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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wario Land II - high replay log

Wario Land II screenshot Wario Land II screenshot
Captain Syrup's henchmen broke into Wario's castle, stole some of his money, then flooded the place.

- instead of dying/shrinking from getting hit or dying from falling in pits, you can't die at all in this. getting hit only makes you lose coins, and falling in a pit always leads you to another area that you can return from.

- instead of powerups that you keep until you get hit or find a different powerup... you have stuff like
"being on fire until you touch water"
"being flattened and gliding through the air like paper, until a bat unflattens you"
"being a fatass that crushes certain blocks and makes certain platforms fall, until you walk off the extra fat"
"being a zombie and can't jump until you walk into light"

- instead of collecting treasures as a main goal, and coins as secondary... you're just collecting as many coins as possible while finding the one indistinguishable door that leads to a minigame (that costs coins) to win the treasure of that level... as well as post-level minigames to win pieces of a map...

- there's no level select... and there doesn't seem to be a way back into a previous level if to get a treasure/map piece that you missed...

- the enemies respawn, so it's always possible to grind for coins to meet the requirement for the next treasure/map...

Chapter 1: One Noisy Morning
- The beginning, with the alarm clock, tap water... so many optional areas with breakable walls... this takes me back
1-5... found a secret exit that skipped the boss... but only leads to ch2?

Secret Chapter 2: Go Down to the the Cellar
- ?2-1 had a giant spear man boss... and annoying maze-like structure with some rooms being dark so you can't see the doors or platforms. light switches turn some rooms' lights on, some off...
- 2-2 had falling rocks that flattened you, and some that were needed to break certain walls
- 2-3 a train level... going in and out of train cars...
- this one level (2-4 I think?) had a huge maze of breakable walls... had to tackle/stomp everywhere to uncover the paths..

- oh gosh... this game has 51 levels all together... I've beaten 10 so far in 2 hours...

Chapter 3: Maze Woods
- 3-2 has puzzles involving throwing enemies to other places as bounce lifts, and running with fire so that you end up at a spot where you can burn certain blocks
- 3-3... owls that carry you through the air... avoiding spikes...
- 3-5.. annoying bees that make you swollen and float up into an earlier part

Chapter 4: In Town
- 4-1 - another train level, a bit trickier to find your way to the end..
- 4-2 - going in and out of buildings... people throwing bottles at you from their window
- 4-3 - a door maze...
- 4-4 - oh no.. switchable conveyer belts
- 4-5 - building stairs, annoying birds you have to bounce off... the boss is a rabbit, wario uses him as a basketball

Final Chapter - Syrup Castle
5-1 - this level has a mix of everything from the previous 4 chapters
5-4 - an even more annoying bash/stomp maze... no idea where the treasure is
5-5 - really tough enemies, that you need to pick up and throw at blocks...
wow that last boss was crazy annoying... had to throw a bomb at the fire that rises up, right when it's under her... if the fire is under you, it boosts you out and you have to restart the battle... at least I got the treasure and map here, so I don't have to do it again.

50% stage clear, 38% treasures, 40% map panels... now I have the level select screen and can go back and unlock the rest of the levels.

Secret Chapter 1: Invade Wario Castle
Wario ignored the alarm clock and kept sleeping, then Syrup's goons threw him out and took over his castle... Wario storms the castle and takes it back... the end.
These levels were very easy.. no hard obstacles, hardly any breakable walls/floors... got all treasures/map pieces first try.

Chapter 2: SS Tea Cup... this is getting pretty confusing... some walls that can only be destroyed by throwing enemies at them, with no indication...

Secret Chapter 3: Ruins at the Bottom of the Sea

... This game starts to get kinda tedious when you're going for 100%... At this point I'm just like, slowly grinding through all the treasures and maps in each level while watching tv/youtube... I started my high replay of WL3 before completing this game and 100% completed it before completing this... I liked 3 a lot more than this. This game's not hard at all, just a matter of remembering where you've been.

Finally I eventually got 100% and unlocked the final final level, and played it during another high session.

This level wasn't as big as I had thought. Kind of a tricky level, but with no treasure or minigames to worry about I could just focus on finding the exit. beat it in sub-10 minutes, then watched the credits scene and then started WL4.

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