Many SPOILERS are contained throughout these posts. You have been warned!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Kirby's Triple Deluxe - playthrough log

This game is amazing... the visuals, the music... it's like the perfect thing to play while high...
And the gameplay... it takes the 3d/2d blending aspect of VB Wario Land and Super Paper Mario, and improves on it... this is just the PERFECT kirby game for the system it's on.

Intro: Kirby's home ends up in a giant beanstalk... Dedede's castle is also on it, and some bad guy comes and kidnaps Dedede...
Lv1 Fine Fields... extremely easy, almost impossible to die. missed like one sun star. the boss was a whispy wood iteration with stars for leaves... it hops into the background and attacks you with its vines... maybe would've been harder without a powerup. beetle power is the best btw.
Lv2 Lollipop Land... okay now this is getting really good. there was a circus maze stage where I only found one sun star on the first playthrough... the boss was a female painter, she was actually kinda hard once I lost my powerup. just barely won on first try.

Next is Lv3 Old Odyssey
I'm definitely gonna be doing 100% of the story mode during peak high sessions.


That was... amazing... used the bulk of today's high session to finish the last 3.5 worlds of the story mode. This game has every bit the same amount of style and charm as the old kirby games had when they first came out... the controls are really tight and the abilities give the game tons of variety/replay value.

My fav world was probably world 6... despite the fact that it's mostly boss refights (and all the bosses in this game are super fun anyway), it also has the best level which is 100% hypernova gameplay, and a cute 2nd-last level where you save all the fairies who are the ones who planted the giant beanstalk... in order to get the hero of dream land to save their sky land. the villain mistook Dedede for the hero of dreamland and captured him instead of kirby.

The last boss had more phases than I anticipated... it ended with an epic hypernova battle where Kirby just ends up sucking up the last boss whole.


Got high and started gathering up all the missing sun stones, then played through all the Extra levels...
The last few ex levels are actually legit hard to get all the secret stuff on... even beating them can take a few lives at first...
Ended the session by replaying that hypernova miniboss rematch level... that level kicks ass.


so far I've beaten Kirby fighters on hard with sword and cutter. I can definitely beat the whole thing on hard eventually.

Then I tried Dedede Drum Dash again for the first time since I first played the game... It's actually really fun, but requires a TON of concentration and precise timing. Getting the gold medals mostly just involves collecting every coin and not getting hit. There's also a bonus for not missing any backbeats that I never managed to get, but was able to get gold without that anyway.

Actually, looking at the guide on gamefaqs, there's also platinum medals that are very hard and most likely DO require getting perfect backbeats ontop of perfect everything else. The FAQ even says the platinum medal on the extra stage is just too insane and you should just give up on it.

I did get gold on drum dash level 4 a bit later after taking a break.


Finally managed to beat Kirby Fighters on hard with every power. Ninja was definitely the hardest to use. Others like the whip and parasol I got used to and managed to figure out a good strategy, but with Ninja I just had to mainly rely on getting lucky with items.


Dedede Tour high session... that was alright... so far it doesn't seem changed up much aside from hidden portals that let you skip some big sections of levels... I guess because those sections require Kirby's copy powers? I'm still doing some exploring and getting tons of new keychains... I'm just not going for full exploration and still making an honest attempt at a good time.

It actually gets a bit tough, especially the bosses near the end. The last world took me nearly an hour to beat, while all the other worlds only took around 20 minutes...
overall time: 2:16:06
Kirby: Triple Deluxe screenshot

20.5 hours logged on this game so far.


Tried the arena mode for the first time ever... almost beat it, got KO'd on the 2nd last match, against Sectonia.


I figured out that Hammer is OP against bosses. It takes most of them out before they can even go through all of the attacks in their cycle.
Now I'm on True Arena, where all the bosses are much faster and there are less health pickups... and I can do everything nearly flawlessly up until the last 3 fights. Dark Dedede, Dark Metaknight, and Soul of Sectonia kick my ass. I can get up to the final fight but I haven't gotten enough practice on Soul of Sectonia yet to get very far on her...

Now I'm resorting to youtube... I see someone get through it with the beetle power. It seems very useful, especially its dash attack that can avoid a lot of Metaknight's attacks and get behind him... but it's also much weaker than the hammer, and Soul of Sectonia's 2nd form with the beetle looks very challenging, having to whittle it down very slowly...

I see a commenter say that stone form makes the True Arena very easy, but it also takes a while... not quite sure if that'd really be easy or not though.

Then I saw someone do a no damage run with the hammer.. wow this makes me want to keep trying using it.

hell yeah! after watching that no damage run, I was able to beat it on the next try. I still did terribly against dark metaknight, but I used the maximum tomato after that to have full health for the Soul of Sectonia fight... I kept the hammer through the entire first phase which made that phase much easier, and then the 2nd phase once you realize it's best to just take it safe and only use vanilla kirby, it's pretty easy. although I did come close to dying because of that part where she spawns a bunch of tough enemies.
beat True Arena in 19:04

Then I tried the normal Arena again and beat it in under 9 minutes...

lol I'm still missing a lot of keychains... I'm never gonna 100% this game unless I just casually replay through the story mode again every once in a while.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Disney's Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers - no continues attempt

I was SO close to 1cc-ing this game... most of it was very easy, but then it ramped up in the last couple levels, with fans blowing wind at you, and conveyor belts and nearly-undodgable enemies that take 2 hits... I got to the last boss on one life, and died right away because his pattern requires a very precise rhythm that you have to just know going into it.

Up until that last boss, the game is very fair.. too easy even. As long as you don't skip out on collectables it gives you plenty of 1ups... all the bosses involve throwing a red ball at an enemy that has one slow-moving projectile attack, well except for the last boss who has a really fast attack that you need to know about in advance.

The last boss took me about 4 tries. beat him on my last continue. at least getting to him again wasn't a problem. Probably not worth trying this again...

Friday, October 31, 2014

Wario Land 3 - high replay log

Wario Land 3 screenshot

high session 1: 9/23/2014

Wario finds a music box, and gets transported inside it. The god that protects this world tells him about a wicked being that sealed away his power, and took control. Wario needs to find the 5 music boxes needed to break the seal, only then can he be sent back to his own world.

Graphics are mostly the same as 2...
Controls are almost exactly the same, but at the start you can't ground pound, can't pick up enemies, can't swim (only float), can't high-jump or bounce high off enemies... probably new abilities later on.
Enemies look different now... Captain Syrup's crew is no longer part of the story.
Taking damage doesn't make you lose coins... instead there's a lot of knockback and stun time... now coins aren't as plentiful and you don't get coins from the respawning enemies.
Looks like each level has 4 keys unlocking the grey/red/green/blue treasures, and 8 music coins...

Getting a treasure ends the level, looks like I can only get the grey treasure and 2 music coins at N1 right now.

Also it changes from night to day each time you go back to the world map... stages are different depending on the time...
N2 has zombies at night, and the normal enemies are asleep and wake up when you get near them... at day it has donut throwing enemies.

N3's grey treasure was the last piece needed to open the door to the Western part of the world

W1 Desert Ruins - at night, the path to the red chest is open, in the day, you can get to the grey chest...
yeah, coins are MUCH more sparse now... I'm actually destroying any block I can find hoping for grey coins.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wario Land II - high replay log

Wario Land II screenshot Wario Land II screenshot
Captain Syrup's henchmen broke into Wario's castle, stole some of his money, then flooded the place.

- instead of dying/shrinking from getting hit or dying from falling in pits, you can't die at all in this. getting hit only makes you lose coins, and falling in a pit always leads you to another area that you can return from.

- instead of powerups that you keep until you get hit or find a different powerup... you have stuff like
"being on fire until you touch water"
"being flattened and gliding through the air like paper, until a bat unflattens you"
"being a fatass that crushes certain blocks and makes certain platforms fall, until you walk off the extra fat"
"being a zombie and can't jump until you walk into light"

- instead of collecting treasures as a main goal, and coins as secondary... you're just collecting as many coins as possible while finding the one indistinguishable door that leads to a minigame (that costs coins) to win the treasure of that level... as well as post-level minigames to win pieces of a map...

- there's no level select... and there doesn't seem to be a way back into a previous level if to get a treasure/map piece that you missed...

- the enemies respawn, so it's always possible to grind for coins to meet the requirement for the next treasure/map...

Chapter 1: One Noisy Morning

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 - high replay log

Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 screenshot
Instruction manual summary:

Wario can turn 10 coins into a weapon to throw... I forgot all about that. Some doors need a 10-coin weapon to open them.
- Small Wario: same as when Mario defeated derp Wario at the end of SML2.
Jet Pot: Jet Wario - Peach's glide combined with body slam
Bull Pot: Bull Wario - stronger body slam, can stick to ceilings
Dragon Pot: Dragon Wario - destroy things with fire instead of body slam
- any pot or garlic changes Small Wario to normal Wario, then to Jet, then Bull, then Dragon
- hearts are now like coins, 1up for every 100 of them, contrasting SML's heart=1up and 100coin=1up... now coins are for the game's ending cutscenes
- keys, skull doors leading to treasure rooms. treasure also goes toward the ending cutscenes
- all the world names of Pirate Island are named after food...
- there are harmless enemies that are basically like coin bags for Wario

high playthrough summary:

Rice Lake... stage 3 is the only one with treasure somewhere.. stage 5, enemies already getting harder now. this boss is probably a good/easy way to grind coins

Mt. Teapot
course 8 has a secret exit leading to Sherbet Land

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Virtual Boy Wario Land - high playthrough log

Virtual Boy Wario Land screenshotStarting this playthrough during high session. I've never played this before.

14 levels... apparently there's a hidden treasure to find in each, except for the boss levels...

Intro cutscene... Wario notices some masked monsters taking treasure into a cave behind a waterfall... the door closes... 10 paintings in the wall pop out and scatter...

I'm missing the treasure from stage 3... I was sure I used fire on every wall and bumped every ceiling I could... this might be harder to 100% than I thought.

wow... I can't figure out the timing to hit this first boss... sometimes got lucky, but not lucky enough to hit him 3 times. actually, couldn't I go back to an earlier level, grab a dragon powerup, backtrack to the elevator, then kill this boss easily? of he's vulnerable to fire, that is... Wario Land bosses usually only have one way to hit them.

at a game over... a bat takes one of your treasures away so you have to go back and get it again.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3 100% playthrough comments

On my 2nd playthrough of this GBA port, I played through every level with Luigi, and getting the "white mushroom house" secret in each world. The GBA version actually puts a coin counter on the level with the mushroom house secret (only after you beat the game), so you can see how close you are to getting it.

wow... I actually found a secret passage in 5-1 that I never knew about before... you have to use a star to kill the chain chomps, then fly up with the tail at the beginning to get to a pipe... after that point I explored more found a bunch more bonus rooms in this level that I either never knew about or forgot...

Then I started playing through all the e-Reader levels, called "World e", using a save that had all of them unlocked. This save even included the Japan-only e-reader levels... 36 levels in total.

These levels are surprisingly good...

Friday, August 22, 2014

Super Mario Advance 100% playthrough comments

Got high and went through every single level with Mario and used no warps...
lol I used to be so bad at this game when I was a kid, and thought it was way too hard to beat without cheating... I actually find this game easy now. Only got game over twice at 5-3. I think I got about 65% of the "A" coins along the way...

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Super Mario Bros. DX 100% playthrough comments

I just 100% completed Super Mario Bros. Deluxe for the first time.

I'm now convinced that DX is definitively the best version of this game. It has so many different varieties of goals to complete besides just "beating the game", making you see this game in a whole different light than what you are normally used to when you just focus on surviving till the end or getting to the end as fast as possible with warp points.

The Challenge Mode is all of the individual levels of the main game with extra goals added, including finding the hidden Yoshi Egg and 5 red coins that were added to each level. There's also the individual level high score goals. These target scores aren't insanely unreasonable or anything, but they really require you to practice the level and gain a much more in-depth understanding of the level's construction than you would normally get from just beating the level normally. You need to figure out all the ways you can combo enemies and collect the coins and hidden 1ups/powerups for extra points while still beating the level quickly for the timer bonus. It makes you think "hmm, would it be better to take this vine/pipe to a shortcut area with coins, or would it be better to take the normal route and kill all the enemies along the way?"... stuff that you would never think of when playing the game normally on the NES version...

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga high playthrough log part 3/4

Woohoo Hooniversity

This place is on a little islet on the ocean. It looks like a run down laboratory... A bunch of bean people start running out in terror... someone says Cackletta turned all the professors into monsters...
Further in, it's an area with electric barriers everywhere, and the walls and floor all have a starry sky texture.

Some really cool enemies here...Laser snifits that shoot a laser ring to jump through... Yo-bros... Mecha-chomp... Dr. Mario virus enemies that change color each time you hit them, and they die when you turn all of them the same color...

lol this one room has descriptions of the blocks from the different Mario games...

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot

And then there's the different minigame blocks that are in this game... Bros blocks are easy... Rally blocks get faster and faster the more you hit them... The Random block is just an easy game of simon says.

The solution to the Sun Door puzzle is written on a message on the wall, gotta write it down on paper or have a really good memory... When the Sun Door opens it creates a beam of light that gets reflected off the mirrors and travels to other rooms...

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot


Monday, February 24, 2014

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga high playthrough log part 2/4

Chateau de Chucklehuck

Chateau de Chucklehuck, to the southwest, is the only other area you have access to for now... This house has a bunch of statues of barrels and fruit, with instructions on how to make chuckola cola... Part of the recipe is you need to tell funny jokes to the fruit mixture until it laughs... The quaity of the fruit + the quality of the jokes affects the quality of the chuckola cola... it starts bubbling...

There's also a statue of "Father of Chuckola Cola, First Generation Chateau Owner - Bubbles"

A barrel maze, kinda reminiscent of the inner polygon maze in Super Mario RPG's sunken ship...

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot

Right after exiting the maze M&L met the thief Popple, and his rookie disciple, amnesiac Bowser wearing a thief mask. This is an easy miniboss battle. Bowser lobs hammers at you VERY slowly...

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot

For some reason, fighting you guys... Makes my gut flare up something fierce...
Suddenly he remembers he can breathe fire... lol so that's how he gets that ability.
Rookie! You bloated idiot! Who took you in when you were dazed and lost on the mountain? Me! You worthless vermin!
Popple and Bowser run away and try to go

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga high playthrough log part 1/4

Prologue - Mushroom Kingdom

Some ambassadors from the Beanbean Kingdom came to the Mushroom Kingdom and stole Peach's voice and replaced it with explosives... now she makes things explode whenever she talks. After a really silly scene where Toad comes to get the Mario bros... they go to see Peach, and Bowser is there... Tutorial fight... It turns out Bowser doesn't even want to kidnap her anymore because of her explosive voice. He hires Mario and Luigi as minions to help get Peach's voice back so he can then go back to kidnapping her...

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot

This Castle garden area serves as a movement tutorial to get you used to moving/jumping around with both characters, and there's some useful stuff to collect before moving on past the point of no return... Boarded Bowser's airship, and his minions give you some more tutorials on how to battle and stuff... They also took Mario+Luigi's photos for their passports... oh wow, your passport photo pose you used shows up in the save screen for the whole game...

Bowser's fleet goes after Cackletta. Cackletta's minion Fawful... has a way with words...

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot

First battle against the jetpack helmet wearing poet villain, Fawful... Then

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Wind Waker HD Hero Mode playthrough

Just finished this game on Hero mode. I didn't go for 100% completion, but I did all of the major sidequests and stuff without ever opening a walkthrough.

Here's some spoiler-filled screenshots that I took throughout my playthrough

man... my love of this game is totally renewed. I always seem to forget exactly how great this game is until I go and replay it again.