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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Goemon's Great Adventure (N64) playthrough log part 3/3

The 5th world, Floating Castle, has some really insanely cool looking levels. Took the bottom Sasuke-only path through Cloud Fortress, which lead to Sky Garden.. this stage has paths that twist around so much I have no idea which direction I'm going in most of the time.. Again I just kept to the bottom-most path with Sasuke, and found an underwater section that has tons of money pots. This is a great place to grind money for the last few passes or to stock up on lives. I dunno what else I'm missing with this level's other paths, but there's no alternate exit here anyway, only reason to go through other paths is to check out more of the level's scenery.

The other exit from Cloud Fortress leads to Wind Castle Wall. This stage involves going overtop of a castle wall, and has some windmill platforms that you can only land on while they're on a certain part of the Z axis. There's also a gold fortune doll near the end that Goemon can get, a convenient way to prepare for the last castle.

Then got to Floating World Town... That's a very silly name for a town. I like the music here... This is another huge town that's easy to get lost in. It has a really long circular outer path that borders the whole town and leads to a dead-end place with a tree.. and if you go there at night there's a ghost merchant who wants to sell his last item, a pass, so that he can move on from the earthly world.. Also there's a dumb sidequest where you have to deliver lunch to a speedy messenger guy who runs almost as fast as you.

Then there's that 2nd Obisumaru race at that windmill stage... This was SO easy. Obisumaru waits for you at all the tricky parts, so it barely even counts as a race. It isn't until the last section at the end when it becomes a race, and Obisumaru will slow down enough that you only have to keep moving and you'll beat him. I don't know why people are saying this is hard. I had way more trouble with the first race.

Another sidequest in Floating World town involves Yae getting a job from some guy with a paper bag on his head... Now you're answering the phone for the child counselling hotline. It's basically a multiple-choice dialog minigame, the objective is to solve the kid's problem, but if you upset him or act stupid he'll hang up. I went and tried out all the wrong choices just to see what the dialog was... some of these are hilarious.

[spoiler]Child: "Hey, is it true the Thunder God can steal your belly-button? Don't scare me like that, I might wet myself!"
Yae: "It's true. That's why, if you hear thunder, it's best to roll up in a ball and cover your belly-button. And if you're on a golf course, the safest thing is to stretch yourself out on the grass."
Child: "Ah! I'm scared!" *Click*[/spoiler]

[spoiler]Yae: "Ahh! Oh no! Talking about thunder, I left the washing out on the line!"
Child: "What washing have you got on the line?"
Yae: "You naughty child you! Quite the grown up, aren't you?"
Child: "And don't you go doing anything silly!" *Click*[/spoiler]

[spoiler]Yae: "The Thunder God is a god of destruction. He is always hidden somewhere nearby. Most thunder is only a natural phenomenon, but some thunder is unleashed by the Thunder God. I don't know, maybe a person who happens to get struck by lightning loses his belly-button."
Child: "I didn't know that. No kidding! Just imagine if you got hit by a bolt of the Thunder God's lightning and lost your belly-button!"
Yae: "Huh? Why would you worry more about losing your belly-button than getting burnt to a crisp by lightning? You really are something!"[/spoiler]

[spoiler]Child: "What do you think I should do?"
Yae: "You can't run away. You see, lightning will chase after and strike things that try to run away. Ha ha. Just like a rabid dog. Yeah."
Child: "Hey!"
Yae: "Did you get a fright? Don't be such a sissy. I'm only kidding."
Child: "And don't you go doing anything silly!" *Click*[/spoiler]

Anyway, onto the final castle level, Dream Castle. This level is split into 8 sections.

First two sections are based on Edo Castle, with a bunch of tiny platforms that fall and annoyingly placed enemies. It seems hard at first, but with Goemon's level 3 pipe and some memorization I'm able to make it through no problem.

The next two sections are based on Ryugu Castle. There's some easy platforming on rising floors that smash you if you stand on them too long, and then a swimming maze-like section with spikey traps. Yae makes this really easy because she's invulnerable while doing her mermaid dash attack, and also there's a gold fortune doll to pick up here.

Next are two sections based on Majin Castle, with more platforming over giant pots of soup, only the enemies here get in the way a lot more.. then some spike trap platforms with the hand enemies that slow you down and the enemies that piggy back on you. This surprisingly wasn't that hard at all once I knew what to expect.

Then it ends with 2 sections based on the Underworld Castle. Some really cheap ambush situations here.. and that giant monster with the club is back again and tries to knock you into poison water. The first time I got here I had about 7 lives and lost them all.. I was able to beat it on the 2nd try just barely...

Normally, the castles end with a normal boss battle that puts pressure on you because it means restarting the level if you get game over.. but Dochuki was nice enough to have us do the Impact battle first, and from there you have infinite retries until you beat the game.

This last Impact boss is a reaper monster called "Articious Machine - Devil Death God". He starts with 6666 HP. Meanwhile both of your Impact machines only have 500 HP and most of his attacks take out close to 100. This was pretty challenging. I couldn't figure out the best time to use the laser, but managed to get a few lucky laser shots in that he walked right into... One of his attacks is he picks up the other Impact and throws it at you, and you have to punch it out of the way... I'm not sure if friendly fire is in effect in these battles or what.

Also one of its attacks is it summons a ghost of the Bismaru Elegant robot, and you have to punch it to death before it attacks you... but this one other time instead of summoning that Bismaru thing, he summons this giant version of that bearded guy dressed as a girl (who gave me the chain pipe in the first town)... my punches seem to do nothing to it, and it comes and attacks me with a kiss and kills me. Holy shit that was scary. I guess you're just supposed to block it?

After that is the normal Dochuki boss battle. First form, he just constantly circles around you and shoots random projectiles, and you can only hit him while he's on the same part of the Z axis as you.. The 2nd form he's some kind of giant beast, and you have a really small window to hit him when he tries to bite you.. and then when he's stunned you have to go inside his mouth and attack his throat.. wtf

lmao that ending...
I certainly didn't expect Dochuki to be killed by Ebisumaru's bodily fluids. Or was he killed? It wasn't really clear. Maybe he was just so grossed out he decided to leave forever... and after all that Wise Man decides it's a good idea to make a 2nd ghost-making machine. Bismaru comes to try to steal it again, and then Ebisumaru's child Mao accidentally hits the self destruct button... yeah you know what, I'm not going to question it.

I was actually wrong about this game having extra stages after the end, I misinterpreted that.. There's only an extra town with some sidequests. Back at Wise Man's house, Wise Man will now tell you about the bus stop in the underworld, where a bus will come and take you to a hidden village. I found this place before already when exploring the Mokeke Forest stage. You have to stand around at the bus stop until some time at night, then a bus with a giant skull on front of it will come and pick you up... You get dropped off in front of this clock with a human hand as the hour hand... This is Creep Village, the town of the tengus. One of the items at the restaraunt is "Something", it's blurred out so you can't see what it is. There's a cool looking colorful bird statue... and a place that sells dishes. This is a weird sidequest I don't understand at all, where you have to take a dish to a ghost woman called Okiku, found in another stage at night, floating ontop of a well. I'm sure there's some sort of cultural reference here but I don't get it.

The rest of the hidden passes aren't very interesting.. oh yeah there's another Yae child counselling job, it's just a boring lecture about the game industry, and some choices make Yae go way off topic and she starts talking about her life story or some shit..

If you obtain all 44 passes, you unlock 4-player mode and alternate costumes. Here's what all the alt costumes look like.

Goemon's Great Adventure screenshot

This kinda sucks, the only way I'll be able to grind enough Ryo to get the 44th pass and unlock these costumes is by replaying all the levels again. Sure, it'd be fun to do that some time in the future, but why can't I do that WITH the unlockable costumes? By the time I unlock the costumes I'll have no reason to use them lol

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