any that came before it.
Phaaze was alive. A conscious, sentient being.

Like all living creatures, Phaaze did its best to ensure the continued survival and prosperity of its race. Every 100 years, seeds, similar in form to meteors, would be fired from Phaaze to planets far away. These seeds, these children of Phaaze, were called Leviathans. Leviathans had the ability to generate wormholes, allowing them to travel to
galaxies unbelievably far away.

When a Leviathan strikes a planet, it creates a Phazon Core which emits a strong toxin called Phazon all over the planet. Phazon is a powerful substance with the ability to completely corrupt living beings through genetic mutation. Over the course of a couple years, Phazon corrupts the entire planet, at which point the planet is reborn as a Phaaze clone.

Samus Aran, Bounty Hunter
Samus lived with her parents on the planet K-2L, a human colony in the Galactic Federation domain. When Samus was three years old, K-2L was attacked by a band of Space Pirates lead by the brutal ruffian Ridley. When the Space Pirates left and the smoke cleared, a single figure remained standing. It was Samus Aran, the sole survivor of the attack on K-2L.

Samus was rescued from the charred ruins of K-2L by the Chozo, a race of beings who resemble giant birds. They had received the colony's distress signal during the attack, and came to assist. The Chozo took Samus back to their homeworld, Zebes.

Being a highly technologically advanced race, the Chozo crafted a power suit for Samus that gave her incredible strength. They trained her to become a fearsome warrior. Once her training was complete, Samus parted ways with the Chozo and became an intergalactic bounty hunter.

Samus carried out countless missions. Many that other bounty hunters deemed impossible. She became the most famed and capable bounty hunter in the universe, yet she was not fulfilled. Samus didn't become a bounty hunter to achieve fortune or fame. Her purpose was to avenge the death of her parents by slaying Ridley and the rest of the Space Pirates.

Before long, the opportunity to fulfill her purpose would arise.
The Battle Begins
Having established a reputation as an unstoppable warrior, Samus is summoned by the Galactic Federation, the sovereign government of a group of civilized planets.

Zebes, the planet where Samus was raised, has become the Space Pirates' base of operation. The Federation gives Samus orders to infiltrate the planet and eliminate the Space Pirates, along with the mysterious floating life-forms called Metroids. Metroids are reported to absorb energy from other creatures, and the Space Pirates are trying to use them as bioweapons. After battling her way through countless creatures and Space Pirates, Samus defeats Ridley, then demolishes Mother Brain, the central computer of Zebes' ecosystem and leader of the Space Pirates. Mother Brain's destruction causes the
Space Pirates' base to explode. Samus narrowly escapes.
Prime (just the first part of it)
As fate would have it, some of the Space Pirates also escape the explosion on Zebes. A group of them leave in search of a power source to reinforce their soldiers with. They find Tallon IV, a planet struck by a Leviathan 50 years ago. The Space Pirates immediately begin using the mutagenic properties of Phazon to experiment on living things.

Three years after Samus's battle on Zebes, Samus is once again summoned by the Galactic Federation. After being briefed by the Federation, Samus travels to Tallon IV to investigate the reports of the Space Pirates. Nearing the planet, she intercepts a distress signal belonging to the Space Pirate ship Orpheon, which is in orbit around Tallon IV. Samus enters the ship and quickly discovers the cause of the distress signal: the Parasite Queen, a giant mutated creature born from the Space Pirates’ Phazon experiments. Samus defeats the creature, but it falls into the ship’s reactor, causing the ship to burst
into flames. Samus loses almost all of the functions of her suit while escaping from the Orpheon. During her escape, Samus spots her nemesis, Ridley, genetically rebuilt following their fight on Zebes. Ridley flies off towards Tallon IV. Samus gets back to her ship and follows him to the planet’s surface.
I didn't even know about this Metroid 1 backstory, it's really interesting...

Metroid Prime screenshot Metroid Prime screenshot Metroid Prime screenshot Metroid Prime screenshot Metroid Prime screenshot Metroid Prime screenshot