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Monday, July 10, 2017

Metroid Prime high replay session 1

First, I'll read through some of the lore in the Trilogy Collector's Edition artbook. and in the instruction book.

Phaaze lore... a planet with sentience spreads its seeds out to other planets every 100 years... these seeds turn into Leviathans. These Leviathan creatures have the ability to create wormholes... Leviathans travel across the galaxy and spread their Phazon to many planets... eventually when the phazon takes over a planet, it becomes a clone of Phaaze.

Samus lore... she grew up on planet K-2L... her planet was attacked by the space pirates, commanded by their leader Ridley... she was the only one to survive the attack. Samus was then taken by the Chozo (giant bird people) and raised as a super warrior on the planet Zebes, then she went on to become a bounty hunter.

I didn't even know about this Metroid 1 backstory lore... a Galactic Federation exploratory vessel was attacked by the Space Pirates, and they stole the Metroid from them that was captured on SR388, and taken to their stronghold on planet Zebes... After the events of Metroid 1, some space pirates managed to escape the explosion of Zebes. Some of them went back to Zebes to start rebuilding their base (Super Metroid), and the rest went looking for a power source and found Tallon IV, a planet struck by a Leviathan 50 years ago. They started experimenting on Phazon... A few years later, the Galactic Federation hires Samus to go and investigate the strange activity detected on Tallon IV, and as she goes near the planet she receives a distress signal from a nearby Space Pirate ship... The pirates also found evidence of Chozo civilization on this planet, and while using the wildlife on the planet as guinea pigs for their experiments, they also tried to get to the Phazon core beneath the temple, but they couldn't solve the riddle in the inner sanctum...

Starting a new file on Veteran mode... I've played through all the Metroid Prime games before on normal and hard, but never played the Trilogy version. I heard that both difficulty modes in the Trilogy version are a bit easier than the normal and hard modes in the original. Hint system off, I don't care if I get 100% or not, I'm just gonna get as much as I can during this high playthrough.