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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 - high replay log

Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 screenshot
Instruction manual summary:

Wario can turn 10 coins into a weapon to throw... I forgot all about that. Some doors need a 10-coin weapon to open them.
- Small Wario: same as when Mario defeated derp Wario at the end of SML2.
Jet Pot: Jet Wario - Peach's glide combined with body slam
Bull Pot: Bull Wario - stronger body slam, can stick to ceilings
Dragon Pot: Dragon Wario - destroy things with fire instead of body slam
- any pot or garlic changes Small Wario to normal Wario, then to Jet, then Bull, then Dragon
- hearts are now like coins, 1up for every 100 of them, contrasting SML's heart=1up and 100coin=1up... now coins are for the game's ending cutscenes
- keys, skull doors leading to treasure rooms. treasure also goes toward the ending cutscenes
- all the world names of Pirate Island are named after food...
- there are harmless enemies that are basically like coin bags for Wario

high playthrough summary:

Rice Lake... stage 3 is the only one with treasure somewhere.. stage 5, enemies already getting harder now. this boss is probably a good/easy way to grind coins

Mt. Teapot
course 8 has a secret exit leading to Sherbet Land

Sherbet Land
course 14... getting pretty hard now... birds attack you midjump.. the dragon pot sucks
course 15... 17.. missed the key door to treasure, but I think I got an alternate exit to...
course 18... and nowhere else?
course 17 again, got D treasure (shield), and exit to
course 19... annoying penguin boss.. not exactly hard, but if you get hit once and turn small you're basically dead, since you can't possibly defeat him

back to Mt. Teapot
course 8..9.. 10 - got C treasure (Crown)
course 12 - hit a big switch to end the level... the lid falls onto the pot, and the boss level opens up
course 13 - exit now leads to bull boss

Stove Canyon...
course 20 - grabbed key during lava wall chase, and got treasure G - Cannon Ball
course 21, 22... lava platforming, more birds..
course 23 - minecart level with a secret exit.. easily found it, which lead to
course 24 - very easy level with almost no hazards... even getting treasure H (Trophy) was really easy.. it's more of a bonus level
course 23 again..
course 25... falling bridges.. floating face that shoots rocks out of his nose...

next is SS Tea Cup
stage 26 - easily got treasure I (sword), had to backtrack a lot to get the exit though
stage 29 is a literal door maze.. but managed to get treasure J - Axe, and explored all the optional areas
stage 30 - some tougher enemies.. then a giant bird boss that shoots normal birds at you.. bounce off them and onto its head

Parsley Woods
course 31 - bunch of throwing spikeball enemies
course 32 - more minecarts, and exit is a switch that drains the water, so I can move onto
course 33 - train level with more moving car platforms
course 34 - vertical tree climbing level.. new thundercloud enemy, at the top is an easy to find treasure M - Glove
- over 2000 coins now, and 7 treasures missing...
course 35 - another train
course 36 - really annoying ghost boss, gotta throw enemies at him, but he freezes you if you touch him

finally... reached the last world
Syrup Castle
course 37 - basic level with falling spike balls... found treasure N - whale
then a couple of easy platforming levels, with only a few tough-ish enemies... then course 40... seems devoid of enemies and full of garlics... then I get to the room with the one really hard spear enemy. I don't get how to defeat him... let's see, gamefaqs... oh, just gotta hit him 3 times like any other boss... I was treating him like a normal strong enemy that had to be hit again while stunned.

last boss is very easy when you know what to do. Captain Syrup sicks her genie on Wario... it has one attack with 1 pattern that's easy to dodge, and in between attacks you throw the lantern and hope it lands upright so it creates a platform for you to jump on the boss's head. 6 times and it's over. I did it all with small wario.

then the castle crumbles and Peach's gold statue is revealed... Mario comes by in a plane to pick it up...
got 45741 coins altogether with treasures priced in... 3 bags of money, Wario gives that to the genie to get a decent sized wooden house/cabin...
credits... "PLEASE RETRY!"

100% cleanup summary:

Got the remaining treasures... apparently after you beat the game, all the levels that still have treasures in them are now flashing.

- one in the 2nd last level
course 39: O - ring

- a couple in Parsley woods that I missed.
course 31: L - mask - this was really annoying to get.. had to carry a key across the bottom path with a bunch of spikeball throwing guys
course 30: K - football

- a couple of treasures in Sherbet Land I missed, plus a secret exit and a stage... this whole section seems like the game's "bonus world" since you technically don't even need to get here to beat the game.

course 18: F - lamp
found the secret exit in course 15
- these last 2 things would've been a bit hard without a guide, until you find out that the black/white switches can affect more than one thing.

course 17: E - candle - not hard to find, but easy to screw up

- then another one in Mt. Teapot
course 9: B - Harp -, an invisible door behind a suspicious block...

- then a first treasure I missed in Rice Beach, as well as a secret exit apparently?
course 3: A - Wine glass thing? - it's actually incredibly easy and obvious. grab the dragon head, and it's right at the beginning...
now, that secret exit... a lot of sidetrack paths here wasting time... oh, it's just right after the normal exit..

course 6 - just a straight up coin grinding level

now have 3750 coins and all treasures.
this time I beat the game with 91468 coins altogether... 5 bags of money, got an actual castle this time.

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