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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga high playthrough log part 3/4

Woohoo Hooniversity

This place is on a little islet on the ocean. It looks like a run down laboratory... A bunch of bean people start running out in terror... someone says Cackletta turned all the professors into monsters...
Further in, it's an area with electric barriers everywhere, and the walls and floor all have a starry sky texture.

Some really cool enemies here...Laser snifits that shoot a laser ring to jump through... Yo-bros... Mecha-chomp... Dr. Mario virus enemies that change color each time you hit them, and they die when you turn all of them the same color...

lol this one room has descriptions of the blocks from the different Mario games...

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot

And then there's the different minigame blocks that are in this game... Bros blocks are easy... Rally blocks get faster and faster the more you hit them... The Random block is just an easy game of simon says.

The solution to the Sun Door puzzle is written on a message on the wall, gotta write it down on paper or have a really good memory... When the Sun Door opens it creates a beam of light that gets reflected off the mirrors and travels to other rooms...

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot

A squished Mario puzzle room... There's a little bonus area with some hidden you can get to by navigating ontop of the walls with squished Mario... then another little barrel puzzle to rotate the mirror which sends the beam of light to another mirror which opens up another part of the building...

There's like, a mechanical factory area in this university building... a bit confusing to navigate, with a kind of sidescrolling layout with verticality on the Y axis...
Another barrel puzzle to move a crane out of the way... but then the crane takes the barrel when Luigi is still in it...

Now Mario is solo. Then it's just a mostly linear path through this factory area... then there's a Donkey Kong arcade reference room where a crane is dropping barrels down at you...

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot

Hitting a switch at the top makes the crane drop down the barrel with Luigi in it, and it rolls across the whole factory area to hit a switch that rotates the next mirror ...

Then there's a little puzzle where you make Mario spit out water to move a robot mouse into an electrical circuit to rotate the last mirror that sends the beam of light to the end of the level...

Meanwhile, Cackletta/Fawful create Peach-bots to speak to the Beanstar...

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot

Preparations have completion! O Great Cackletta, unleash the voice of Princess Peach on the Beanstar when you are wanting to!
The Peachbots manage to wake the Beanstar, but this only makes the Beanstar mad, and it destroys the floor underneath and falls down with them.
I have fright! A situation we had not suspected has begun to d-d-d-develop! May we flee?
Luigi hammers Fawful into the floor, and Cackletta battles us herself...
She has an attack that makes bats fly at you, a lightning attack, and this really scary attack where she has this cartoony expression that makes her body grow like twice the size, and she sends holes in the floor that you gotta jump over. This is the first boss battle that can actually get pretty tough.

M&L are now at level 19.

Fawful comes out of the ground and gets his rocket helmet back...
Cackletta! Do not have worries. Watch! I am sucking up your energy with this headgear!
Woah... I think Cackletta is actually dying, and Fawful saves her by sucking her into his helmet? wtf...
Prince Peasley shows up and knocks Fawful away, him and Cackletta fly off toward the north...

Still not done here... Hooniversity basement to find Beanstar... this place looks like it's all covered in snow/ice... or is this mold?
Just a linear path with more of the same enemies as the main floor... another robot mouse electrical circuit puzzle opens up the door to the power generator room.
But somehow, Popple and Bowser are already in this room!
The Beanstar suddenly came falling down out of nowhere... it was shocking, see? But having treasure fall out of the sky sure is lucky! Only Popple the shadow thief could get such results, see?
Another Popple+Bowser fight... now they have a Bros Attack just like M+L...
After that, the Beanstar gets mad again, as everyone grabs onto it before it flies away... Mario, Luigi, and Popple all fall off, and Bowser regains his memory just before he falls off the angry Beanstar as well.
Then you see the Beanstar split into 4 pieces, before the scene changes to Mario and Luigi who have landed in the sand...

Oho Oasis

A nearby tape machine plays some news about the Oho Civilization research expedition.
We have named the mysterious creatures native to this island the Oho Jee. It is strange... They use the same spoken vocabulary that we do, but none comprehend what they mean...
Another tape says that someone approached the Red Oho Jee, and was turned into an Oho by it after it was set on fire... There's also the Blue Oho Jee, the Thunder version.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot

These Oho people do talk weird, but it's easy enough to understand them... They just talk like cavemen.
What you do if you meet big Firebrand in room up ahead??? Huh? What you do?
Went into the Fire Palace with squished Mario...
Mario met a character who I guess is the Red Oho Jee.. he says the last time anyone ever came in here to meet him was 3000 years ago, and because of this he's confused and doesn't even know who or where he is...

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot

What was it that I was planning on doing? Am I allowed in here? Huh? Wait just a minute! Where am I? WHO am I???
...Hm! I guess having no guests for 3000 years takes a toll. Everything just seems to... slip one's mind!

Wait, you do have another guest. This one Oho who's in this same room, who just says
I am me.
Oh well... Mario touches the Fire Orb and gains the Firebrand power. Suddenly Red Oho Jee gets his memory back, and teaches Mario how to use this power.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot

Woah this is cool... you can use the Firebrand power on the little Oho people and then you go into a battle with them... They don't hurt you at all, they just flail around uselessly until you kill them, then they're like
You took my experience points!
You can set Luigi on fire to get a funny little animation that doesn't do anything.

Same thing for the Thunder Palace, except the Blue Oho Jee didn't lose his memory. He gets made when Luigi touches the Thunderhand spark, but then teaches him how to use it anyway.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot

Explored the rest of the island...

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot

...Are spirits delicious?
Not much else here besides Oho people to talk to or battle...
Using your powers on that altar back at the beginning, opens up access to a yellow pipe that leads to the bottom of the ocean...

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot

When two people swim together, they move much faster through the water.
huh, I didn't know it worked that way...
Somehow Mario's Firebrand ability still works underwater... and Luigi's Thunderhand works too. You'd think that would be dangerous but nah it's fine.
The Seabed route to get back to the main Beanbean Kingdom continent is very simple... some parts have a spikey ground but you can just keep tapping A to swim over them. The swimming physics are very limited, and in order to swim higher you need to be on higher ground...

Meanwhile, Bowser landed near the border... Fawful somehow found him laying there, and transferred Cackletta's soul into Bowser's body...

Beanbean Airport

Prince Peasely meets M&L as soon as they get back on land... Before searching for the 4 pieces of the Beanstar, he wants us to go to the Airport...
Princess Peach is blessing our fair land with her presence! A dignitary of Princess Peach's stature visiting our kingdom is a very serious affair. And THAT is why I would like you two in attendance to greet her Royal Loveliness.
lol I know where this is going... Bowletta is gonna snatch that up for sure. Part of him wants the Beanstar, and the other part wants Peach...

The airport is south of Beanbean Castle... There's a path you can only get to with Luigi burrowing through the ground, and he opens the gate up so that you can both get through it... It's a bunch of little islands connected by bridges...

A sign pointing south leads to an area saying "Studio of Harhall, Fashion Genius"... but it's blocked by a rock, I guess you need a stronger hammer to get down there.
lol for some reason the bridge to Beanbean airport requires you to light some electric orbs...
I'm terribly sorry, but Chuckola Cola is prohibited on airplanes. Any soda will be CONFISCATED!
The plane is delayed because of Piranha Plants on the runway... gotta defeat all of them first by spitting water at them with Mario and then using thunder on them. Could've just made them enemy battles but this is a pretty chill mini quest...
Oh here's the battle part... The big Piranha Plant hatches from the egg after you electrify all the small ones the grew from its roots. The timing of these attacks are getting kinda tough.. the miniboss goes down very quickly though.

The real Mushroom Kingdom princess arrives at Beanbean Kingdom in her hilariously tiny plane...

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot

Beanbean Castle 3

Peach still has her voice... Prince Peasely warned Peach of Cackletta's attack ahead of time, and they prepared for it with a decoy Birdo disguised as Peach... The real Peach's voice was never stolen.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot

Oh yeah, wtf was with that trippy rainbow wall texture back when Cackletta attacked Peach's Castle? That was weird, I guess Cackletta's power did that?

Mario... Luigi... I am sorry to have caused you such trouble. When the pair of you came rushing to the castle... I intended to tell you the truth immediately, but Bowser beat you there... And I lost my chance to spill the beans... so to speak.
Since M&L defeated Cackletta, everyone thinks the threat is gone now... Prince Peasley goes off to search for the Beanstar pieces and tells M&L to relax and do whatever. Peach says she wants to pay an official royal visit to Little Fungitown, a town of Toads who have immigrated to Beanbean Kingdom... but Queen Bean says you have to cross Teehee Valley to get there, which is too dangerous for Peach... lol Luigi thinks it's a bad idea to escort Peach through there, and Mario hammers him into the ground and sides with Peach... Toadsworth also wants to object, but knows he doesn't have any say in the matter.

The path to Teehee Valley, to the northeast, is blocked off by a rock.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot

Had to explore around in the field a bit with that annoying Lakitu throwing bean spinies at me constantly, to find another path you can open up with Thunderhand... Entered a random cave, and found the Sledgehammer bros, who just moved here from Hoohoo Mountain... how convenient... They reforged our hammers into Super Hammers so we could get through to the next area.

Teehee Valley

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot

Toadsworth hands Peach off to us... but he forgot to tell us some vital information, and comes running after us...
If you let the princess out of your sight like we just did, she'll get kidnapped instantly!
lol, that's nothing new at all. Mario & Luigi should've already known that by now. and him talking to M&L distracted them and made them lose sight of Peach as she gets captured by goombas.

So whenever you lose Peach you gotta go down the yellow pipe to get her back. This section is kinda fun... there are some parts where Peach just wanders back and forth (you gotta talk to her to get her to turn around) and you gotta keep her on screen as you solve the puzzle to open the way forward.

These cactus snifits are really easy to dodge... the goomba enemies are just goombas with a spike on their head... this place is really easy. It's not even that much of a setback if she gets captured, cuz there are a lot of yellow pipes throughout the whole area.

Near the end, Peach walks ahead toward Little Fungitown... The elevator to the left leads to Guffawha Ruins, but it can only carry 1 person, and Mario + Luigi are tied together by strings unless one of them goes through a Squished Mario or Ground Luigi path...

Peach gets attacked by a tree monster... it's really easy, barely even qualifies as miniboss status. M&L are at level 24 now.

Some little red toads that were hiding from the monster the whole time, say that monster was blocking the gate to town. The elevator takes us up into the town that's high up in a giant tree.

Little Fungitown

Some new shops here... and all the toads are talking about the Game Arcade... some kid toads that want to go to Guffawha ruins but can't because it's too dangerous...
People talk about how great the view us from up hear, even though you can't see any of it with this camera angle.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot

Down here under our feet... is the giant, huge, really big mushroom known as the Great Mountain Mushroom! But just how a mushroom could ever get so big... remains a mystery.
Played the "Star 'Stash Smash" minigame to win the Invincishroom.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot

It's a pretty simple Mario Party-esque minigame, with a Geno cameo... lol I don't get why Mario RPG fans get so weirdly obsessive over wanting Geno in Smash Bros... he's like the most boring character in that game. His entire personality is defined by the Star Road/Star Pieces quest, and nothing else.

Mario gets sick from eating this Invincishroom, and has to go to the doctor.
Hmm... Green hue... Yes... Discoloration in the face... The symptoms seem to indicate... Bean Fever! No mistaking it! This illness afflicts travelers who aren't used to the food in this region. At this rate, in three days... He'll be a bean!
And the antidote... is in Guffawha Ruins... of course... Now Luigi can use that 1-person elevator. But first the doctor shows Luigi a scary picture showing what happens to most people who enter the ruins... Peach has to convince him to go, with her royal powers of persuasion. is Luigi going to be shivering and holding his hat the whole time? I think so...
Psycho Kamek has become obsessed with his hobby... Hypnosis! In fact, he now brings someone in every day and attempts his weird little hypnotisms.
wtf... is this the same Kamek that serves Bowser? I guess not... he wears white... he hypnotizes Luigi into thinking he's Mario.
You shall now become Mario. Yes. Embrace it. Believe. With his incredible jump, you will face the onslaught of evil. The greatest superstar of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario... is YOU!
Luigi looks in the mirror and sees red clothes. His jump is now on the "A" button.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot

Went back to Teehee Valley... passed the elevator there's a bit of a linear easy path, and then a dumb little hammer timing minigame to open the door to the ruins...

Guffawha Ruins

The wall designs in this place look weird... kinda similar to the Hoohoo heiroglyph walls and stuff, but more colorful. And the doors are all grinning faces that open their mouths to let you in...
These "Chuck Guy" enemies are kinda tricky. I can't figure out which attack they're about to do, and the timing is different between the two attacks. Limbo Bros are easy... they just limbo over to you and then lower their torch.
Oucher Glass... this enemy is weird... it's an hourglass with faces on the top and bottom, and I guess you know which attack it's going to do based on which face is flipped upward?
This section is a really cool multi-colored switch puzzle... each switch raises and lowers the platforms of that color, and you gotta create the route to get to the top.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot

The ruins statue tells Luigi he's upset that everyone thinks of him as a monster, and says he can fix this by dodging his flame attacks for 30 seconds... what?

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot

That was easy... got the medicine, then took the yellow pipe shortcut back to Little Fungitown...

Lightning strikes Luigi and zaps him out of his hypnosis... it takes him a while to realize he had gone into the ruins and got the medicine...
The lightning came from Bowser in the clown car... no, Bowletta... Fawful is there with her.
Cackletta's power has poured into this Koopa who is king!! The body is of the Bowser, but the mind is all of the Great Cackletta!
Eeyah haha! I need no voice this time... I'll just steal... The real deal!

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot

aw... Luigi cries after he heals Mario... I guess he feels bad for not being able to do anything.

Back at Beanbean Castle...

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot

Lady Lima has a message from Bowletta, sent via a GBA system... says to bring he the four pieces of the Beanstar in exchange for the Princess.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot

Prince Peasley learned where all 4 of the pieces are, and marks them on the map.
1 is in Teehee Valley
1 is near Stardust Fields
1 is in Chucklehuck Woods
1 is near the airport, I think at that area I couldn't get to from earlier, with the fashion designer.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga screenshot

Prince Peasley is like "I will bet 99,999,999,999,999 Mushroom coins that it will be me!"
That's like, what, 100 Beanbean coins?

Toadsworth suggests going to Teehee Valley first.
I must say, my senses have been referred to as "strangely keen"
I guess this is the part where the game opens up and you can go almost anywhere.

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