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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Spirit Tracks high playthrough comments, part 3

Sand Temple... this is the most "Zelda 1" looking dungeon in the game yet so far. It's much more non-linear right from the beginning... I don't even know if I'm going the right way or not at first.

Pirate Stalfos! Sand Wand! epic...

Did the temple shift around after I got the sand wand? or am I just way too high?
These puzzles are really something... need to get sand onto the floor... took me a while to realize I could walk on those rolling spike things... sand boulder catapult thing...
oh cool, got a pirate necklace... the trading items from WW return in this..
wow, I like how this uses 3d height perspectives in a mostly 2d game..

This game has some messages on the wall with cryptic hints, similar to Link's awakening or the old man hints in Zelda 1... it doesn't spell it out for you at all.

and the puzzles involving marking stuff on the map with the touch screen, something that Phantom Hourglass did really well, are expanded upon further in this game too...

Making sand paths with the sand rod... This really feels like a classic LttP dungeon in a lot of ways... The dungeon design in this game is really good.

I was expecting a Twinmold-like boss fight but instead I got a giant pirate skeleton snake... that was an amazing boss battle.

The outside of the dungeon parts of this game are pretty fun too. The sidequests and minigames are really fun and remind me a lot of WW's side content.

The story starts to pick up a lot after that... Byrne helping us with info on Malladus... After a bunch of running around collecting Force Gems (a thing from FSA), got the Lokomo Sword... heading towards the final section of the Spirit Tower and the end game...

I got distracted here and had wrote down some big theory on how the story/legends change each game while still keeping similar elements such as the legendary sword and an evil king... It's like each of the 3 main characters (Zelda, Ganon, Link) have their own unique take on reality, and their imaginations affect the history and future of the world in some way, because of their connections to the Triforce and how the Triforce makes the desires of its owner into reality...

For example, this Spirit Tracks story is the result of Toon Link's imagination having an effect on the future events... Wind Waker and Twilight Princess were the result of Zelda's influence on the Triforce affecting reality... The classic 2D games are the result of Four Sword Link and LttP Link affecting reality... Zelda 1 is where Ganon influences reality... I wrote like 3 pages worth of reasoning and expanding upon this theory, but reading it again now it's kind of hard to follow and not very good...

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