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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters playthrough log

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters box cover art

This game seems tougher than the NES one.. finding your way around is harder because of the smaller screen resolution, and I got game over at the first boss cuz he takes like hundreds of hits.

I missed a "beat this test for an upgrade" thing in one of the earlier levels... will try again later. this time I'll grind up some hearts/potions and try to get all the powerups I can before the first boss...

You don't have angel allies in this to help you against the boss. instead, all statues just reward health or map/pencil/torch items.

Attempt #2

I started this over again later that night... really the only hard part of this game is the beginning, where you need to make sure you grind enough to get all the bottles and powerups. I got lucky and won a barrel at like the first vase room (didn't even need to cheat for it either), so now I could grind for all 8 bottles.

I got to the minotaur boss again... his pattern is simple, but I still find it really hard to dodge him. However, with all my strength powerups and bottles I was able to beat him.

The 3 overworld stages felt much more fun to explore, without the crazy low-resolution wrap around confusing things.. It would've been easy to just rush through these levels, but I kept up the tedious grind of getting at least to 500 hearts, then going through every door to get the all powerups/weapons and buy as many bottles as I could... was at 8 bottles and 3 or 4 life bars by the time I got to the 2nd dungeon. I actually lucked out and found this boss without even finding the map... it was a thing that just floats around randomly and can sometimes bump into you, very easy boss compared to the first.. the strength powerups probably help a lot.

Then the sky tower... back to weird wrap around stages... by now I got to the full 5 life bars, with all 3 weapon upgrades, and the last few strength upgrades were found here easily. these wrap around stages are actually very easy to get through and find all the doors... I'm still going in each door even when I don't need to.

The 3rd dungeon, I ended up going to every room before finding the boss, and I also got turned into an eggplant a bunch of times, but luckily the hospital was close by. (in fact, in this level you HAVE to turn into an eggplant to get passed a gap that's too small for human Pit before making it to the boss)... It was also very easy to stay at max health, with several sand pits and all the statues around that give health... This stage's boss, a dragon that bounces around the room and shoots multi-fireball attacks, would've been hard if I wasn't super powered up with all upgrades. Didn't even lose half my health bars...

After this, I thought my hammers were useless now, but it turns out the flying stage has a bunch of doors that are blocked off by fake walls that you need hammers to get through. The doors in this stage are useful for keeping your health at max... well some of them. there are still a bunch of useless bat rooms and weapon upgrade rooms which are empty because I have all of them already. (and yes, the weapon upgrades still apply even though you have the 3 treasures.. you still lose your barrier and fireball if you lose too much health, but you always have long range now)

The last boss was easy, took not even half my health bars out... but then it surprised me with a giant 2nd form. I used up a few bottles until I got its pattern memorized and was then able to finish it off. The emulator crashed as soon as I defeated him... but yeah it's safe to say this game has been 100% completed.

Something I didn't know about until now: Palutena judges your success at the 3 training areas, and if you didn't score high enough, you don't get to use all 3 sacred treasures on the last level. I guess the first one, the wings, must be guaranteed because otherwise that level is impossible... The light arrow kills all non-boss enemies in one hit and gives you full range even at low health, and the armor gives you 2x defense.

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