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Monday, March 28, 2011

Pokemon Black Part 2: Plot Speculations

There's that guy who doesn't let you pass until you get the first gym badge. There must be like street gangs of these people, their in every pokemon game. Oh you haven't beaten the weakling gym leader yet I can't let you pass this turf is reserved for non-weaklings... or something like that.

So far I've found out that Team Plasma wants to use dream powder to go into people's minds and brainwash them through their dreams... and that they have leaders called the "Seven Sages", and there's some sort of legend passed down about how pokemon were created or something... I GOT IT this must be another alternate Zelda timeline! I bet there's gonna be a Ganon pokemon at the end and I'll get the triforce! nah... but really though Pokemon has really improved a lot on its story since the last installment.

Nacrene city... not much to talk about here. A lot of these areas seem like their supposed to have a purpose but I can't really tell what it is until later on. There's the daycare, which I'm probably only gonna use for breeding. lol I'm going around talking to everybody and these kids at the daycare are engaged in some really philosophical debate, they're like "am I chasing after you, or are you chasing after me? by changing your perspective you can change reality..."

Drilbur looks awesome he's going on my team. Also started using a Pidove, Lillipup evolved into Herdier and became even more badass. The Panpour I'm really just dragging along I have no interest in training it. Still holding out for a good water type.

Pinwheel forest... more Plasma battles, basically more easy leveling yay. There's a lot of Team Plasma and Rival battles near the beginning which are stupidly easy if you've healed beforehand. So far Cheren has been an alright rival, but Bianca is a joke, she just may as well be a random trainer. Maybe she'll end up becoming a breeder instead or something lol.

Also I'm kinda intrigued by this c-gear thing that lets your Pokemon have dreams... I'm not sure what that's about but it sounds cool. I have no idea how to use this thing.

This game has a huge focus on scenery. Skyarrow Bridge somehow felt really awesome walking around in even though it's still just DS graphics.

Apparently Castelia City is supposed to be New York or something. I dunno. Them Japanese people are such Ameriboos, they probably think this is actually accurate or something. I want to like Castelia City but I mean... ahhhhhhh there's so many people to talk to! What is this survey nonsense? So many distractions! I'll probably be here for a while :P

This game's story is really starting to pick up. I'm actually looking forward to how it'll end up...

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