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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Undertale blind playthrough log

I first heard a bit about this game on a retsutalk video... it has a really cool battle system where you can either reason with/manipulate your enemies into quitting the battle, or do a sort of danmaku fight against them.. and you can do a "genocide run" where you fight/kill everything and the music/atmosphere and characterization of your character becomes entirely different.

It starts off a bit slow... that dumb goat woman (named "Toriel", heh get it) keeps mothering you and tries to keep you from heading into danger, and literally holds your hand through the whole thing... it seems like there's a lot of variations in dialog options but I'm not sure what it all means. In order to proceed past this tutorial area, you have to fight the goat woman and defeat her.. so far all the battles could be won without killing, but this battle I couldn't figure out what to do so I ended up killing her... the scene was kind of sad...

The next section of the game was really fun. These two retarded skeleton brothers keep trying and failing badly at capturing me... there's some really funny and cute dialog here... I made it all the way through the snow forest section and into the first town before stopping there.

I did the date thing with Papyrus, then I ran away from Undyne and went through the waterfall area... that section was kinda creepy, especially when the flowers started talking and shit... then I ran away from Undyne again, and managed to spare her and run away to Hotlands... it got kinda hard here but I still had no trouble mostly...

The atmosphere got really heavy as soon as that lizard girl told me that in order to cross the border, I'd have to kill the king and take his soul... Sans met me at the hallway leading to the throne room, and gave me some speech about the whole "EXP = Execution points" stuff... I was only at lvl 7 by now, so I guess that's why he let me go without too much trouble.

King Asgore was just a male version of Toriel from the beginning... their houses were even exactly the same... except for the fact that Asgore's house had golden flowers everywhere, instead of those sausage plants.

As I was walking around, a bunch of monsters that I met already (and spared), encountered me and instead of fighting, they just told me the story of how the king and queen raised a human like their own son, but one day that human died.. The prince took the human's soul and went through the border in order to bury him at his favorite flower garden.. but the humans assumed that monster must've been the one who killed this human, so they killed him as well... because of that, King Asgore vowed to slay any human that came into this place and steal their souls, and eventually destroy the barrier and get back at the humans.

The monsters all seem to want to get out of this underground prison, so they supported Asgore... except for the queen, Toriel.. she left him and went to live in the ruins instead (and I guess she made an identical house too)...

The Asgore battle was tough... he made sure we were both ready before we started, and he destroyed the "Mercy" option so it seemed like the only option was to kill or be killed... talking to him did nothing... but I found out after dying a few times if you talk to him again he actually acknowledges that he killed you before.

I realized what I did wrong at the Toriel fight, and this time I purposely did a weak attack when Asgore's health was getting low... that triggered a sad cutscene, and then I got the option of finishing him off, or "Mercy". chose Mercy, and then suddenly the evil flower monster from the very beginning of the game (even before I met Toriel) comes and kills Asgore and takes the 6 human souls for himself.

I did not see that coming... but what I REALLY didn't see coming after that...
The game just closed itself, and when I opened it back up and tried to reload the save, the evil plant monster who has control over my save file declared he was gonna "save over my death" and kill me over and over... what followed was a CRAZY fucking hilarious boss battle. The boss basically used save state abuse on me a few times... The "Fight" and "Act" icons sometimes floated around the arena and you had to go overtop of them and press Z to do anything... The human souls seemed to be fighting the monster's control over them in order to help me...

Finally I defeated him, and got another "Fight/Mercy" decision... of course I choose to kill that asshole since he killed Asgore when I tried to give him mercy.
I knew you had it in you.

...That ending was amazing.

So... I guess that's one of the neutral endings huh... I'm curious about SO many possible other decision paths I could've taken just on the neutral/kill Toriel story... I don't even know where to begin.

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