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Friday, February 6, 2015

Star Wars (NES Namco game) playthrough attempt log

Star Wars box cover artwow this is hard... only 3 lives, and 1-hit deaths...

I'm gonna want to try and beat this with savestates. keep retrying each stage until I can beat it without losing more than the amount of lives I gained from the stage.

... wow... so I got up to the death star level on novice mode. the level is a giant maze... all the obstacles are very easy to avoid once you know they're there. it feels like I'm playing a metroid game now. I didn't feel bad about save stating here, cuz the alternative would be drawing my own map of each room so that I'd know what to avoid and wouldn't die.

it turns out, in order to beat this level, you can't pick up the blaster. if you do, you won't be able to get into the garbage shute on the detention level. and since I was on my last life, I was permanently stuck...

I like this game though... I might try and beat it from the beginning on hard mode.

Attempt #2 - 3/25/2015

no. no. nonononononono.

I retried this again from the beginning.

First of all, the first boss kills me a lot just because you die in one hit, and this boss's movement pattern is stupid and you only get a tiny precise window where you can hit him and just barely get away. That's one part where I feel the need to use savestates even on novice.

Second, the space shooting sections rely on literal dumb luck to get through. It's practically impossible to get passed these on Hard mode without losing all your lives. That's another part where I feel like I NEED to use savestates even on novice.

No... I can't play through a game like this where I'm forced to use savestates even this early in the game. I don't even care... gonna to watch a youtube playthrough and that'll be it...

Found a longplay of someone playing through Pro mode, without losing any lives. this obviously took a TON of practice and memorization. I think it'd be feasible to beat this on Novice mode with an unlimited lives cheat, so I'd be able to learn all the obstacles and ways to go and such.. but Pro mode would be a pain even with unlimited lives.. just trying to survive the onslaught of all the enemies while still saving up enough force diamonds for the parts where you need to use levitate or whatever.

That's another thing... this game has so many things that you're supposed to know and would be impossible to figure out without dying tens of times or using a walkthrough... like, there are certain parts where you need to activate a certain character in your inventory to open the way forward, but the levels become sort of non-linear in a way that makes you think the way forward is just a different direction. sometimes going the wrong way can even kill you... also the non-transforming Vader fights you need to activate Obi Wan to even damage him.

There's just... way too many memorization/walkthrough reading required combined with the sheer difficulty that makes this game unfun (novice difficulty isn't too bad, but the walkthrough stuff still applies there as well)

oh, and here's how to continue in this game:
The continue consumes 30 power forces and as long as you keep getting power forces and have at least 30 of them during Game Over the continue is infinite. The only problem is when you reach the last stage (33:09) you'll no longer able to acquire any power forces and once you have less than 30 you will not be able to continue. To continue, on Game Over screen hold the "UP" button and while holding "UP" press "A" eight times and Game Over changes to Continue and press start.

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