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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Trauma Center: Second Opinion playthrough log

Trauma Center: Under the Knife screenshot This is the Wii version of the DS game "Trauma Center: Under the Knife".

I think I prefer the Wiimote controls over touch screen controls, so I've started a playthrough of this version.

The first couple levels I did on every difficulty mode.. then I decided I would just stick with hard mode.

Got passed all of chapter 1, and unlocked the first Nozomi Weaver mission (the new content in the Wii version). It wasn't hard, just a different variation of the stuff you learned in chapter 1...

Then I tried 2-1... I tried several times but couldn't figure out how to beat it on hard. There's a lot of steps you need to keep repeating in a very short time, it's crazy.

2-4 was as far as I got when I played the DS version, and that one doesn't have difficulty modes.


So after a few more tries at 2-1 hard mode, I decided it was bullshit and switched to normal mode. Actually, it's possible that you can use the "healing touch" power in other chapters where you're not supposed to use it, and maybe that's how you're meant to beat hard mode? regardless, that's bullshit, I've decided normal mode is good enough.

I got through all of chapter 2.. later it introduces the GUILT virus.. a man-made terrorist virus that lives inside organs and causes internal wounds. Dealing with these things feels like a boss battle. you gotta use ultrasound to find out where they are then quickly cut them with the scalpel and laser them to death, while also making sure to keep the patient alive by treating wounds and such... on normal mode it's just difficult enough that it's still fun, but I'd imagine it's probably bullshit on hard mode as well.

Then got to the 2nd stage of the Z chapter. This female surgeon in the Z chapter seems to have some history of failure, and even though she has the healing touch, she only ever gets to use her skills in rare instances... or i dunno something like that.

Chapter 3, Derek decides to accept the offer to move to another hospital where they are specializing in fighting the GUILT virus. The nurse assistant decides to come with me too. A whole bunch of new characters are introduced, including someone Derek knew from school. That person has a little sister infected with the GUILT virus, and also he reveals that he has mercifully let down cancer patients who didn't want to live in pain anymore.. Derek doesn't agree with his doing that..


WOW those multiplying triangle things are so annoying.. even after figuring out how they work. You can only remove a triangle when all other triangles have less than 2 thorns on them, otherwise it'll get replaced by one or more triangles. only way I can even beat this is by using the healing touch and just getting rid of everything very fast before it runs out.

This game is really fun, for the most part... it's just those triangle GUILT things that are annoying, but everything else is fun. Cleared chapter 5 and successfully killed all strains of the GUILT virus, and also cleared Chapter Z...

Dr. Weaver lost her medical license and now she's working as an unlicensed doctor for the bio terrorist group who created GUILT. It turns out the lead researcher of that terrorist group is Angie's (Derek's assistant) father. He was infected with the final strain of GUILT, Savato, and Derek and Angie had to figure out how to kill it. This honestly felt like a final boss battle. It was really fun... except I don't like that you HAVE to save your Healing Touch for the last part, otherwise it becomes impossible to beat.

Now there's just the final chapter left..


uughhhh.... sooo close to beating the main game on normal.

I intended on beating all of chapter 6 tonight... Derek and Angie were called in to Caduceus Europe, where they've been secretly working on a regenerative tissue thing that can heal practically all internal injuries. The guy behind this reveals that they have Adam (the head of the bio-terrorist group and the origin of GUILT) frozen in cryo, and they're using GUILT tissues from his body to form this regenerative tissue.. it turns out that this was all a trap set by that doctor, intending to spread GUILT even more...

These were just a few stages with harder versions of each guilt strain, or multiple guilt strains at the same time. The last level, 6-8 is a harder version of the Savato boss battle from 5-9... and this is RIDICULOUSLY hard. seriously, eventually the thing starts making cuts and doing damage at a faster rate than I can heal... and doesn't slow down. I can't use my healing touch because I know I'll need to save both of them for the very end otherwise I can't win...

I tried several times, and now I'm physically worn out. after seeing a video of someone beating it, I want to try another strategy... basically focus on lasering at all times possible. when I can't laser, then heal. if vitals are up to 70 or so, then suture wounds... don't even bother suturing if vitals are down, because they'll heal as soon as you go onto the next phase. killing the boss with the laser as fast as possible (and killing the babies) always takes priority.

I'll come back to this eventually...

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