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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Chameleon Twist (N64) high playthrough log

Chameleon Twist screenshot Chameleon Twist screenshot Chameleon Twist screenshot

the high scores on the practice mode are insane wtf... was this my old save file from when I played 11 years ago?
stage 1, beat it in 13 minutes with 22/25 crowns... I was pretty sure I got every crown but I guess I missed some secrets...
kinda hard to get used to the terrible depth perception in this game, especially when doing the tongue rotation move to get to tricky platforms... but no sweat so far.
I have the Nintendo Power guide for this game open, but haven't been using it other than just getting a quick preview of the first level...

level 2, ant land, that's where I started having some trouble... those infinite respawning enemies are such a nuisance.. and there's this one really hard crown to get near the end where it seems like the only way to make the jump is to pole vault from a weird angle... I've gotten game over so many times now trying to get this (and luckily there is no punishment for a gameover other time/points)... oh, but then I found out you can very easily just normal jump there... lmao.. actually I guess that's how you're supposed to avoid the onslaught of ants here... managed to get 25/25 crowns there, and 22 minutes (ranked 5th)... that queen ant boss was easy up until the last phase... her spinning around was so easy to avoid it was laughable, but in the last phase she summons so many ants that it's really hard to get a clear path to trip her with the tongue rotation.

stage 3, bomb land... the most annoying stage by far... all those rocket enemies you have to jump and eat in midair... aiming for them is really hard... and you need them to blow up rocks and other enemies... they instantly respawn, usually quickly enough to get in your way... the puzzles themselves are kinda good but the mechanics of the game aren't. only got 18/21 crowns and beat it in 15 minutes. that giant worm boss that poops out bombs was the hardest boss yet, but still managed to beat it on the first try.

this 4 stage, desert castle, is the hardest yet... just a guantlet of tricky platforming in a straight line (but with a lot of verticality compared to recent levels)... and there's some quicksand slide parts where the only way to move is by grabbing onto posts.. missed a crown here. and this one crown I have no idea how to get... also there's a really werd flyng carpet platformng part wth no tonge acton... managed to get 22/24 crowns, still better than stages 1 and 3...

stage 5, kids land, is definitely a lot more fun than the previous 2 stages, while also still being pretty tough... some really tricky rotating challenges here where you have to land on moving platforms... the puzzle parts are pretty good... the enemies aren't even annoying in this one. managed to get 22/23 crowns, took me about 40 minutes to beat (that was including the time I was eating ice cream while idling in the first room of the level)... that cake boss was unironically... cake.

stage 6, the last level... Ghost Castle. This place is actually open ended for once... multiple directions to go in that eventually loop around and join up.. saw in the NP guide that the room at the beginning requires 50 crowns to get inside (I got way more than enough), and you can play pool with your tongue... it's kinda like the mystical ninja pool table. This level actually isn't that hard compared to 4, 5, maybe even 3... there's some tough enemies here that can almost get you killed, and a lot of small platforms that are easy to fall off of, but I guess I'm just much better at the game now cuz I wasn't having as much trouble as the platforming in stage 4. also I managed to get all 23 crowns in this, including a couple that were super hard and I was almost convinced I couldn't get.. but then the NP page gave me the hint about pulling back on the control stick to extend your pole vault bend and get a higher jump.

that final boss was pretty fun.. I like how you can't kill it unless you swallow a ton of its shots and then machine gun them ALL back at him at once.

ended the game with 132 crowns, in 2 hours and 20 minutes total...

btw the story for this game is kinda cute... a pink chameleon (one of the characters you could choose) follows a white rabbit into a magic vase, and turns into this humanoid form... the white rabbit is at the beginning of the training modes and the beginning of each stage, challenging you to complete the stages... then at the end the chameleon leaves and the rabbit says goodbye and to visit again some time.

100% cleanup log - 8/24/2016

I noticed a couple of crowns I was missing behind the waterfall in Jungle Land, but I still only have 24/25 crowns there...

managed to get 25/25 crown in Ant Land without a guide.. btw that ant boss is the hardest boss in the game.

wtf, how did I only get 19/21 crowns in Bomb Land, I looked LITERALLY everywhere... oh fuck, I think it was 2 crowns right to the left side of the 2nd room in the level that I missed, because the camera never went over there and I just assumed there was nothing there I guess...

Desert Castle was surprisingly easy to get 24/24 crowns on... the hardest was that one missable crown on the quicksand slide but I remembered where it was from the speedrun video and managed to get it... also even got a 2nd place time.

Missing 2 crowns in Kids Land.. no idea where... okay was hiding behind a pile of graham crackers where it's entirely hidden by the camera, and another is in an entirely hidden corner that you gotta get to with an entirely hidden pole. Got 23/23 crowns and 1st ranked time, and no game over surprisingly.

Ghost Castle was no problem because I already got 23/23 crowns there on my high playthrough.. although this time I didn't get any game overs from the boss.
141 crowns, in 1 hour and 19 minutes...

I already got quite a few 1st rank times, but I want to quickly try a best time on all the training rooms and every level while skipping the crowns.

I actually got a worse time in Ant Land than I did in Kids Land, because of that ant boss... Kids Land I did okay at, only had to retry that last really hard moving platform room a couple times. and I actually managed to do the skip on the target wafer.

Jungle Land and Ghost Castle I pretty much did perfectly. Ant Land and Bomb Land could definitely be improved, Desert Castle and Kids Land could be improved but I'm pretty satisfied with... got my total time down to 37 minutes...

some of those training rooms though... I have no idea how I managed to get those times back then.

I did a lot better on the ant boss at the boss rush level.. but it turns out you can't actually beat that level and see your time on it, you can only replay bosses again and again..

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