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Friday, October 31, 2014

Wario Land 3 - high replay log

Wario Land 3 screenshot

high session 1: 9/23/2014

Wario finds a music box, and gets transported inside it. The god that protects this world tells him about a wicked being that sealed away his power, and took control. Wario needs to find the 5 music boxes needed to break the seal, only then can he be sent back to his own world.

Graphics are mostly the same as 2...
Controls are almost exactly the same, but at the start you can't ground pound, can't pick up enemies, can't swim (only float), can't high-jump or bounce high off enemies... probably new abilities later on.
Enemies look different now... Captain Syrup's crew is no longer part of the story.
Taking damage doesn't make you lose coins... instead there's a lot of knockback and stun time... now coins aren't as plentiful and you don't get coins from the respawning enemies.
Looks like each level has 4 keys unlocking the grey/red/green/blue treasures, and 8 music coins...

Getting a treasure ends the level, looks like I can only get the grey treasure and 2 music coins at N1 right now.

Also it changes from night to day each time you go back to the world map... stages are different depending on the time...
N2 has zombies at night, and the normal enemies are asleep and wake up when you get near them... at day it has donut throwing enemies.

N3's grey treasure was the last piece needed to open the door to the Western part of the world

W1 Desert Ruins - at night, the path to the red chest is open, in the day, you can get to the grey chest...
yeah, coins are MUCH more sparse now... I'm actually destroying any block I can find hoping for grey coins.

high session 2: 9/28/2014

wow... I just found out if you are close to a key, then breaking blocks will make random colored coins appear in the color of the key you are close to, as a hint. that's clever!

Also there are certain blocks that are only removed after you complete the golf minigame of that level... coins are required to play golf. That's pretty much the only reason for collecting coins.

got the ground pound ability from W2 The Volcano's Base... these levels are really starting to open up more now. You can actually get lost on your way to finding the grey treasure.
W3 The Pool of Rain and W4 A Town in Chaos - found the two gear treasures, which opened up the path to the South section

S1 The Grasslands - wow this level is annoying... unseeable pits leading you into a water section where you have to backtrack... found a music scroll that lowered the bridge, leading to
S2 The Big Bridge - very quick grey treasure, just gotta get passed the jumping fish - found a beanstalk seed... that affects 3 different levels I've been to already.

Some of the changes lead to red or green treasures, others just lead to music coins. It's literally pointless to worry about collecting the music coins at this point, because you have to collect all 8 in a single playthrough of a level to get perfect on it. That's gonna be like, an extra post-game challenge after I've collected every treasure.

N3 Vast Plain - found a path to a green treasure... past a platforming section with a moon that shoots stars at you, and another golf door.

no idea where to go now... temple guide time... wait so apparently there IS something. ah.. an emu glitch prevented me from climbing all the way up the vine... it could be solved easily just by manual saving and continuing from title screen.

2 skull ring treasures opened up
S3 Tower of Revival - fire run and easy puzzle... got the flippers omg yes finally!

high session 3: 10/03/2014

Used the new swimming ability, and gained access to
E1 - The Stagnant Swamp - easy grey treasure, got a flute which makes snakes appear in a few earlier levels
- got those 3 treasures... a book and a scepter allow me to freeze the ocean, opening up
E2 - The Frigid Sea - just avoid some ice bears... get spike helmet powerup
W4 and W1 sparkled...
- had to use a guide for W1 green chest... didn't think of there being fake blocks that can only be destroyed as silk ball
- I keep getting these different colored crayons as treasures... each one draws something at the cave between N and W
W4 - got lost in the building door maze... Bunny basketball player is now a soccer player.. really frustrating boss
new music item opens up N4 and N5

- Another magic book and a trident open up
S4 The Steep Canyon - Finally got the gloves to pick up enemies with... N5, E2, and S2 sparkled
played those levels and a couple others, and opened up W6 and E4

- I have to say, this game is MUCH less tedious than WL2. Coins are not much of an issue, and you only have to focus on getting one treasure at a time in each level, and instead of having to thoroughly explore each level one by one, you explore just a little bit of each level at a time.

high session 4: 10/20/2014

W6 - The West Crater has a bunch of breakable tunnels, and fire, silk, spring, etc based puzzles
E4 The Colossal whole... omg huge vertical level, you need to get stung and float up into all the side tunnels... very annoying to explore.
- that last treasure opened a door on
S3 - got powered up tackle

- N4, E4, ?6 all have solid blocks I can now break (still can't break them with ground pound though)

N6 - Sea Turtle Rock, didn't even come here yet... maze of breakable tunnels below the beginning surface... kept finding dead ends with music coins... finally, blue water with a door... leads to grey chest after squid boss battle... key through a breakable tunnel right near that door
- music box broke a hole in the south side of the volcano, opened up
S5 - Cave of Flames.. vertical-ish cave with a bunch of breakable tunnels and fire puzzles and... portals?

- got ice scepter, did something on N2, E2, and N6
so much stuff is opened up now... choices... I'm just hoping I happen to choose the levels that have more powerups
- I think the powered up tackle is opening up a lot more hidden tunnels than before, that's why I keep running into music coins a lot... the path to the next treasure isn't quite as straightforward anymore at this point.

N4's red treasure, deceptively linear... one-way river stream below opposite one-way dry land... 4 breakable tunnels along the way, last and first are red key and treasure...

- got magnifying glass, and just noticed the "B" menu on overworld that shows the trident, magnifying glass, and 2 unopened treasure icons and a star icon... dunno what that's about
OH I see... it shows the treasures remaining on the stage you are currently at on the map... star is probably "got all music coins"

N2... wow, gotta tackle and stomp through breakable walls all over the night-only area to get the find the green key

N6... ice scepter turned the black water to blue, so now I can see the doors inside these parts
N6... golf minigame and red key/chest at bottom left blue water door

43/100 treasures
-to recap, still need to do ice scepter thing E2, and new breakable walls on E4, and ?6 (not N6)

oh I get it... the scepter thing made the black water turn blue, allowing you to see the doorways inside that water.

found a new treasure on S2..
E2 - got a lantern, which made E3 - Castle of Illusion appear
E4 apparently can get the red treasure here, but it's very annoying to find
- then a pump made an elevator float up through the water in N4 and W3

high session 5: 10/25/2014

oh I get it... the scepter thing made the black water turn blue, allowing you to see the doorways inside that water.

found a new treasure on S2..
E2 - got a lantern, which made E3 - Castle of Illusion appear
E4 apparently can get the red treasure here, but it's very annoying to find
- then a pump made an elevator float up through the water in N4 and W3

E3 - Castle of Illusion's grey chest had a stomp powerup. That opened up things in N6, W6, W1, N2

After Spear Bee boss in W1 Desert Ruins... Sun fragments put together... made the owl come down in E4, E3, and E2...

E4 Colossal Hole green chest - owl part, leads to High Jump boots. Opens up things in S1, E1, S5

E1 - Skeleton Pirate boss, green chest has music box opening whirlpool and
W5 - Beneath the Waves - grey key and chest would've been impossible without high jump... find a bomb that blows something up at S5, E1, and E4...
- oh awesome, now those floors with bombs between them are gone.
E1 - tree digging/floating room
E4 - just a tricky snake high jump room for the train treasure
S5 - red treasure - had to high jump, get flattened, encounter a new spikey enemy that becomes a platform when I stomp... then donut blocks
S5 Cave of Flames again... a really hard fire block timing puzzle... bridge with jumping fish AND ice bears, which I need to get across while invisible... finally roll-jumping over lava...

- found a bag of something... the tornado-looking thing went inside it... opened something at N1, the very first level

N1 Out of the Woods - I've noticed this level is very WL1-esque... just straight paths, with optional paths of breakable blocks for music coins/treasure... optional hidden caves, etc... instead of all that exploration being necessary like it is now in this game...
- green chest here... it was kinda hard to find, like the chests in WL1... had flipper powerup

can now fight water currents
- N4, S4, W5 all have new stuff... that'll be next time

high session 6: 10/31/2014

S3 and N5 have new climbing gates now, after going through an annoying climbing section and beating the water current fish in N4.

Then activated a wind current in W4 from N5... the most annoying climbing section yet.

S4 has the most annoying owl section yet... for a phone
Found a map in S3, and that opened up
E6 - The East Crater
got the last powerup of the game... super power glove, can finally throw heavy enemies and solve stuff in W4, E3

- green chest in E3, got gold dust sprinkled on tree in N1
- red chest in E3 is hidden behind a foreground pillar. got torch, did something in N2 Peaceful Village, as well as opened up E7 - Forest of Fear

just gotta check out N1 again, then E7
it's getting to the point in difficulty now that I don't want to spend more of my high time searching for more treasures...

- after a tricky bird hopping/dodging tree climb, got stuck at the spider boss on N1... didn't know that the web he drops eventually turns into balls you can pick up and throw.
music box opened up something at The Temple...

E7's grey treasure was just a simple climbing section with birds..
found a mirror, opened up
E5 - The Warped Void - weird bubble maze with yellow portals... found the grey key and chest entirely on accident. got a wheel... opened up a pipe in E7
- red and green chests in E7 were easy... just had to go down a pipe and use bounce for red, and fly around with the bat and avoid garlic and bats for the green key...
- a remote with a switch, turned off yellow trap portals in E5...
- a yellow portal falling section for E5 red chest.. another crayon
- E5 green chest had red liquid, made zombies appear in E7... a double-zombie platforming section there for the 2nd key.. made a small enemy appear in E5
- finally, a very confusing section in E5 involving a kind of circular door/platforming maze, and flatten/fat stuff

80/100 treasures
The Temple - A hidden figure: "Wonderful work, Wario!! Now, replenish my power!"
5 music boxes play at once... the hidden figure is revealed as a giant clown... the last boss.
"Finally I am myself again! Now I can rule this world and the outer one as well!! I need you no longer, Wario! I shall crush you like a bug!
stomp on his hand, throw it at his face, do that 3 times, done. he has a one attack that can kill you (yes, the one part in this game where you can actually die).. if you crushed between his two hands you get game over and have to watch the cutscene again to retry... beat it 2nd try easily.

All the enemies turn into people...
Old Man: "Thank you very much!! Long ago, this was a peaceful world. But that meddlesome being appeared and tried to take control. We managed to seal away his power in the 5 music boxes, but he used the last of his power to change us into strange beings. Fearing his return, we tried to stop you, but we never thought you would defeat him! Thank you very much. So, we give you all the treasure you have collected so far. Now then, let me send you back to your own world."

post-game 100% cleanup

yep, the post-game part of this is way too tedious/annoying to play while high. just finding out where to go is a chore unless you follow a guide.

unlocked what I think is the last unlockable level, S6 - Above the Clouds
cleared the flames on W6 and E6...

W6, S4, S5 all have a barrier gone now, after getting the spray can from E3's blue treasure..
then the blue treasure from S5 was a pair of scissors, made the balloon go up in the air in S6..
a drill destroyed the floor blocking the wind in E6..
got binoculars... a door appeared in N6
found a gong... it somehow made the sun appear in S6...
pickaxe opened a portal on E6...

and now I have no leads left for the last 5 treasures...

this game is SO tedious near the end... to do this without a guide you'd need to be really diligent with taking notes... even moreso than I was already.

Completed the game a few weeks later... The music coins/time attack quest was kinda hard, but enjoyable in small doses.. mostly played it while watching shows. It basically involves redoing every part of every level, recollecting all 4 keys and finding all 8 music coins in one go. but some of the coins were stupidly hidden, I had to check a guide for the odd 8th music coin every now and then...

The reward for super-clearing every stage... you unlock the 4th course of the golf minigame. I tried all of the golf courses, and now the game is 100% done.

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