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Friday, March 27, 2015

Kid Icarus: Uprising playthrough log

Kid Icarus: Uprising box cover artKid Icarus: Uprising box cover art

Angry Kirby syndrome with that American box art...

Started playing this today.. went straight to 5.0 intensity and decided to stay there, since I was still just barely beating the early levels without dying. Playing with the autofire turned on makes it more fun, but sometimes I still have to shoot manually because it doesn't autoshoot at some enemies that have some kind of guarding ability.


Defeated Medusa at stage 9, after a bunch of boss refights. it really fools you into thinking it's the final stage... Dark Pit comes along and helps us defeat her... But it's not even the half way point. Then the real final boss, Hades, reveals that reviving Medusa was all his doing, and that his real plan is to steal the wish seed... The underworld forces cause the Phoenix to lash out, and after defeating it, the Phoenix creates a beacon. Pit hopes that this will inform the human world that the Wish Seed is a fake, but Hades says this will trick the humans into thinking the Wish Seed is real. Palutena realizes that defeating the Phoenix was a huge mistake, and fell right into Hades plan.

Now, the humans are destroying each other and wreaking havoc on the earth to get to the Wish Seed. Viridi, the goddess of nature, doesn't like this, so she attacks the humans and imprisons them in her labyrinth.. Pit rescues them and defeats one of Viridi's guardians...

I realized I haven't commented on this game since I first started playing it... It's really fun on lower difficulties, but on 5.0 and higher it gets kind of stressful.. It really sucks when I die due to bad controls or enemies ambushing me from off screen. At least the flying parts seem like they'd be a lot of fun on higher difficulties, but I dunno if it's worth going through the walking sections over and over to get better at them...

Like, the walking sections are kind of fun too in their own way, but they have some of really annoying things especially your first time playing through it when you don't know what's coming up... often I'll miss out on treasures because I accidentally missed a jump or stepped on a one-way jump pad.


The next few mission... I actually played 12 and 13 while high.. but even before that, I'm starting to like this game a lot more now.

While I'm fighting against Viridi's forces, Hades' underworld forces are there helping me fight against them too...

Chapter 15, now there seems to be a new enemy. Both the Underworld army and the Force of Nature team up with Palutena's army to fight this new enemy.. and the sun god Pyrrhon also comes to help, and is flying around with Pit helping him fight the enemies.. at Chapter 17, the Aurum Brain takes control of Pyrrhon, but Pit defeats it and Pyrrhon takes the Aurum fortress and shoots it into the stratosphere.

Chapter 18: The Ring of Chaos.. somehow Pit is now an inanimate ring. A little girl picks up the ring and puts it on, and now Pit is on control of her. later the girl loses the ring and a dog picks it up.. Pit finds a strong human warrior and gets him to put on the ring.. Magnus is able to talk to Pit while Pit's in control of him. Three years have past since the great war between Palutena's Army, the Forces of Nature, and the Underworld. Now Palutena's army is attacking the human world... you have to fight through a bunch of Centurions and then fight the body of Pit himself, which is hard because he's much more agile.. but I managed to beat this on difficulty 6.1... then Pit regains his body, and prays to Palutena to regain the power of flight.. but it isn't Palutena who gives him flight, it's Viridi...

So Palutena is now evil for some reason and wants to destroy the humans.. Pit is now working for the Forces of Nature to fight against Palutena's army.. wow didn't see that coming. Now the between-levels menu is Viridi's palace instead of Palutena's..


I just noticed that Viridi has the same voice as Princess Bubblegum... and Pittoo has the same voice as Zukko from the airbender series.

Pit uses the help of the Lightning Chariot to break into Palutena's Castle and try to defeat the monster that was controlling her.. put it gets away and escapes into the Chaos Vortex with Palutena's soul. Dark Pit helps Pit rescue Palutena from the Chaos Vortex, but then Pit has to burn his wings off to rescue Dark Pit.

Chapter 22 has you play as Dark Pit in an all-flying mission, with a ground boss battle with the revived/transformed Pandora at the end. Dark Pit uses the Rewind Spring to heal Pit.

Chapter 23.. Pit takes the three Sacred Treasures and goes to fight Hades.. but the treasures aren't even effective against him. Pit loses the treasures and then and Hades sucks him up into his body. The ground boss battle here is SO hard and annoying. Hades's heart runs around in this maze and duplicates itself, and the duplicate explodes like an X bomb. The real heart is very hard to chase down and sometimes he just runs in circles to knock me around over and over...

I tried switching between the touch screen reticle and ABXY reticle and both weren't quite good enough to make this boss battle go well.

Finally beat the game today. Had to go through a few boss refights to get the Great Sacred Treasure, and then used it against Hades and his very long flying battle... I think I just barely managed to beat it at 5.0

Tried the boss rush stage, and made it a lot farther than I expected... died at Heart of Hades.

12.5 hours played so far.

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