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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Starting Pokemon Black

Started Pokemon Black for the first time.

I'm playing as the girl trainer. Why?

she's hot. I'd rather look at that at the start of every battle honestly.

Now for starters... Snivy is my choice. I usually choose the water starter, but seriously Oshawott just looks dumb. I find grass types are very useful in the early game anyway for their abilities... and they can take out a lot of tougher defensive pokemon by leech seed spamming.

Then there's the characters. Bianca the noob trainer, who you can tell right away probably isn't gonna make it to the Elite Four. Then there's Cheren the serious business pokenerd, I guess he's basically like May's brother on the anime...

Professor Juniper is totally... there. She's lifeless and uninteresting at this point.

Every once in a while I keep stopping in a new area to listen to the catchy music... I do this in every pokemon game lol.

The game is off to a... very slow start. Wow... the tutorials really get worse with each game. It forces you into so many tutorials you even get to do anything until like 15 minutes in.

Meanwhile the 3 protagonists have a pokemon catching competition on route 1. All you can find here are Patrats, I guess it's supposed to end in a tie.

As usual the 2nd town is boring with nothing in it... except for a nice view ontop of a hill. I'm not sure where they got the ideas for these town names. Accumula town, wtf? It was so much easier when towns were named after colours. I doubt I'll be able to memorize any of them.

Caught a Lillipup, looks promising enough, decided to train it. Purrloin... nah I never had much luck with dark types.

Striaton City now. Whoever this Team Plasma is they seem like an interesting group. Speaking of which I heard there was a bad guy team in this game... I wonder when their gonna show up. oh, wait, Team Plasma is trying to liberate pokemon by stealing them... ok. So they're like the protaganist of Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness?

The dreamyard has some kinda "mysterious" thing going on, reminds me of the Unown caves. I'm intrigued... Also there's apparently there's a pokemon goes into your head and brainwashes you with dreams... Inception!

I got a dumb little water monkey thing called Panpour, literally right before the first gym which uses the opposite type of my grass starter. Screw that I'm not taking their easy mode crap, I'm beating that gym using Snivy and Lillipup.

Looks like Lillipup is one of those pokemon that is totally overused by all the npc trainers at the beginning of the game. bleh...