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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Spirit Tracks high playthrough comments, part 4

Decided to go do more of the side content before finishing the game... there's actually a lot of cool stuff you could miss easily.

There's some mini dungeons including Disorientation Station, Ends of the Earth Station, Lost at Sea Temple... there's also a fun sidequest where you search for rabbits in the scenery while riding the train... most of the sidequests reward you with materials for train parts, and those can be used to make various different looking trains with different stats... I managed to get the gold train after beating all the sidequests and minidungeons, and doing some grinding to get some rare materials...

I really like how Zelda mostly just complements you on figuring things out, she doesn't point out where you need to go as much as Navi or other Zelda game companions do.

The top floors of the Spirit Tower is the coolest part of the game yet.. the atmosphere is insane, as you have to avoid phantoms and explore in pitch darkness... the Bow of Light can get through the darkness... and the compass of light leads to the demon train. All of the puzzles here require Link and Zelda to use teamwork in unique ways.

That whole final boss sequence was incredibly epic... chasing down the demon train, and then using both Link and Zelda to fight Malladus... and that Duet song... I was like in tears from this ending, the feels were just too powerful...

Part 3

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