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Sunday, January 1, 2017

EarthBound high playthrough log part 3

Reading the recap of part 2 now... the guide describes the happy happism people as "Pokey's friends"

The guide also mentions the egg->chicken money making strategy I learned. and it suggests doing the 2nd melody after rescuing Paula, like I thought...
Stopped reading after the page that tells you how to get to Threed.

- Threed part 1 -

Someone at the hotel warns you about the monsters outside... it's especially dangerous at the graveyard.
Someone outside the hotel:
There's a rumor that there is an underground path at the edge of the graveyard that takes you somewhere. When you get through the path, you'll meet a dirty, stinky, ugly powerful monster.
Everyone is hiding out here at the center of town.. near the circus tent that is the HQ of zombie relief corps.
lol this guy in this one house... a double agent for the zombies, gives lore/spoilers on this zombie creator named Belch, who is a follower of Giygas, who "is female, I think."

Hmm, exploring the town is the obvious next priority here... I checked out a bit of the south graveyard, fought some zombies, found a photo...
Then went around the upper right gated graveyard and found a hint house... and a teddy bear in a trashcan... score!
The hospital has a sign saying the cure to being bitten by a zombie is to bite back... but this theory hasn't been tested.

Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot

lmao I love this dialog this game is amazing

This is cool as FUCK
The town seems suspiciously peaceful at first, despite all the people saying they are only staying at the center of town because zombies are taking over the city...
at first as I'm exploring the town, I only find mostly nice npcs and a few weak zombies here and there...
But then, after I visited the gated graveyard... that I was told to stay away from...
The town started getting much more populated with zombie enemies, and they seemed tougher than before... and I'm not sure but I think some of the NPCs that were once there are not there anymore... wtf it's like the town is being zombified
omg I think I heard ambulence sirens interjected into the music at the exact point in a battle where Paula fainted... I'm high as fuck and this made me freak out
Then you return to go to the hospital, and in a place where I was sure there was only friendly npcs when I visited it just a bit earlier... instead I get attacked by a couple of really strong zombies on the way to the hospital to revive Paula... they weren't there before were they?
It really, truly feels like this town is under a zombie invasion... this is getting creepier by the minute.

That's it I'm using hint guy...
There's a tunnel northwest of town the zombies guarding it are actually pretty nice guys.
Nobody says this in the game, but it feels like using Paula's pray command on these zombie fights always makes everyone involved feel strange...

I'm starting to wonder if maybe entering that upper right gated graveyard with the do not enter sign is a good idea or not, hint guy says to go to the north left graveyard tunnel...

Oh man wtf... this one npc near the hotel is now saying something different in red text..

Earthbound screenshot

Also the hotel newspaper is creepy as fuc

Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot

I think there's this whole symbolism you're supposed to figure out...
That praying with paula causes her to turn into a ghost/zombie that has the effect of increasing the amount of challenging zombie fights you have to face as you explore town.
As long as you have paula, and you don't visit the graveyard, you're in the peaceful version of town.
That's some genius game design... (edit: or I was just really high and overthinking it)

Oh man, wish I cought a screenshot of when I first saw a ghost past appear in the gated north left graveyard before even entering it this time... that freaked me out the first time I saw it.
This whole town is freaking me out...

Earthbound screenshot

Oh and btw... desert seems like a crazy idea right now... if the freaking town area is this hard I probably have no chance of getting the next melody yet..

Oh man... then when you go deeper into the graveyard, and see the two "friendly zombies" the hint guy was talking about... and I made it there at full health, with Paula still alive, it feels way less scare than when it's just Ness alone..

Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot

He stares into your soul
He looks you over
He stares into your soul
He looks you over


Threed seems different now after coming back from that... event in the north west graveyard path.

This is like... I don't even know how many times to the hospital this was exploring this town... it just...
It really does seem like the zombie enemies exponentially increase in difficulty and numbers the longer you spend in town (and especially the graveyard)...

I just noticed how the sign that used to say "Threed" now says "Welcome to the circus"... I'm scared... at this point I'm having conspiracy theory thoughts about the circus, like maybe they are the ones behind the zombie invasion, trying get all the normal people into the circus so they can turn them into zombies...

Then I just noticed the prostitute in front of the hotel... she definitely wasn't there before..

Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot

Oh... this is that the strange woman that that one friendly npc outside the hotel from before was talking about
This music inside the hotel right now is insanely creepy... like what even..

Earthbound screenshot


Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot

Think going after that strange woman in the hotel without Paula alive would've lead to a gameover... its her powers that help you contact a friend you haven't yet met, Paula's prayers getting through to Jeff, in Winters... without her there Ness would be fucked...

- Winters -

Jeff is only at level one... and now you can only use him... you have some good items in stock at least... and it seems that those useless math items I got from the hippies are actually useful to Jeff.

Earthbound screenshot

That whole Threed section was so creepy... the NPCs gradually got more and more useless and panic-driven/zombified... and in contrast to that, this peaceful Jeff gameplay is like I'm back in the early part of the game again..

Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot

Some people talking about a creature named Tessie... and Cave Boys at Stonehenge... an entrance leading to someplace at the center of Stonehenge...
ultra science club leader... oh cool this guy acts as Jeff's dad..

It seems before you can get to even leave this peaceful school area you need to do some chores/homework for the school... then when you go back outside, the kid who's with you will help you jump the gate..

Earthbound screenshot

Couldn't afford anything at the drug store, and can't use atm machines... but can buy a pack of bubble gum that also comes with a free monkey..

Earthbound screenshot

Finally you get back into the meat of the game... Jeff's Spy ability that sees enemy info... this monkey steals the bubble gum from you whenever you try to use it... then he gives the stick back...
Oh man it's really cute how the monkey lets you go ahead of him and waits hides behind a bit until you confirm that it's safe...

Also Jeff doesn't have a town map... all you know at this point (and all you really can do) is head south... other non-south paths are just distractions.
a few minutes in, it seems like you can't go any further south... but if you try walking through some of the trees...

As you go further into the woods.. you emerge on a beach... there some camping kids provide story and free food... when you eat here though, you get another message from Paula, telling you to find a way south across the lake...
Oh shit, Jeff's fix ability... so THAT's how it works... he fixes things when you sleep at hotels/etc...

And then... I was tempted to backtrack a bit and see if I hadn't cleared out all the things to find to the north/sides of the camp ground.. but now the lake is windy and Tessy has showed up...

Found a photo spot... lol Ness is the only character that actually says fuzzy pickles and poses I think.

Then... Jeff suddenly gets a phonecall from someone... Ness's dad, asking me if I want to take a break..

Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot

Also yeah I get it now... monkey takes your bubble gum because he can use it as a weapon and help you out while hiding far away near trees... it's just his shots don't do much damage... I really like the tone of the story here... it's like you actually feel time pressure on Jeff (although it's probably not in the game itself a time pressure), where Tessie gives him and the monkey the only opportunity they'll have of going further south to help his friend...

lol these "worthless protoplasm" enemies are like a free EXP farm... their attacks are hilariously weak and innaccurate, and they keep replicating themselves...
It's not that easy though... like all these broken items I keep finding that I can't use to help me until I get to another rest point...
At the end of this maze cave with still pretty easy enemies mostly... except for the mice... you get a stronger gun and a phone..

Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot

This dungeon designer guy has some funky mustache

With this stun gun I can now autokill mice..
This mushroom cave maze though... omg I am totally lost and loving this... omg I just found a melody boss icon..

Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot

Yeah i'm gonna skip past that boss right now, and just exit the cave and focus on finding Ness/Paula first..

Earthbound screenshot

Went outside to Stonehenge, and my monkey friend found a female monkey friend and ran off...
And some cavemen... lurking toward me like an enemy..

Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot

Could explore this stonehenge area more, but it took me a whole bottle rocket and some attacking to fight these cavement, who are a bit strong when they actually land an attack... fighting more of these now, with Jeff's reliance on inventory and no guarantee of gaining more items for exploring, seems like as bad of an idea as fighting that boss as solo Jeff...

Instead I'll go through the underground entrance at the center of stonehenge... through a weird glowy cave,.. damn it's blocked off by a large erase

Earthbound screenshot

A bit further south, Jeff finds... a lab.. probably an excellent item gathering opportunity in any case, so I'll check it out..

Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot

Actually no, it's where Jeff's dad works... he hasn't seen his dad in 10 years? how old is Jeff again?

Dr. Andonuts lets Jeff use the new UFO device he's been working on... and it autopilots you across the ocean, across the big desert west of Threed, and then circles around Threed for a bit, looking lost, until the sensors find the spot where Ness and Paula are hidden and it crashes in the ground to bust them out.

Earthbound screenshot

Finally, Ness at level 24, Paula at level 11, and Jeff at level 12... it's go time for that melody boss... Jeff used the bad key machine to bust them out through the glowy grave tunnel...

- Threed part 2 -

The difference in your strength between now and when you were just solo Jeff is very noticeable... mice are now friendly npcs instead of enemies...

Also Threed isn't quite as scary anymore now that you have 3 party members.

I can't quite get back to the stonehenge cave where that melody boss is for now... but I can go and check out that new tent that appeared at the southern part of threed... this tent is actually an enemy wtf

Earthbound screenshot

It has an attack that can paralyze... if Jeff gets paralyzed he can't do anything, but if Ness or Paula get paralized they can still use PSI.

This was the first boss battle where the other characters actually proved more useful than Ness for once. the PSI kids used shield, and Jeff used Spy to learn that its weak to fire... then Ness focused on status effects/backup hits, Paula wailed on him every turn with PSI Fire.

The tent disappears, and I see the creepy zombie npcs running away from a trash can they were gathered around... some kind of honey...
There's a lot of interesting new dialog here in Threed once you come back with Jeff.

Earthbound screenshot

The zombies are still around... only thing I can think of doing now is trying to head further into that upper left graveyard again, where those 2 zombies might've ran back to... but then suddenly I get a call from apple kid, telling me he's invented a new zombie-fighting paper...

Thought for a while I might've had to wait for a bus to go back to Twoson? but no I just stayed at the hotel, and a pizza guy came and delivered Apple Kid's zombie paper to me... the circus people use the zombie paper to lure and trap all the zombies, like mosquito.

Earthbound screenshot

- Saturn Valley -

Finally got through that long graveyard cave... now out on some northern coast... some item salesman talks about the hidden Saturn Village that's nearby...
Jeff was already out by now... then Paula got killed by a zombie shortly after... and then ness died to a zombie and a frog...

Tried again, and Paula died again but I managed to make it through to Saturn Village with just Ness and Paula, and healed everyone.
The Saturn people give you a lot of good hints.. they're just kinda hard to interpret...

Then I continued further up on the oceanside cliff, through to the waterfall cave that the saturn people told me the password to... and then through a lab maze with slime enemies, and the boss slime enemy Blelch at the end, who is easy when you use the jar of stinky honey on him..

Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot

The Saturn people who were held hostage at this lab, forced to make zombie formula, are now free and are hanging out at upper Saturn Village, which this waterfall cave eventually exits to.

The saturn guy next to the hot spring offers you a coffee, and when you accept it you get treated to this weird trippy/lengthy text based plot exposition..

Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot

...And then you can head up through a cave north of Saturn Village, or head back to Threed and head to the desert towards Fourside, which the coffee segment told you is your next destination... stopping here for now.

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