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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pokemon Black part 4: Where the villain reveals his plot

Explored the sand ruins and caught some more cool looking pokemon, got a fossil, went back to Nacrene Museum and turned the fossil into a Tirtouga. Now this looks like a good water type, it's going on my team.

Back to Nimbasa... wow there's a lot of stuff to check out here! Let's see... a Musical Theater, Battle Institute, Battle Subway, abaseball stadium... a basketball court... ok... yo you may be good at pokemon but I'll smoke you losers in the b-ball court. also there's Route 5 and Route 16 with a lot of trainers to level up if you need to... The battle institute isn't available yet either. Some "woman of mystery" comes out of the battle subway and heads to the battle institute. Whoa man she must be hardcore.

I tried out the battle subway, it's actually pretty interesting seeing all the weird new pokemon designs in this game. These designs beat the hell out of Gen 4...

Also someone gave me HM04 Strength... gave it to Drilbur, who also has Rock Smash... I think it's fitting that this pokemon has all the rock related moves. Hell yeah

Speaking of which, I think I'm gonna go beat that lighting gym with Drilbur single-handed. It's at the theme park... once you get there you're taken into a scene where you go on a ferris wheel with N, the leader of Team Plasma. He talks about how he's gonna defeat the champion and force every trainer to release their pokemon... So in Unova the champion is like Hitler or something? "Pokemon are not people! They must be separated from us and live on their own in camps made especially for them"

He battles me and lets the Plasma grunts escape... now off to the gym. The gym leader Elesa is a model, all the trainers here are into fashion, but none of that matters because the gym itself is a ROLLER COASTER MAZE! You control the roller coaster's path with switches. Is that awesome or what?

Also, Elesa is one damn nice looking gym leader.

This one trainer has a flying electric mouse... Emolga oh thats just great it's using double team. The gym leader has 2 of these things, and they know Aerial Ace, my Servine is screwed... This is much harder than I expected. Then there's Zebstrike, an electric zebra... Herdier took it out with a well timed Retaliate move, then got killed by Emolga due to being paralyzed... now I'm just down to Tranquill, a pokemon that's weak against electric. Died in one hit... luckily I still have a low leveled Panpour, I can use this turn to revive my Herdier and... Retaliate, done. phew, barely survived that one. That gym leader had type advantages over all but 2 of my pokemon, and those 2 were only neutral against those damn flying Pikachus.

"You're going to Driftveil City next?"

What? Bitch I didn't say that. I'll decide where I'm going thank you. She fixes route 5 so I can cross. Screw that I'm gonna see what's down route 16.

yeah... I like to think Pokemon is more interesting if you get "Game Over" when you lose a battle. At least during the story part of it anyway.

Tried out every stage show at the musical theatre. Dress up your pokemon! Watch them dance on stage! I think I'm playing Idolmaster or something...

Hmm, it's cool but I don't see the point. Are there like prizes? Do you have any control at all over the result? Looks like the results aren't ranked like the usual contest stuff, you just get various comments... After getting a 'very unique' comment someone shows up and gives me another prop to dress up with... you can also save photos of your performances... sounds cool but, meh, let's get back to playing Pokemon.

I decide to go check out route 16 for no reason in particular... seems like the game has finally opened up now and you are able to explore freely. It's... your average road between cities, absolutely nothing gimmicky or distracting here, and also the trainers here are kinda tough... I'll explore around for a while before the next gym.

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