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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Termina - The Realm of Time

Continuing off of my theory on the Sacred Realm being part of Hyrule, what does that mean for the parallel dimension of Termina that Link slips into in Majora's Mask?

First, some background info:

- Before Ocarina of Time, Hyrule was at war. The different religions factions and races of Hyrule were all fighting over control of the Sacred Realm. In the end, the fighting stopped and Hyrule became united as one country.

- The royal family of Hyrule, the waters of the Zora people, the shadows of the Sheikah village, the fires of the Death Mountain tribe, the protectors of the Forest, and the spirits of the Gerudo Desert then collaborated together to guard the Sacred Realm. The door of time was guarded by the 3 spiritual stones of different tribes and the Ocarina of Time. The Sacred Realm itself was guarded by 7 sages, who were eventually replaced by 1 member from each tribe.

- Rauru, the sage of Light, was the only sage who wasn't replaced. The origins of the original seven sages seem to be from the Sacred Realm itself, the "World of Light". They originally built the Temple of Light to guard the triforce. When Link awakes in the chamber of sages, only Rauru remains alive, the other original sages have been killed.

- The "World of Light" became sealed off from the rest of Hyrule when the Temple of Time was built to guard it, hence it became known as the "Sacred Realm".

- So Rauru, the sage of Light, is a member of the now-sealed world of light. The other 6 sages are each from different tribes with different elemental powers. The only one who's element is unknown, is the 7th sage, Zelda.

- The Ocarina of Time was the sacred item possessed by the royal family. For this reason, the royal family might be connected to the element of time like the Zoras are to water, Gorons to fire, etc... Therefore, the 7th sage is the sage of time.

What I think this means... is that the 7 different factions in OoT are all connected to different "realms" in the Zelda universe.

- Rauru's power is from the realm of light/Sacred Realm
- Saria's power comes from the realm of forest
- Darunia's power comes from the realm of fire
- Ruto's power comes from the realm of water (is this actually the Ocean Realm?)
- Impa's power comes from the realm of shadow (this might actually be the Twilight Realm)
- Nabooru's power comes from the realm of spirits.
- Zelda's power comes from the realm of time.

Spirit Tracks also supports this. The land in ST is divided up into different "Realms".

If the royal family is connected to the realm of time, and the Temple of Time is located near them, then maybe the realm of time is located near them as well?

The seal on the Temple of Time might have also had the effect of sealing up the "Realm of Time" into its own dimension. The land of Termina is certainly a different realm from the rest of the world. The people of Termina come together to celebrate the "Festival of Time" in Clock Town. They worship time itself, like the people of light worship the Triforce.

Think back to the child ending of OoT. Navi flies away from Link and out through the window in the Temple of Time. The game immediately following that event is Majora's Mask. At the beginning of MM, Link is searching through an unknown part of the forest looking for Navi... Maybe the Realm of Time is located on the outskirts of the Temple of Time/Castle Town, and this is where Link went searching for Navi and fell into Termina.

The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask - Four Giants story

Then what does the skull kid have to do with the Realm of Time? The Skull Kid is from the forest, the realm of protectors. The forest people are tied to the element of Courage. Courage comes from feelings such as hope, trust, and friendship. The Skull Kid lost all of those things when his friends, the four giants of Termina, left him.

Skull Kid felt betrayed. Then after the Skull Kid found the cursed Majora's Mask, he went on a rampage getting revenge on the people of Termina for taking his friends away. The cursed power of Majora's Mask is a dark force that feeds off anger, hatred, and sadness. The Skull Kid turned to this power of darkness, and with his anger he threatened to destroy Termina by making an angry moon fall down onto it.

The Realm of Time was nearly destroyed by the power of anger. But Link collected the masks of people who he made happy, and gave them to the Skull Kid as an act of friendship. The masks symbolized a timeless friendship that stays with Link even after he rewinds time. Thus Link proved to Skull Kid that friendship is eternal, and the cursed power of Majora's Mask no longer affected him...

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