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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Virtual Boy Wario Land - high playthrough log

Virtual Boy Wario Land screenshotStarting this playthrough during high session. I've never played this before.

14 levels... apparently there's a hidden treasure to find in each, except for the boss levels...

Intro cutscene... Wario notices some masked monsters taking treasure into a cave behind a waterfall... the door closes... 10 paintings in the wall pop out and scatter...

I'm missing the treasure from stage 3... I was sure I used fire on every wall and bumped every ceiling I could... this might be harder to 100% than I thought.

wow... I can't figure out the timing to hit this first boss... sometimes got lucky, but not lucky enough to hit him 3 times. actually, couldn't I go back to an earlier level, grab a dragon powerup, backtrack to the elevator, then kill this boss easily? of he's vulnerable to fire, that is... Wario Land bosses usually only have one way to hit them.

at a game over... a bat takes one of your treasures away so you have to go back and get it again.

Stage 5 has the bird cap powerup... combined with the dragon cap, lets you both fly and shoot fireballs.

This game has gotten a lot more fun now, playing it without the time constraint of a high session... I'm able to find all of the treasures without a guide, just exploring and shooting at everything... This game is a very chill 2d exploration game... enemies don't respawn, once they are gone, you can relax and search out every optional path.

Stage 10 is kind of a door maze... found the treasure easily, but no idea where the key is... had to check a walkthrough... oh, you had to wait in this one room with 3 clocks, until the clocks all lined up.

Stage 11 is really straightforward...
Stage 13, the last level before the final boss, is crazy... I can't even figure out where to go... plus there's unkillable spikeballs that rotate between background/foreground...
The last boss was really tricky, but not too bad after I learned his pattern.

Total time taken to 100% the game: 2:40

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