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Monday, July 10, 2017

Metroid Prime high replay session 1

First, I'll read through some of the lore in the Trilogy Collector's Edition artbook. and in the instruction book.

Phaaze lore... a planet with sentience spreads its seeds out to other planets every 100 years... these seeds turn into Leviathans. These Leviathan creatures have the ability to create wormholes... Leviathans travel across the galaxy and spread their Phazon to many planets... eventually when the phazon takes over a planet, it becomes a clone of Phaaze.

Samus lore... she grew up on planet K-2L... her planet was attacked by the space pirates, commanded by their leader Ridley... she was the only one to survive the attack. Samus was then taken by the Chozo (giant bird people) and raised as a super warrior on the planet Zebes, then she went on to become a bounty hunter.

I didn't even know about this Metroid 1 backstory lore... a Galactic Federation exploratory vessel was attacked by the Space Pirates, and they stole the Metroid from them that was captured on SR388, and taken to their stronghold on planet Zebes... After the events of Metroid 1, some space pirates managed to escape the explosion of Zebes. Some of them went back to Zebes to start rebuilding their base (Super Metroid), and the rest went looking for a power source and found Tallon IV, a planet struck by a Leviathan 50 years ago. They started experimenting on Phazon... A few years later, the Galactic Federation hires Samus to go and investigate the strange activity detected on Tallon IV, and as she goes near the planet she receives a distress signal from a nearby Space Pirate ship... The pirates also found evidence of Chozo civilization on this planet, and while using the wildlife on the planet as guinea pigs for their experiments, they also tried to get to the Phazon core beneath the temple, but they couldn't solve the riddle in the inner sanctum...

Starting a new file on Veteran mode... I've played through all the Metroid Prime games before on normal and hard, but never played the Trilogy version. I heard that both difficulty modes in the Trilogy version are a bit easier than the normal and hard modes in the original. Hint system off, I don't care if I get 100% or not, I'm just gonna get as much as I can during this high playthrough.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Yoshi's Island high playthrough log part 4

a frantic but slow paced autoscrolling level with a lot of baseball bandits and lakitus, it's easy to fall off but I made literally no mistakes and got through this part of the level with 30 stars and I think all things collected so far.
the 2nd part is a non-autoscroll bridge section with fast running goonies everywhere. the zoomed out flock of goonies in the background looks really cool...
then it opens up a bit... you can keep going right along the bottom path or you can take the balloons up into the clouds and keep going right on the upper path, and there are certain pipes you can go in...
the top path sure has a lot of those condom looking ghost enemies... and insta death spikes... AND baseball bandits holy fuck what...
oh wait, so the bottom path is just a dead end with another way leading up to the clouds... dunno one that one pipe I could go into was about, but I found all the things...

first part has a bunch of wavy rail platforms, and raven enemies that walk around on tiny planetoids...
a fun bonus area with a falling platform run to a flower and a timed coin run on the fallen platforms
then a carousel platform area with goonies everywhere... more swirving moving platforms and ravens...
then there's a really tricky section where you navigate a big open falling platform maze...

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

10 gaming video content creators I recommend

This is a list of my 10 most regularly watched youtube/twitch gaming channels, and my recommendations for anyone who happens to enjoy my blog and wants to see some of the other stuff that I'm into.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Mother 3 high playthrough part 3: Wan Sum Dung

Chapter 3: The Suspicious Peddler

The pig ship has landed.

Mother 3 screenshot

Oh no they're bullying those monkeys...

Alright monkey! Listen up! If you don't do your job... then this girlie monkey is as good as dead.

Mother 3 screenshot

No... stop...

The monkey gets zapped whenever he disobeys his commands... He makes the monkey, dance, laugh, and backflip... and when the monkey starts crying...

Mother 3 screenshot

Hey, you stupid monkey! You only get to cry when I tell you to!
No... stop this.

You wound up being taken with Fassad.

Death Desert

I'm playing as the monkey right now... I'm in control, well not really... If I go anywhere besides where Fassad wants me to go I get zapped.
The monkey, Salsa, has monkey skills...
- Apologize to an enemy to stop it in its tracks.
- Perform various tricks to stop an enemy somwhat.
- Perform various dances for different results.
- Counter an enemy with its own attack.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Affordable Space Adventures playthrough log

This game starts off really boring, but then it picks up as you gain more and more abilities. At first you're just exploring a barren, linear path using your flash light to see where to go.. and then you gain stuff like a Mass Generator that lets you sink into water, and a stabilizer that lets you fly with more precision.

Then it starts to get good when there are actual obstacles you have to avoid. Getting hit usually just makes you restart right before where you died, so it's just trial and error. the game keeps a log of all the stuff that has happened to your ship, including your deaths, so it kind of challenges you to get through without dying once.

Affordable Space Adventures screenshot Affordable Space Adventures screenshot Affordable Space Adventures screenshot

Later you get the electric engine, which makes way less heat and noise than the fuel engine, and it's needed for sneaking passed certain objects that attack you if they sense too much heat or sound.. there's also objects that sense electricity levels, and those I think the only way to get through them is with going really slowly with minimum thrusters.

Level 13 is where it starts to get really hard. there's an enemy with homing missiles that shoots if it senses you, and you actually NEED it to sense and shoot at you in order to unlock certain doors...

Friday, June 2, 2017

Mother 3 high playthrough part 2: Froggy Intelligence

The enemies in this forest seem harder than before.. now that Flint is on his own these snakes and mice make me constantly need to heal.
lol what's with this walking bush enemy... It follows you around but doesn't actually engage you unless you try and talk to it. then in battle it just uses Lifeup on Flint and does non-hostile things. weird...

Mother 3 screenshot

Walking Bushie greeted everyone politely and left.
These boar enemies are kinda tough, but then I learned the rhythm to get combo hits on them...

Back to Alec's house

Mother 3 screenshot Mother 3 screenshot

Alec says he knows where Clause went...
According to my froggy intelligence, he's at my friend's house.
My friend is able to talk with frogs, lizards, and what have you.
His friend is a Magypsie... The Magypsies have lived isolated from civilization for a long time...
In addition to the save frogs, there's also these weird red "arrow lizards" that point to the direction you need to go...
The magypsies are neither human nor beast, neither man nor woman.
Eventually these arrow lizards lead me to...
Wrong. I am the wrong frog.
Right. Right! Right!! Frog!! The right frog!!

Mother 3 screenshot Mother 3 screenshot

Frog bridge...

Monday, May 29, 2017

Metroid Zero Mission high playthrough log part 3 (post-game)

- Chozodia 2 -

Going backwards through Chozodia now.. so far I'm having no luck finding any stuff I've missed. No idea how to get to that one little gray area near the top.

Metroid Zero Mission screenshot Metroid Zero Mission screenshot

II re-explored the entire pirate ship section, and back at the outside of the pirate ship, at the bottom right green area where I first started this section suitless.
Maybe I'll have better luck finding the way to those gray areas from the west green area (the "Chozo Ruins part of Chozodia, he blue part I guess is the inside of the pirate ship)
... yep, as soon as I went to that western green area, I realized I just had to use power bomb on that tube to get outside, and from there I could easily get back to Crateria.
Metroid Zero Mission screenshot

I had a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to get through that one speed booster wall in the upper right shaft of Chozo Ruins.. then I realized you can jump while in a shinespark charge if you do a running jump. It's still really hard though.. like the hardest shine spark puzzle yet so far.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Metroid Zero Mission high playthrough log part 2

Lower Norfair has some weird plant-like tentacles I gotta blast through with missiles... usually seeing this kind of thing means... yep miniboss time
Metroid Zero Mission screenshot Metroid Zero Mission screenshot

this thing is so easy wtf... it only has one attack, doesn't shoot nearly fast enough that you can't just dodge all its shots easily. plus you can destroy its shots with a single uncharged wave beam and get health/ammo. there's almost like no point to this boss. I wonder if he is much harder on hard mode.

Ridley's ship has landed...
Metroid Zero Mission screenshot

- Ridley's Lair -

Metroid Zero Mission screenshot

Can't destroy this thing with my wave beam, need super missiles to get passed the first door... damn I guess I missed something.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Fantasy Zone playthrough log

Fantasy Zone screenshot Fantasy Zone screenshot Fantasy Zone screenshot Fantasy Zone screenshot

There's a lot of different ports of this game... from the comments in I gathered that the 3DS version is the definitive port. it's exactly like the original arcade version, but with stereoscopic 3d.

Damn this is hard... the enemies get really numerous very quickly... I can't even figure out how to kill the first boss before he crushes me.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Yooka Laylee playthrough log part 7 (99.3% completed)

- Capital Cashino 2 -
Nothing special about any of these expanded sections, just busywork... found all the remaining pagies and ghosts easily... wow, these were all easy to find and took no time at all...
At least, that's what I thought... After going through all of the obvious expanded sections and then exchanging my tokens for pagies, I found there's still 6 pagies worth of tokes left in this level that I haven't found yet, somehow... and there's still that health extender I haven't found yet...
oh, there is that one area I still couldn't figure out how to get into. I need to find a bomb plant somewhere to destroy the blocks in the way, but I haven't seen one...
this is crazy. I'm already resorting to a guide for the last 6 pagies... found out you need to use the helicopter to break those blocks, and also use it to break all of the "out of order" slot machines to steal the tokens inside them... and also the health extender is hidden way up above the central fountain, below the chandelier.

breaking into the bank using invisibility, and deflecting the lasers to open doors, this part is pretty cool...
while flying around destroying all the slot machines, I managed to find the last 6 tokens I needed.

Yooka-Laylee screenshot

but getting into here is kind of tricky. it's another one of those laser switch puzzles.. at first I was running out of energy before being able to hit all the switches in time, but then I learned how to do it quickly by facing away from the switch when turning invisible, and then come out of invisibility until the next switch to preserve energy.
wait, what... oh no! that was only 5 tokens. I'm still missing exactly 1 token. nooooooo!

luckily, the only 1 that I missed was this

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Yooka Laylee playthrough log part 6

- Moodymaze Marsh 2 -
most of the new stuff that opened up is some tricky platforming with tongue lash (hookshot), but it can be completely trivialized by the flight ability. although there's this one rolling platforming race section that flying doesn't help with, it's kinda challenging.
that british skeleton girl is back now, and this time is actually not captured and being cooked, and instead wants us to get a gem for her. uh... this is a REALLY pointless section. it's just a foggy room with nothing in it except ice cubes you have to break with the sonar splosion.. and at the end is the gem. pretty easy so far...

aaaaaaaah! wtf
this gardening minigame.. this is undoubtedly the hardest part of the entire game. you have to push some round seeds into the soft dirt holes. it's REALLY finicky and hard to control.. it's also on a timer, and if the time runs out you gotta go back and get a new seed and start over. it's also REALLY easy to get the seed stuck on the side or corner of a fence or something. also there are thorny plants that not only hurt if you run into them but if the seed runs into them it gets destroyed and you have to start over... at least the camera is fixed to an overhead view so it's easy to see everything.
the first 2 seeds took me a few tries, and I thought that was it but there's actually a 3rd seed and hole, and this one is a BITCH. look at this shit

Yooka-Laylee screenshot

wind? did they really need to add WIND to this? this is madness... this is incredibly frustrating. it's like, purposefully designed to be as frustrating as possible. it requires a ton of precision to get the seed through this obstacle

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Yooka Laylee playthrough log part 5

I found one other place I haven't been to yet in Hivory Towers.. that one toxic sludge tunnel where you need protection from the air to get through it. That's probably one of the last things I need to do in the hub world still... but I haven't figured it out yet. I have all the moves already, so there must be something I'm missing...

- Tribalstack Tropics 2 -
Finally expanded this first level. now I can try and 100% complete it. got the hungry ghost and shy ghost that I missed earlier...

Inside the Monument... omg this place is so frustrating... it's a confusing maze filled with laser turret enemies all over the place, and some of them are on slopes... it's really easy to run out of energy and start getting clobbered by lasers... it wasn't too hard though, beat it on the 2nd try. After that it plops me out on a higher part of this tower... it's like the tallest monument in the level... now I'm exploring around this tower not really knowing where I'm going... found the last ghost, the pink one... I must say having flight power makes navigating this world so much easier... I don't have to worry about falling off and having to remember out how I got up to the high places anymore.

Found Nimbo, the giant cloud. He says he can make water appear in the level, but he needs help releasing it.. it's stupidly easy, you just gotta grab a water plant and shoot water at him. then he pours water out and creates a waterfall and rainbow and fills up the river down below, the one you raised the small cloud guy on before...

On the roof of where the snake is, there's a character named planker that wants me to clean up all the rubbish flying around through the air... okay this is silly... there's just a bunch of pieces of paper flying around in the wind, but only one of them is a pagie that you need to collect. I actually went and collected all of them just to see what would happen. he just says "About time. I suppose you did an alright job. Try not to take as long next month, ok?"

Explored the outside of the monument tower... this place is really confusing.. a bunch of doors that plop you out at a random other part of the tower..

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother 3 high playthrough part 1: The Funshine Sorest is on tire!

Starting a high playthrough of Mother 3 Fan Translation v1.2
The first time I played this was like 10 years ago, back when the translation patch first came out... I don't remember much at all except for the major story details.. I've really been looking forward to replaying this.

The naming screen animation is so cute.
Went with all the default character names of course... and fav food noodles and fav thing weed... and grape window color

Mother 3 screenshot

- Prologue -
- Mt. Oriander 1 -

I'm at the home of Alec, Hinawa's father, where Hinawa and her kids Lucas and Claus are visiting...
Claus knocking on the door, telling Lucas to get up so they can go see the dragos.. his mom tells him to go change out of pajamas before leaving

Mother 3 screenshot

So far the exact same gameplay stuff is happening as the Earthbound intro, except with a totally different story/context.
Unlike Earthbound, there are sometimes some unique looking things in houses that you can examine for a bit of flavor text.

Hinawa's dad is outside... both of him and his mom called him sleepyhead...
Alec: "Well, today's the day you head back home."

left pig:
What the pig next to me says worries me...
right pig:
Don't worry about it.
All cows, no matter what they're thinking, go Moo. It'd be handy to remember that.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Yoshi's Island high playthrough log part 3

4-1 is an easy outdoor level with nothing new going on... just a lot more koopa enemies than usual

4-2 is a lakitu cave level.. it's really easy to get hit when there's a bunch of these around.. it's mostly linear, but has a lot of vertical dropoffs and wide open spaces. this introduces the pow block that turns all enemies into stars, and also this one vertical falling section where you have to hover to collect coins, there's a really useful hint here that tells you what the magnifying glass is used for... it makes all red coins visibly red

4-3 is a very big wide open outdoor area... has limited step platforms and balloon platforms that take you up higher... a lot of verticality in this level... although later on I think the lower section is just a death pit.. it's getting to the point now where I'm getting ambushed a lot if I move forward too quickly... pretty tough... but so far I've gotten 100 pts on every stage in world 4

got the roulette wheel minigame for the first time... lol I'm at like 150 lives so far... lives are pretty useless in this game

Friday, May 5, 2017

EarthBound high playthrough log part 9 (ending)

I basically have unlimited money now, so I bought a bunch of Horn of Life from Saturn Village and Brain food lunch from Dalaam to prepare...

- Onett part 2 -

This place has become dark and creepy... everyone is locked indoors and you can't go inside any of the buildings anymore... you can go south to Twoson and everything is still normal there. I think Onett has a giant UFO hovering above it. A bunch of really strong alien enemies are running around near Ness's house... Ghost of Starman's PSI Starstorm attack can almost beat everybody but Ness in one hit, and Evil Eye will always give most of your party an annoying status unless you get lucky with Jeff and manage to PSI-block him.

Ness's mom is trying to act fearless, and gives Ness some of weed to relax... Ness's dog says
At this point, you guys just might be the strongest force in the world, don't you think?

Earthbound screenshot

I had to go all out on PSI powers to make it through to where the meteorite landed... when I checked the meteorite, I found a meteorite piece... fortunately Ness's new Teleport beta power lets you teleport with only a small circle of space around you...

levels are now 82 / 72 / 71 / 68

Went to Deep Darkness to buy some Multi bottle rockets for Jeff.. Phase Distorter completed... now it's the point of no return...
The Phase Distorter took me to that floating land mass at the Lost Underworld I couldn't get to...

- Giygas -

That tornado riding guy showed up again, and Poo was able to instantly learn Starstorm beta

Earthbound screenshot

Some bad guy kidnapped a Mr. Saturn and brought him here with a different phase distorter that has crash landed... Suddenly, Andonuts and Apple Kid get here with a 2nd phase distorter and rescue the kidnapped Saturn...

Monday, May 1, 2017

EarthBound high playthrough log part 8

Reading the Scaraba/Deep Darkness part of the guide now... lol I really like how the first section introducing Scaraba highlights all of the things Ness's party does there in the form of newspaper headlines...

Some thieves raided the pyramid and stole the rare and mysterious Hawk Eye.. A group of traveler were seen running through the desert at extremely high speed, before vanishing... a man-shaped tower came to life and was seen heading south...

The guide suggests a snake bag from Scaraba is useful, but I never found it to be that useful at all. it just does weak damage.. The Deep Darkness introduction page has some minor spoilers on what's happening behind the scenes during this part of the game... The map of this place shows where all the hidden truffles are... I decided to walk back through Deep Darkness using the guide and stocked up on truffles and leveled up a bit... this place becomes so easy once Poo is back on your team.

Bought the Combat Yo-Yo for Ness here to replace the terrible inaccurate bat he had before...
lol oh yeah, I never used that "Monkey's love" item yet, should try it out...

The Stonehenge Cave was now ridiculously easy compared to the first time I tried it. of course having a decent weapon on Ness helped a lot... it turns out I didn't even need all those magic truffles and bottle rockets I saved up. Even the Starman DX was a piece of cake... I guess those few extra levels helped a lot, or I was just playing badly last time. I noticed how if you stand still when the starman enemies warp over to where you are, you'll likely get a first-attack on them. also it's really easy to take advantage of the invisibility frames to get first attacks on enemies that would normally be hard to sneak up on.
By the time I got to the end of this my levels were at 70 / 63 / 62 / 58

Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Yoshi's Island high playthrough log part 2

2-5... this one took me so long to do while starting this high edible session... finally got 100 points on like the 5th try
normally I'd just move on but... in this case like I knew where to look for the missing flower, and the missing red coin was only because of a runaway flyguy I didn't expect... and the missing stars were only because of the bandit hidden in the bushes... so I knew I how to 100% this level already... but after I started getting good at killing the lakitus right away, I decided to explore a bit more for hidden star clouds, and found a couple hidden red switches that open up some invisible coins (and an invisible floor underneath the dirt bridge for some reason), a bonus room with coins and spinny 3d platforms, and a star mario bonus room... none of these things are required for 100% they're just cool secrets you can find to gain 1ups.

2-6... wow, that first part is just a vertical soft sand shaft, with various side sections that loop back around to the shaft. I very carefully crafted staircases with diagonal shots so that I could go back up and make sure I don't miss anything... and it's really easy to run out of ammo since the only egg generator is right near the end of the section.

this next section is very open ended... like I have no idea which way the "progress" section is... there's a seemingly hidden path to the upper level from the beginning, and several other ways up to the upper level and a midring up there... but then it also continues further right, past some rotating spikes... leading to yet another way up...

Friday, April 21, 2017

Yooka Laylee playthrough log part 4

- Galleon Galaxy 1 -

First thing I noticed about this level is it's very heavy on the purple and blue... also it seems to be made up of a bunch of small islands with a ton of uninhabitable water that hurts you in between. This level definitely expects you to make use of your recently acquired flight ability.
Flying is a bit awkward in this game. I guess it's intentional though, because in exchange for being able to fly anywhere, they made controlling where you go with it more challenging.
By now, I've learned this game's rule about Trowzers always being in the most direct path from where you start the level. I found him right away this time, and got the sonar shield ability. It's like the wonderwing ability from BK, except it doesn't use up its own special collectible resource, instead it just uses up energy.
I like that I've never been low on quills throughout the entire game, so I've always been able to buy every available move as soon as I meet Trowzers.

This level has a lot of blue forcefields that get in your way, and the sonar shield is useful for getting passed them easily..
wtf, I found the transformation device, but Dr. Puzz is gone...
then I went up to the top of a glass tube lighthouse and activated the light, which enabled Dr. Puzz to find her way here. also that cutscene conveniently showed the location of this world's mollycool... this'll be the last transformation in the game I believe...

hmm... I found a room called "Lunar Lockup" where I need to activate 3 switches to unlock a pagie.. it gives you access to like every single temporary lizard gulp power... also the hungry ghost was in this room, and I finally figured out that you have to shoot a projectile at the hungry ghost in order to collect it. now I know how to get all of the ghost writers... I figured out my way to 2 of the switches in this room but the 3rd one has me stumped. there's a red thunder symbol on a pad and an unbreakable wall... but there's no way to get a thunder elemental as far as I know... maybe I have to come back here with the transformation.
...nope, that's not it.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Yooka Laylee playthrough log part 3

- Moodymaze Marsh 1 -

it's some dark swamp/forest area, with some underwater passages and mushrooms everywhere..
I met several shopping cart characters... one of them challenges me to get through this death maze where a wall of electricity chases you... it's not hard at all especially because it restarts you right outside the maze if you die. another cart character wants me to find a way to destroy all of the mushrooms in the mushroom patch, they grow back if you do it the normal way so I dunno.

found Trowsers under a mushroom.. spent all the quills I had to get the tongue grapple move and sonar blast (a more powerful version of the sonar attack that can break windows)... that's before collecting most of the quills in this level though. figured out the sonar blast is how you destroy the mushroom patch..
still no invisibility huh...

wow, I climbed up to the top of the Pumping Plant building and found what looks like a mumbo token. Yooka says this is pirate treasure, and that there might be more to find in other worlds... hmm, is this like this game's stop n swap thing?

some of the water here is all muddy and going in it hurts you.. there's some log platforming over this muddy water.. the platforms sink if you stand on them too long... one of the shopping cart characters tells me how to activate the switches that clean the water and make it swimmable.. the tongue grapple platforming is kinda fun. it seemed a little unreliable at first, until I realized you can't use it while in the middle of a Laylee glide or spring jump.
Now there's a few more underwater sections available.. and some underwater thorns I don't know what to do with yet... found the mollycool underwater.
Dr. Puzz turns me into a shoal of fish, and I can finally attack the jellyfish enemies. I can also go through those underwater vines.. found a couple more pagies using that form, one of them was given by some sunken shopping cart.

Found some big box with a tongue grapple point on it, but I'm not strong enough to move the box at all.. do I need to find some weight element or something? I eventually managed to find the play coin in this world, and got the 2 rextro pagies.. then I went to another island area I hadn't been to before...

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Yoshi's Island high playthrough log part 1

I've seen a bunch of speedruns of this game and playthroughs of the various Yoshi's Island hacks, but it's been so long since I actually played the original Yoshi's Island myself.

Got really high today and started replaying the GBA version of this.

I kinda like the look of the GBA version more honestly... this style of thick lines and bright colors seems to suit the small screen format better... and the sound quality is fine despite it being on inferior hardware. Some of it is actually improved, like the laggy cave entrance/exit noise doesn't sound as bad on this version for sure...

so far, I'm getting 100% on every level on the first try without any problem.
damn, I broke my perfect streak at 1-6... saw a weird 1up balloon thing after the end goal, and then a shyguy popped out of it and made me lose some stars.

I'm having such an easier time finding everything now compared to the last time I played this... after playing Wooly World and all the other Mario games, I have a much better understanding of how Nintendo designs their levels now, so I intuitively know where to go to look for hidden stuff.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Yooka Laylee playthrough log part 2

- Glitterglaze Glacier 1 -

This place is also very confusing, like the 1st level.. except this level has several doorways that lead through some cave to an upper section of the level.. It feels very big and intimidating at first, but it's actually not that hard to find my way around once I spent a couple hours here... I can find the squid girl and trowzers very easily since they are at the bottom sections where the big lake is, and from there I can easily get to each of the upper sections and the various caves.

Found a minecart character named Kartos.. played his minigame for a pagie.. it's basically just a sidescrolling minecart section where you have to collect a certain number of gems and avoid enemies. you can also shoot bullets out of the cart.. the controls for this feel kinda sloppy and nowhere near as good as the DKC games. at least the music is good.

I got the spring jump move and a move that lets you slurp certain items to gain an elemental status.. so for example this one cold area, I needed to slurp some fire to become warm to get through it, and then light all the torches with my fire status to make the place warm. In the upper section after this part, I found that british skeleton girl and her boiling pot friend again.. and fought some more enemies to get a pagie from her.

The squid girl here transforms you into a snow plough once you find this level's mollycool. This form is only used to destroy certain piles of snow that have hat items underneath them, and they need to be returned to the various snowman characters around the level that are missing their hats. I managed to find and return all the hats to all the snowmen I could find, but didn't get anything for it.. I'm guessing there will be more of them in the expanded version.

Found an underwater cave that leads to a dark platforming section. you can use the glowy plants to make yourself glow for some extra visibility, but it's not really required. I found this section pretty easy, it's all about learning to control your speed in rolling mode so that you have enough precision to not fall off but also don't go slow enough to run out of energy.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Yooka Laylee playthrough log part 1

Yooka-Laylee box cover art Played for 3 hours so far... Went through some of the first level and some of the hub world, I got 11 pagies and 115 quills. I was kinda taking my time at first, just enjoying the music and getting used to the controls. I didn't bother expanding the 1st world yet. I'd rather come back to the expanded version of each world later after I've been to every world once.

General non-spoiler thoughts:
The first level of the game already feels more confusing than the early levels of Banjo-Tooie were. I'm finding it kinda hard to recognize where I've been in the level cuz there's not many unique landmarks to go off of.
Other than that, I really like the controls. I like how easy it is to control your speed while rolling, even though the physics of it don't make much sense. You can even stop while rolling up a slope.
The music and writing are great, just as good as Banjo-Kazooie and Tooie in those aspects. Maybe even better.
The graphics look really nice. Playing the superior PC version of course and turned the settings to max, and still getting super smooth framerate. The hub world looks really cool and I like all the little details in the environments, like the glass tubes with pieces of paper getting sucked in through them.

The hub world is fairly simple so far. I've found 3 of the ...10 pagies there are to find in the hub world just by exploring everywhere I can get to at this point.
Unlike in BK, it seems most of the pagies make you solve a puzzle or do a fetch quest in order to collect them. There aren't many that are just sitting out in the open.
Also unlike in BT, the worlds and hub don't have any warp pads. but I guess it doesn't matter much since your character moves a lot faster in this. Going from one side of the first world to the other doesn't take much time at all.
It seems at first like there's no fall damage in this game.. it's weird.. maybe there is but it's a lot more lenient with how much distance you can fall before you take damage.

Recap of my playthrough:

- Hivory Tower 1 -
I wandered around a bit before going to the snake character that teaches you the basic attack move. I was surprised that there's only one move to learn in the first area of the game. Normally in the Banjo games, the first area of the game is a big optional tutorial where you learn several moves and get to practice using them. This game's first area, there's nothing to do except get the attack move from Trowsers and then open the chests that are scattered around and grab a few quills, to open the way into Hivory Tower, where the magic book flew off to. It seems like there's probably more things to do in this first area later on, but I dunno.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Metroid Zero Mission high playthrough log part 1

- Brinstar 1 -
jeez this map system is way too informative, it's like easy mode metroid.
standing chozo show a dot on the map to where your next objective (the next standing chozo) is, very similar to how Fusion's handholdy map consoles worked. except here you need to go to a separate map room to get the map.
oh and I guess some of the standing chozo statues don't give you more map, but all of them point you to where you'll want to go next.
it's also as gated as Fusion's map was, at least early on... after getting the long beam from the midleft of the 1st column, you can go down to the bottom of the 2nd column and get a missile pack, but you can't go past there without the bombs.. can only go through the missile door from the midright of the 2nd column...
oh and this game's version of the metroid 1 enemies are easier than the original.. on normal mode they take way fewer hits to kill and don't do as much damage etc... but there are new enemies exclusive to this game...
after getting the first missile pak there was a giant worm battle, I didn't have enough missiles to kill it and it just ran away.
there's also tiny unkillable things that swarm you and slowly drain your health.. and enemies that infinitely respawn until you kill their spawning point..
after you get the bombs, this is where it actually opens up a little bit.. you can go to Norfair where the next objective marker is, or you can go down near the beginning to the Kraid elevator (just based on recollection)
Metroid Zero Mission screenshot Metroid Zero Mission screenshot Metroid Zero Mission screenshot Metroid Zero Mission screenshot Metroid Zero Mission screenshot Metroid Zero Mission screenshot Metroid Zero Mission screenshot

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse playthrough log part 3/3

The last dungeon has Risky's Cannon. it lets you quadruple jump... This is the big endgame item right here. Now I'll be able to go through each island again and try to collect everything.

After I gained the map to the pirate master's island, Grave Island, I went there immediately, and I think I missed out on some extra dialog in scuttle town because of this...

Risky got captured by the pirate master (her old boss, who got revived thanks to Shantae losing her magic, or something).. and now when I go back to scuttle town, it is completely taken over. Everything is all dark, and nobody is in town except for the shops and Sky.

The palace is also completely different now. It's an actual dungeon. I used my new ability to go up through the palace, and it had a bunch of long platforming gauntlet rooms that made use of all my abilities and had a lot of 1 hit semi-kill spikes and shit...

At the end is the pirate master boss.. beat him and you get the bad ending.

Total Play Time: 09:02:50
Heart Squids Collected: 25/32
Dark Magic Collected: 17/20

In order to get the good ending, you have to collect all the dark magic and go back to Grave Island.

I didn't feel like just backtracking to every room I've been in, so I used a guide to find the rest of the stuff I was missing...

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse playthrough log part 2/3

That 4th island was great... Shantae got captured by the people in the pyramid who thought they were her princess.. and apparently they also captured Risky, Sky, and Rottytops too.. Shantae's cell is the only one that has an escape route. you have to do some easy stealth bits to get passed the guards, and then explore the pyramid to look for keys and rescue the other girls... The actual structure of this area is huge, I got lost in it for like a couple hours... Then finally after rescuing all of the captured girls, the real princess shows up, back from shopping, and we're let go.

The 5th island, Mud Bog... here's where we're getting a lot more lore. Apparently in the 2nd game when Risky took Shantae's magic and converted it into dark magic, and she thought she had destroyed it at the end, that dark magic actually just got scattered about... and now the pirate master is using this dark magic to control Risky's crew, cuz they are like genies now... something like that.

EarthBound high playthrough log part 7

Reading the guide for the Summers/Dalaam section now... it seems that I'm not yet finished the "6th melody" chapter of the game. I stopped at getting the rabbit key. I recall the enemies in the game are getting much harder now, and it expects you to use your teleport ability often in order to stock up on items from all the different shops.
Stopped at page 79 in the guide for now and resume playing

- Dalaam part 2 -

Now at level 51, 42, 42, and 36
Actually the enemies in this Dalaam cave aren't hard at all.. the franklin badge helps a lot, but even without that, the amount of healing capabilities that Ness and Poo have now, and the sheer power that my party has overall, makes these enemies a joke. I explored the whole cave, falling down all the holes...

6th sanctuary boss is quite appropriate... thunder and storm.. two demons interlocked in a yin yang. It was actually kinda tough.. but I managed to beat it in one try with everyone alive, by using good strategy. PSI Freeze is legit.

Sanctuary 6 is on a cloud, hanging on the edge of the floating island...
Ness had a short vision of seeing his mother when she was young. Ness's sound stone recorded the melody of the Pink Cloud.

I just intuitively guessed that the next place you're supposed to go from here is across the ocean, from the port town Toto.. an NPC in Summers earlier said:
Are you from Eagleland? If you like adventure, this isn't your kind of place. You should travel across the sea to Scaraba from Toto, the port town.
This one npc in Toto is acting like he's discovered the big revelation that "dinosaurs existed"...

Earthbound screenshot

This sprite zoom out is unexpected. I love this sailing music...

The captain gets seasick for a bit.. is

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse playthrough log part 1/3

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse box cover art

Story: Scuttle Town's mayor sells the town for chocolates, and the new owner starts tearing everything down and turning it into a cannon/weapon factory... Shantae is just a normal human now, and isn't sure what's going on.. but then Risky shows up, and she tries to get Shantae to help gather what she needs to fight the Pirate Master.

The first part of the game is similar to the usual Shantae overworld, starts out at Shantae's house, then there's Scuttle Town, then the scarecrow fields, then the woods, and after that there's the palace. The palace area has an underground section with some easy enemies... There's a bunch of sidequests you can do here on Scuttle Island, but at first you can't do anything, you have to come back here after each new ability you obtain and there's different NPC dialog/events and you can get further into the sidequest progress and also buy more upgrades from the shop.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

EarthBound high playthrough log part 6

Reading through more of the guide now...

I didn't notice that the dinosaur museum in Fourside was hinting at the next plot development, as they've been receiving fresh dinosaur bones from a place east of Fourside called "Scaraba".
But at least when you're on foot, Fourside is a dead end oceanside city... after you finish saving the Runaway five, defeating the evil statue, and saving Paula there's nowhere else to go except back across the desert to Threed, where your UFO is.. and that leads you to getting the 4th melody and taking the UFO to Summers. This part of the game is kinda cool cuz it's not very obvious where to go next unless you are paying attention.

- Summers/Toto -

Now at level 47, 36, and 37
Time to explore Summers... no idea what to do beyond that. There's a lot of expensive stuff to buy here.. I actually drained out my whole 50k savings

Earthbound screenshot

Some bird on the beach has a lot of random dialog if you keep talking to him...
Wake up in the morning, fall in love. Eat lunch, fall in love. And at night, fall in love. That is my dream life!
Are you from Eagleland? If you like adventure, this isn't your kind of place. You should travel across the sea to Scaraba from Toto, the port town.
To go to Scaraba, you need to cross the sea. However, a monster named Kraken lives in the open sea. He attacks ships that pass through. Are you scared?
The guy next to me is really bugging me. He keeps following me around.
Scaraba Cultural Museum... a lot of cool but useless stuff to see here... the curator mentions the Fourside museum curator called him..

Earthbound screenshot


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

EarthBound high playthrough log part 5

Several more attempts at the Dept store, still no progress... guess I'll check the guide and see if there's anything I can do here besides grind.

Actually, looks like I just need to get to the Dept store boss with both Ness and Jeff alive, then I can defeat him in one turn with Ness's PSI and Jeff's Big Bottle Rocket... er wait no, I only have a normal bottle rocket. But I do have the counter-PSI unit which would be really useful against the boss who mostly only uses PSI.
looks like there are Super Bombs I can get for Jeff to make the enemies more manageable. but I have to deposit some items and run back and for the revive Jeff and then travel to Threed.. Oh wait, those are only normal bombs and normal bottle rockets I can get there... I missed my chance at buying big bottle rockets and super bombs at Fourside Dept Store before this event happened... damn

Also I learned these present enemies can only move in a straight line, so it is possible to avoid them if you can't despawn them.

There we go.. I got there with both Ness and Jeff... the strategy is just to spam PSI Weed beta and bottle rockets and he's dead in two or 3 turns.
At this moment, PAULA should be... Monotoli...
It looks like staying on the inner sidewalk when you're on the outskirts of Fourside lets you avoid running into angry taxis and other enemies... I gotta be careful here with NESS at very low HP and no PP.
Hotel newspaper:
Mysterious Dept Store blackout caused by mouse.
So hint guy says to go to the Cafe... nothing I can do at Monotoli building yet... oh yeah I recall someone there was specifically saying to me "Monotoli is definitely not here."
Someone else is hanging out here trying to find Monotoli.. and the woman here says she hears something outside...

Earthbound screenshot


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

EarthBound high playthrough log part 4

Oh... so Jeff starts fixing things at each rest stop once he gets to 10 IQ. I guess he'll be able to fix more things as his IQ level gets higher. So far I haven't found anything else in this section of the guide that I didn't already know about from my playthrough, I was very thorough...

The Saturn Valley part of the guide also blends into the desert section, which I haven't done yet... but before that there's also the Milky Well part that I haven't done yet... I stopped right before that part.

NESS is at level 29, Paula is at level 23, Jeff is at level 24.

Wow, I'm actually really under-leveled for this Milky Cave area... I keep having to go back to heal at the hot springs again right after fighting that first set of enemies in the cave. it doesn't help that I can't revive my PSI without a butterfly... er, actually I can heal PP easily by staying at the hotel at Saturn Village, duh

The 3rd melody boss is the Trillionage Sprout. This boss battle is interesting. Jeff says it's weak to fire.. and since Ness is feeling strange, I'm only having him defend and heal (so as not to accidentally hit my own team with him), while Paula uses her PSI Magnet to gain PP from the enemy and using that to shoot fire and shield everyone.. and Ness used the temp guts boost on Jeff so he could be more on the offense in place of Ness... at the beginning, I just used Ness to paralyze the two mini sprouts so they can't do anything but use PSI on us, and used PSI Shield Omega on everyone with Paula, and used Spy on the Trillionage Sprout with Jeff.. then I kept the two mini sprouts alive so I could drain their PP with PSI Magnet beta, and once they were paralyzed and out of PP they became useless/harmless plants. now I just have the boss himself to worry about... but Ness is running low on PP to heal with and sometimes even heals the enemy accidentally. oh, and Trillionage used PSI shield on himself before I got the chance to do any damage to him with fire... so now I'm just buffing Jeff and relying mainly on him.

Sheesh this is intense... you really gotta focus on strategy the whole way through...
Oh man it's getting close... Paula got diamondized before she could manage to fully drain the boss's PP.. and both Ness and Jeff are close to dying... I have to take risks with Ness now and use him to fight as well... just barely made it

Earthbound screenshot

Ness's sound stone recorded the melody of the Milky Well

Saturn Valley's stink problem is now fixed... some of the Saturns have different dialog now.
"i HaVE nO SOmEtHinG."
"YOU wait tHREE minUtES! ZOOm! YOU COmE HERE tO wait tHREE minUtES? nO?"
"nO SCaRED."

Sunday, January 1, 2017

EarthBound high playthrough log part 3

Reading the recap of part 2 now... the guide describes the happy happism people as "Pokey's friends"

The guide also mentions the egg->chicken money making strategy I learned. and it suggests doing the 2nd melody after rescuing Paula, like I thought...
Stopped reading after the page that tells you how to get to Threed.

- Threed part 1 -

Someone at the hotel warns you about the monsters outside... it's especially dangerous at the graveyard.
Someone outside the hotel:
There's a rumor that there is an underground path at the edge of the graveyard that takes you somewhere. When you get through the path, you'll meet a dirty, stinky, ugly powerful monster.
Everyone is hiding out here at the center of town.. near the circus tent that is the HQ of zombie relief corps.
lol this guy in this one house... a double agent for the zombies, gives lore/spoilers on this zombie creator named Belch, who is a follower of Giygas, who "is female, I think."

Hmm, exploring the town is the obvious next priority here... I checked out a bit of the south graveyard, fought some zombies, found a photo...
Then went around the upper right gated graveyard and found a hint house... and a teddy bear in a trashcan... score!
The hospital has a sign saying the cure to being bitten by a zombie is to bite back... but this theory hasn't been tested.

Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot

lmao I love this dialog this game is amazing