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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

EarthBound high playthrough log part 4

Oh... so Jeff starts fixing things at each rest stop once he gets to 10 IQ. I guess he'll be able to fix more things as his IQ level gets higher. So far I haven't found anything else in this section of the guide that I didn't already know about from my playthrough, I was very thorough...

The Saturn Valley part of the guide also blends into the desert section, which I haven't done yet... but before that there's also the Milky Well part that I haven't done yet... I stopped right before that part.

NESS is at level 29, Paula is at level 23, Jeff is at level 24.

Wow, I'm actually really under-leveled for this Milky Cave area... I keep having to go back to heal at the hot springs again right after fighting that first set of enemies in the cave. it doesn't help that I can't revive my PSI without a butterfly... er, actually I can heal PP easily by staying at the hotel at Saturn Village, duh

The 3rd melody boss is the Trillionage Sprout. This boss battle is interesting. Jeff says it's weak to fire.. and since Ness is feeling strange, I'm only having him defend and heal (so as not to accidentally hit my own team with him), while Paula uses her PSI Magnet to gain PP from the enemy and using that to shoot fire and shield everyone.. and Ness used the temp guts boost on Jeff so he could be more on the offense in place of Ness... at the beginning, I just used Ness to paralyze the two mini sprouts so they can't do anything but use PSI on us, and used PSI Shield Omega on everyone with Paula, and used Spy on the Trillionage Sprout with Jeff.. then I kept the two mini sprouts alive so I could drain their PP with PSI Magnet beta, and once they were paralyzed and out of PP they became useless/harmless plants. now I just have the boss himself to worry about... but Ness is running low on PP to heal with and sometimes even heals the enemy accidentally. oh, and Trillionage used PSI shield on himself before I got the chance to do any damage to him with fire... so now I'm just buffing Jeff and relying mainly on him.

Sheesh this is intense... you really gotta focus on strategy the whole way through...
Oh man it's getting close... Paula got diamondized before she could manage to fully drain the boss's PP.. and both Ness and Jeff are close to dying... I have to take risks with Ness now and use him to fight as well... just barely made it

Earthbound screenshot

Ness's sound stone recorded the melody of the Milky Well

Saturn Valley's stink problem is now fixed... some of the Saturns have different dialog now.
"i HaVE nO SOmEtHinG."
"YOU wait tHREE minUtES! ZOOm! YOU COmE HERE tO wait tHREE minUtES? nO?"
"nO SCaRED."

All the enemies in that spooky cave between Threed and the waterfall area are gone now.
The Zombie Relief Corps people are now hanging out by the entrance to that cave. Threed has peaceful music now.. and the ghosts in the tunnel are gone now too and busses can take you back and forth between Twoson and Threed

Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot

Hint guy:
In the middle of Dusty Dunes Desert, there is someone who's starving.
A threed npc says someone is looking for buried treasure in the desert

Guy in the tent:
It's like you used a bunch of Peace Paper
Someone at the hotel talks about a girl from fourside who told him about a band that's playing there now...

Woah... and I think I just saw the runaway 5's bus going towards fourside just before I came in here...

The 2 bus stops are just outside the hotel on opposite sides of the road
Next, you must pass through a vast desert and proceed to the city of Fourside...
Obviously I know where to go next...

- Dusty Dunes Desert part 1 -

Decided to walk to Fourside instead of taking the bus... the first thing I see in the desert is a big sign that says "DRUGS"

Earthbound screenshot

It's like this game knows me... lol actually it's the sign for the desert drug store.
everyone starts sweating whenever I go off the road and walk on the sand... Your party members eventually get heatstroke status if you walk on the sand too much, and you need wet towels from the drug store to cure it.

Further down the road, you see that traffic is blocked.. so it turns out I couldn't have taken the bus to Fourside yet anyway.

Earthbound screenshot

Holy shit this area is huge... dunno what this monkey paradise hole is about... wandered around randomly and found a contact lens, desert sunbathers, and a couple of talking sesame seed

Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot

wtf... so many tiny things you could easily miss in this huge desert... I'm pretty sure the contact lens is actually important too

Earthbound screenshot

This dude really likes his hole... There's nothing in this hole yet. he says he'll give me whatever he finds in there.

lmao holy shit there's a mexican slot machine game you can play in the middle of the desert highway... but if you play there with a heatstroke you could die..

Earthbound screenshot

- Fourside part 1 -
Earthbound screenshot

Best music in the game... or at least tied with Winters theme. I'm going to really enjoy talking to every single character here while high for sure.

Some weirdo at the northwest side of fourside... going on about this monotoli conspiracy... oh, I bet Monotoli is the company behind those mexican slot machines...

Hint guy dead center of town... says something about the runaway five at topolla theatre...

A new singer called Venus competes with the Runaway 5... Okay since I know Topolla Theatre is probably the next place to go, now I can try and go everywhere else in Fourside first...

Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot

lmao this guy in the hotel...
If you meet a beautiful, seductive woman who's looking for me, tell her I said hi. Anyway, I don't think a woman like that would be looking for me...
Okay so from what I gather, Mr. Monotoli found gold in the desert, and became powerful enough to control the media/police/everything in fourside..

Dept Store is closed... I guess Monotoli is in there... I hear some weird music when I try to go in.

Monotoli has a tower with his name on it.. the police don't want you sneaking into it

Earthbound screenshot

Holy shit.. I found a sanctuary location just chilling at the upper east side of fourside... it's behind that giant dept store I can't get into... I'm not sure how to get there... the kid looking at it from the wall makes me laugh for some reaso

Earthbound screenshot

In the monotoli building.. The guards in here are actually working for Pokey

Earthbound screenshot Earthbound screenshot

This dude just keeps getting more and more powerful... it's like something happened to him when he encountered that meteor and now he's working for Giygas or something

At topolla theatre... the owner there says the runaway 5 owe her a million bucks... Can't do anything here except watch the runaway 5 perform... but I got enough hints now to know that you need to go back to the desert and find the gold to pay them out of their contract again..

- Dusty Dunes Desert part 2 -

The desert hole that guy was digging before now leads into a maze cave by now...

Oh man this maze is confusing... gotta find and defeat 5 big moles apparently

Had to go back to revive Jeff after that first mole boss.
Huh... oh yeah I almost forgot about the sign that said the contact lens owner was in the 2nd floor of the bakery... exchanged the contact lens for dirty socks.. never figured out what that was used for...
lmao every single one of these moles believes they are the 3rd strongest one.

Earthbound screenshot

These are pretty tough battles though... I'm needing to use the exit mouse and return to heal after every battle...
Finally done with the dunes cave... so annoying having to heal poison all the time... the hole digger gives me a diamond for defeating the moles.

- Fourside part 2 -

The diamond lets you pay off the Runaway Five's debt, again...
And now dept store which has been closed up until now is finally open... bought a ton of new equipment... no idea where to go now...
Talked to a mouse, says the lights will turn off in this store, and then they do... a monster runs past us and kidnaps Paula, then the intercom asks for Ness to go to the fourth floor...

Damn... the random enemies in this store got me game over on the first encounter.. Suddenly without Paula the game becomes really hard again.
got to the boss with level 40 Ness, couldn't beat him... stopping here for now.

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