Many SPOILERS are contained throughout these posts. You have been warned!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Metroid Prime high replay session 1

First, I'll read through some of the lore in the Trilogy Collector's Edition artbook. and in the instruction book.

Phaaze lore... a planet with sentience spreads its seeds out to other planets every 100 years... these seeds turn into Leviathans. These Leviathan creatures have the ability to create wormholes... Leviathans travel across the galaxy and spread their Phazon to many planets... eventually when the phazon takes over a planet, it becomes a clone of Phaaze.

Samus lore... she grew up on planet K-2L... her planet was attacked by the space pirates, commanded by their leader Ridley... she was the only one to survive the attack. Samus was then taken by the Chozo (giant bird people) and raised as a super warrior on the planet Zebes, then she went on to become a bounty hunter.

I didn't even know about this Metroid 1 backstory lore... a Galactic Federation exploratory vessel was attacked by the Space Pirates, and they stole the Metroid from them that was captured on SR388, and taken to their stronghold on planet Zebes... After the events of Metroid 1, some space pirates managed to escape the explosion of Zebes. Some of them went back to Zebes to start rebuilding their base (Super Metroid), and the rest went looking for a power source and found Tallon IV, a planet struck by a Leviathan 50 years ago. They started experimenting on Phazon... A few years later, the Galactic Federation hires Samus to go and investigate the strange activity detected on Tallon IV, and as she goes near the planet she receives a distress signal from a nearby Space Pirate ship... The pirates also found evidence of Chozo civilization on this planet, and while using the wildlife on the planet as guinea pigs for their experiments, they also tried to get to the Phazon core beneath the temple, but they couldn't solve the riddle in the inner sanctum...

Starting a new file on Veteran mode... I've played through all the Metroid Prime games before on normal and hard, but never played the Trilogy version. I heard that both difficulty modes in the Trilogy version are a bit easier than the normal and hard modes in the original. Hint system off, I don't care if I get 100% or not, I'm just gonna get as much as I can during this high playthrough.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Yoshi's Island high playthrough log part 4

a frantic but slow paced autoscrolling level with a lot of baseball bandits and lakitus, it's easy to fall off but I made literally no mistakes and got through this part of the level with 30 stars and I think all things collected so far.
the 2nd part is a non-autoscroll bridge section with fast running goonies everywhere. the zoomed out flock of goonies in the background looks really cool...
then it opens up a bit... you can keep going right along the bottom path or you can take the balloons up into the clouds and keep going right on the upper path, and there are certain pipes you can go in...
the top path sure has a lot of those condom looking ghost enemies... and insta death spikes... AND baseball bandits holy fuck what...
oh wait, so the bottom path is just a dead end with another way leading up to the clouds... dunno one that one pipe I could go into was about, but I found all the things...

first part has a bunch of wavy rail platforms, and raven enemies that walk around on tiny planetoids...
a fun bonus area with a falling platform run to a flower and a timed coin run on the fallen platforms
then a carousel platform area with goonies everywhere... more swirving moving platforms and ravens...
then there's a really tricky section where you navigate a big open falling platform maze...

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

10 gaming video content creators I recommend

This is a list of my 10 most regularly watched youtube/twitch gaming channels, and my recommendations for anyone who happens to enjoy my blog and wants to see some of the other stuff that I'm into.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Affordable Space Adventures playthrough log

This game starts off really boring, but then it picks up as you gain more and more abilities. At first you're just exploring a barren, linear path using your flash light to see where to go.. and then you gain stuff like a Mass Generator that lets you sink into water, and a stabilizer that lets you fly with more precision.

Then it starts to get good when there are actual obstacles you have to avoid. Getting hit usually just makes you restart right before where you died, so it's just trial and error. the game keeps a log of all the stuff that has happened to your ship, including your deaths, so it kind of challenges you to get through without dying once.

Affordable Space Adventures screenshot Affordable Space Adventures screenshot Affordable Space Adventures screenshot

Later you get the electric engine, which makes way less heat and noise than the fuel engine, and it's needed for sneaking passed certain objects that attack you if they sense too much heat or sound.. there's also objects that sense electricity levels, and those I think the only way to get through them is with going really slowly with minimum thrusters.

Level 13 is where it starts to get really hard. there's an enemy with homing missiles that shoots if it senses you, and you actually NEED it to sense and shoot at you in order to unlock certain doors...

Monday, May 29, 2017

Metroid Zero Mission high playthrough log part 3 (post-game)

- Chozodia 2 -

Going backwards through Chozodia now.. so far I'm having no luck finding any stuff I've missed. No idea how to get to that one little gray area near the top.

Metroid Zero Mission screenshot Metroid Zero Mission screenshot

II re-explored the entire pirate ship section, and back at the outside of the pirate ship, at the bottom right green area where I first started this section suitless.
Maybe I'll have better luck finding the way to those gray areas from the west green area (the "Chozo Ruins part of Chozodia, he blue part I guess is the inside of the pirate ship)
... yep, as soon as I went to that western green area, I realized I just had to use power bomb on that tube to get outside, and from there I could easily get back to Crateria.
Metroid Zero Mission screenshot

I had a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to get through that one speed booster wall in the upper right shaft of Chozo Ruins.. then I realized you can jump while in a shinespark charge if you do a running jump. It's still really hard though.. like the hardest shine spark puzzle yet so far.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Metroid Zero Mission high playthrough log part 2

Lower Norfair has some weird plant-like tentacles I gotta blast through with missiles... usually seeing this kind of thing means... yep miniboss time
Metroid Zero Mission screenshot Metroid Zero Mission screenshot

this thing is so easy wtf... it only has one attack, doesn't shoot nearly fast enough that you can't just dodge all its shots easily. plus you can destroy its shots with a single uncharged wave beam and get health/ammo. there's almost like no point to this boss. I wonder if he is much harder on hard mode.

Ridley's ship has landed...
Metroid Zero Mission screenshot

- Ridley's Lair -

Metroid Zero Mission screenshot

Can't destroy this thing with my wave beam, need super missiles to get passed the first door... damn I guess I missed something.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Fantasy Zone playthrough log

Fantasy Zone screenshot Fantasy Zone screenshot Fantasy Zone screenshot Fantasy Zone screenshot

There's a lot of different ports of this game... from the comments in I gathered that the 3DS version is the definitive port. it's exactly like the original arcade version, but with stereoscopic 3d.

Damn this is hard... the enemies get really numerous very quickly... I can't even figure out how to kill the first boss before he crushes me.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother 3 high playthrough part 1: The Funshine Sorest is on tire!

Starting a high playthrough of Mother 3 Fan Translation v1.2
The first time I played this was like 10 years ago, back when the translation patch first came out... I don't remember much at all except for the major story details.. I've really been looking forward to replaying this.

The naming screen animation is so cute.
Went with all the default character names of course... and fav food noodles and fav thing weed... and grape window color

Mother 3 screenshot

- Prologue -
- Mt. Oriander 1 -

I'm at the home of Alec, Hinawa's father, where Hinawa and her kids Lucas and Claus are visiting...
Claus knocking on the door, telling Lucas to get up so they can go see the dragos.. his mom tells him to go change out of pajamas before leaving

Mother 3 screenshot

So far the exact same gameplay stuff is happening as the Earthbound intro, except with a totally different story/context.
Unlike Earthbound, there are sometimes some unique looking things in houses that you can examine for a bit of flavor text.

Hinawa's dad is outside... both of him and his mom called him sleepyhead...
Alec: "Well, today's the day you head back home."

left pig:
What the pig next to me says worries me...
right pig:
Don't worry about it.
All cows, no matter what they're thinking, go Moo. It'd be handy to remember that.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Yoshi's Island high playthrough log part 3

4-1 is an easy outdoor level with nothing new going on... just a lot more koopa enemies than usual

4-2 is a lakitu cave level.. it's really easy to get hit when there's a bunch of these around.. it's mostly linear, but has a lot of vertical dropoffs and wide open spaces. this introduces the pow block that turns all enemies into stars, and also this one vertical falling section where you have to hover to collect coins, there's a really useful hint here that tells you what the magnifying glass is used for... it makes all red coins visibly red

4-3 is a very big wide open outdoor area... has limited step platforms and balloon platforms that take you up higher... a lot of verticality in this level... although later on I think the lower section is just a death pit.. it's getting to the point now where I'm getting ambushed a lot if I move forward too quickly... pretty tough... but so far I've gotten 100 pts on every stage in world 4

got the roulette wheel minigame for the first time... lol I'm at like 150 lives so far... lives are pretty useless in this game

Friday, May 5, 2017

EarthBound high playthrough log part 9 (ending)

I basically have unlimited money now, so I bought a bunch of Horn of Life from Saturn Village and Brain food lunch from Dalaam to prepare...

- Onett part 2 -

This place has become dark and creepy... everyone is locked indoors and you can't go inside any of the buildings anymore... you can go south to Twoson and everything is still normal there. I think Onett has a giant UFO hovering above it. A bunch of really strong alien enemies are running around near Ness's house... Ghost of Starman's PSI Starstorm attack can almost beat everybody but Ness in one hit, and Evil Eye will always give most of your party an annoying status unless you get lucky with Jeff and manage to PSI-block him.

Ness's mom is trying to act fearless, and gives Ness some of weed to relax... Ness's dog says
At this point, you guys just might be the strongest force in the world, don't you think?

Earthbound screenshot

I had to go all out on PSI powers to make it through to where the meteorite landed... when I checked the meteorite, I found a meteorite piece... fortunately Ness's new Teleport beta power lets you teleport with only a small circle of space around you...

levels are now 82 / 72 / 71 / 68

Went to Deep Darkness to buy some Multi bottle rockets for Jeff.. Phase Distorter completed... now it's the point of no return...
The Phase Distorter took me to that floating land mass at the Lost Underworld I couldn't get to...

- Giygas -

That tornado riding guy showed up again, and Poo was able to instantly learn Starstorm beta

Earthbound screenshot

Some bad guy kidnapped a Mr. Saturn and brought him here with a different phase distorter that has crash landed... Suddenly, Andonuts and Apple Kid get here with a 2nd phase distorter and rescue the kidnapped Saturn...