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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sonic 3 & Knuckles high playthrough 2

After my first high playthrough a month ago, I played through Sonic 3 Complete again with Tails only, then again with Knuckles only... and then I started a Sonic-only file and used the special stage rings found in the first 2 acts of the game to clear all the special stages and unlock Super Sonic... now on that save file with Super Sonic unlocked, I'll play through the game again while high...

This is basically an easy mode playthrough at this point, because of how Super Sonic makes you invincible as long as you keep collecting rings... it'll be interesting to go through the whole game like this and see how different it feels from my earlier high playthrough.

Lava Reef Zone... overall I think this is my favorite zone in the game... even with Hyper Sonic, gotta be careful not to get crushed in Act 1 or fall off in Act 2... Act 2 also leads into that weird Master Emerald shrine bathed in darkness, in a cave...