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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Disney's Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers - no continues attempt

I was SO close to 1cc-ing this game... most of it was very easy, but then it ramped up in the last couple levels, with fans blowing wind at you, and conveyor belts and nearly-undodgable enemies that take 2 hits... I got to the last boss on one life, and died right away because his pattern requires a very precise rhythm that you have to just know going into it.

Up until that last boss, the game is very fair.. too easy even. As long as you don't skip out on collectables it gives you plenty of 1ups... all the bosses involve throwing a red ball at an enemy that has one slow-moving projectile attack, well except for the last boss who has a really fast attack that you need to know about in advance.

The last boss took me about 4 tries. beat him on my last continue. at least getting to him again wasn't a problem. Probably not worth trying this again...

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