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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon (N64) high playthrough log part 2/3

After beating Benkei, he gives you a dead Sasuke with no batteries... The door behind Benkei leads to [Yamato], a large open area with no enemies and one of my favorite music tracks in the game:
For how big this area is, there's very little going on here. There's a tall house in the middle that you can't go in yet, an underwater tunnel that you can't go in yet, and 2 split paths leading into the forest. One of the paths leads to "Turtle Stone - Bamboo Forest", with a weird four directional rock puzzle. Pushing the rock in each of the 4 directions yields: money, a fortune doll, the key to the tall shrine in Yamato (which is a large platforming area with a couple fortune dolls in it), and a warp that leads to a tiny island out in the ocean with a fortune doll on it...

The other path in Yamato leads through the Bamboo Forest to [Kii - Awaji Island], which has another teahouse, and a travel agency that takes you to the next town by flying dragon. But the flying dragon has another of those Peach Mountain guys ontop of its head controlling it.. Beating that boss, the dragon transforms to her human form and introduces herself as Koryuuta. She says that the hot springs are where she took the children to when she was being controlled, and gives you a flute so you can call her any time to travel to any town or teahouse.

The place that you landed off the dragon is [Kompira Mountain], a huge stairway with a teahouse on the way up, and a shrine at the top.
- some guy: "I've got a really gloomy past, you see. Drifting for years, I've finally come to this place, you see.
Does that make me a nihilist?"

If you donate money into the shrine, the God of Money talks to you and gives Goemon the flaming ryo attack.. I'm pretty sure this "God of Money" thing was another localization joke.

Back at the bottom of Kompira mountain is [Awa / Folkypoke Village]. All the villagers here are also talking about the kids that have been kidnapped, and some of them are telling you that you won't be able to save the children unless you visit the God of Money first.

- some dog that gives you a very specific hint: "The secret device is activated by lighting the torch of the red Dharma, arf...
Why am I saying something that sounds important, arf...?"

Next is [Tosa], the path leading to the hot spring at.. just some very simple platforming here, but there's one annoying part where you have to cross a bridge that has weak parts that fall if you walk to fast across them. Falling only lands you in the water and wastes time getting back up.. but the enemies here are formidable enough that you might actually die if you screw up too much.

[Iyo] is where the hot springs are, but the door is locked for some reason. The people at the teahouse here will tell you about the tiny hole that a dwarf could fit through to get to the hot springs, and that there's a dwarf in Zazen Town. Some of the people in Zazen town also now give you hints about where this dwarf is. It's the same guy who gave you the log to beat Benkei. He leads you to the golden temple's sweets cupboard, where you you have to play a minigame stealing sweets as mini-Ebisu without getting caught, and then you get the mini-Ebisu ability, and can now enter the hot springs. This leads to the Ghost Toys Castle.

This level is very straightforward.. some rooms have 3 doors but usually only the one you need to go in is unlocked. The platforming here is kind of tricky, and if you fall you land in poison water and sometimes it's a pain to get back out. You get Ebisumaru's windup camera here, which is useless as an attack but is necessary for certain "puzzles". There's also a weird billiards room where you gotta hit the billiard balls in the right order. The balls hurt you, but if you have spare ryo you can easily just hit them all from a safe distance. The boss here is a giant Dharma doll, you have to take a picture of him with the camera before you can start attacking him, which is kind of pointless and adds nothing except an excuse to use the camera. Just like the first boss, this boss can be trivialized by just running in circles around him and attacking when he's vulnerable.

After beating the boss, you get the [Miracle Flower], and then one of the main enemies shows himself in a hologram, one of the most hilarious scenes in the game...

"I'm the leader of the Peach Mountain Shoguns!
In the fresh spring breeze, sha, la, la, I come alive! La, la...
These beautiful visions appear before my eyes, la, la...
Yes! I am... the one they call...
Spring Breeze Dancin'!"

Goemon: "What do you have up your sleeves?!
Dancin: "Up my sleeves? You mean... like my armpits?" (laughtrack)
Ebisumaru: "Ebisumaru: We're not talking about that kinda sleeve..."
Dancin: "Pretty sharp, Antonio, you caught on to my joke!"
Ebisumaru: "Antonio? Who's Antonio?"
Colon: "Sir Dancin' will choose a name for you himself if he feels it suits the person."
Yae: "You can't just..." (laughtrack)

Dancin: "Bye for now, Fernandez! We shall meet again!"
Goemon: "Wait a minute... who's Fernandez?" (laughtrack)
Ebisumaru: "He was looking at you when he said it..." (laughtrack)
Colon: "Remember! I will not let you get in the way of... Our Great Stage Plan!"
Goemon: "What's a Gorilla Steak Plan?"
Colon: "That's not what I said! It's the Great Stage Plan! Anyway! Don't come to the Chugoku Region no matter what!" (laughtrack)
Ebisumaru: "Oh no! He's getting away again by spinning himself!"

... what else needs to be said? This localization is really quite hilarious when it needs to be.

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