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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Kid Icarus first playthrough log part 2/2

The world 2 labyrinth was kind of tricky to find my way around, and I ended up beating it without saving all the allies (which turns out they are completely useless against this boss anyway). Hewdraw is a really annoying boss that jumps around the room and never stop. He's very predictable but still hard to hit and avoid.

World 3 goes back to vertical scrolling levels with horizontal wrap-around, and still the challenge just isn't there at all. It feels like I'm way overleveled. There are some tricky-ish platforming segments that might've made me actually use some of those feather items if I played this when I was younger and inexperienced at platformers... now though I breezed through these stages like it was nothing.

The world 3 labyrinth, holy cow what a confusing level that was... it took me forever just to find the map. By then I had memorized the path from the entrance to the closest shop and healing spot... Then while searching for where to go I ended up grinding to 5 reserve potions, 9 extra hammers, and 999 hearts... none of which were needed. I eventually cleared the entire map and saved everyone before finally finding the boss in the top right corner. Pandora is just a stupid bubble face that floats around with a couple other bubbles. All the allies got killed, but I was able to beat him without any trouble.

Then the 4th world.. which is just a single sidescrolling stage... Pit equips the 3 treasures he got from the 3 labyrinths and can now fly and shoot light arrows. I think this stage actually repeats itself after a while until you get a certain amount of kills... then finally itgets to the final boss Medusa which is a complete joke. You can just float right in front of her in a safe spot and attack her without ever getting hit.

That was pretty much a nearly 100% completion run. Only died a couple times throughout the whole thing.. I guess the only real challenge I could get from this game would be by speedrunning it and not going for any of the upgrades.

This map shows how the overall game is structured. Starting with a few vertical levels, then a fortress, then a few horizontal levels, another fortress, some more vertical levels, the final fortress, and then you reach the heavens where you go to rescue Palutena.

Kid Icarus screenshot

Took me exactly 5 hours to beat this game for the first time... It's a very short game, but really interesting design that switches between the 3 different level types.

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