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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Spirit Tracks high playthrough comments, part 1

This was my first playthrough of Spirit Tracks. I played through it mostly entirely while high and wrote some notes on it. I was surprised at how good this game was after Phantom Hourglass being a bit of a disappointment.

From wind conductor to train conductor... the next incarnation of Link is the hero of... trains!

This New Hyrule looks sweet, kinda gives me classic LttP vibes.
Princess Zelda calling Link up to her room... giggity

I noticed there's no moat at this new Hyrule Castle... I guess this continent is very dry...

The tower of the Spirit Tracks... an entrance to the Spirit Realm... this is interesting... it's like there's a world of darkness looming over Hyrule in the sky... the environment around this Spirit Tower area is incredibly powerful... reminds me of OoT kinda.

Niko is this Link's grandfather... so he's not blood related to WW Link, but instead is related to one of the pirate characters in WW... and Tetra is this Zelda's grandmother...

Zelda entered the Spirit Realm and became a ghost... she's now this game's navi. I'm okay with this...

Wow, I'm having a ton of fun with this game and I haven't even picked up a sword yet... o_O

Tears of Light... an element from Twilight Princess returns in this game... maybe the Spirit Realm and the Twilight Realm are the same thing?

Zelda enters the empty vessel of one of the phantom guards and takes control of its body... holy shit this is an amazing twist... even though it's on the cover art, this gameplay element still caught me by surprise. It's kind of like playing Four Swords on single player where you have to switch between each character, except here you only have 2 characters to switch between, and it's a lot less tedious, and also more fun since each character is unique.

A lot of people seem to not like the overworld train tracks gameplay, but I find it really fun. It's like a game of pac-man, avoiding the demon trains while trying to get to your destination on the maze of tracks...

Actually, a lot of the gameplay in the Spirit Tower is kinda like Pac-Man as well, since you have to run around through a maze while trying to avoid the invisible phantom enemies.

It's amazing how much better this game is than PH.

Part 2

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