Many SPOILERS are contained throughout these posts. You have been warned!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Skyward Sword (Hero Mode) Part 2: Kweeeee!

 Link gets changed into his new knight uniform, then heads out on his mission...

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword screenshot

Fledge also comes and gives you the "Adventure Pouch", which is a limited inventory screen for storing your shields, bottles, and other consumable items. It's the first time a Zelda game has ever required you to unlock the ability to open the inventory screen...

This is where the game starts for real, and the "more cutscenes than gameplay" part finally comes to an end.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Skyward Sword (Hero Mode) Part 1: More Cutscenes Than Gameplay

One year after I first played through this game, now I'm replaying it again on Hero Mode, but this time I'm only gonna be playing it while high on weed edibles. This is the final draft of my high playthrough log, summarizing what I thought while playing through the game high, and my opinions and interpretations of various parts of the story and gameplay.

I don't recommend you read this if you haven't played the game yourself. Since I've already beaten it before and I'll be talking about it from the perspective of already knowing the ending.


When you stay on the title screen, the prologue scene plays... it's very reminiscent of the Wind Waker prologue, but the story is a lot different...

An army of evil forces appeared one day when the Earth cracked open, and they all went on a rampage, tearing the world asunder, in an effort to obtain the Goddess's ultimate power...

This horrible terrifying war that was waged on the goddess sounds like the Earth turned into a literal hell... I guess there's just been this demon world lurking beneath this land of the gods, and it was only a matter of time before something like this would happen...

The ultimate power, which is able to turn ones desires into reality, was left in this world by the old gods under the protection of the goddess. I guess the goddess didn't prepare very well for this sudden underworld invasion, so she gathered a bunch of survivors onto a piece of land and sent the land along with the ultimate power high up into the sky where it would be safe from the underworld. Then the goddess fought with the soldiers and sealed away the evil forces... temporarily.