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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Undertale genocide route high playthrough part 1/3

I don't recommend playing through the genocide route (or reading this, obviously), until AFTER you've beaten a true pacifist playthrough. It feels so much more evil and creepy to kill all those characters that you spent so much time with in the previous playthrough...

After finishing the true pacifist run... Flowey greets you the next time you load the game... Everyone is happy... monsters have returned to the surface... there's nothing left to worry about.
Well, there is one thing. one last threat... one being with the power to erase EVERYTHING...

(oh I see, you're gonna make a meta-feels thing about the concept of erasing your progress in a game)

If you so choose, everyone will be ripped back from this happy timeline... and sent back before all of this ever happened. Flowey says this is the power that he wanted to use... but he could never think of using it again after that event...
... So please, just let them go. Let Frisk be happy.

If you do erase everything... you'll have to erase my memories too.
Oh yeah I, the player, am not actually Frisk, I'm warpio... that's the name I entered in when I first started this game... Frisk is the character I played as in the true pacifist route.

warpio LV1 705:47
The End
Continue | True Reset
Joystick Config

omg... I get it now, the joke with this title screen... it's subtle...
Name the fallen human.
The letters in the naming screen are wierdly vibrating... like they're shivering in fear... this is so creepy...

I still love this intro...
Flowey is friendly, and giving you advice on how the world down here works... by showing and explaining the battle system.
Your SOUL starts off weak, but can grow strong if you gain a lot of LV.
What's LV stand for? Why, LOVE, of course!
You want some LOVE, don't you?
Don't worry, I'll share some with you :P
Down here, LOVE is shared through... Little white... friendliness pellets.
You ready? Move around... get as many as you can....
You idiot. >:D
Goat mom with the save.
What a terrible creature, torturing such a poor, innocent youth...
lol... she's gonna regret saving this kid.
The ruins are filled with puzzles. Ancient fusions between diversions and door keys.
Only the fearless may proceed. Brave ones, foolish ones. Both walk not the middle road.
Whoa... I'm starting to GET this game a lot more now... this quote is referring to both sides of the extreme...
The True Pacifist and Genocide

Toriel tells me that when I enter a FIGHT, I should strike a friendly conversation and stall for time, and she will come to resolve the conflict.
I guess that only applies to this prologue chapter... but still I don't remember some of this dialog from the last couple times.
Practice talking to the dummy. You can say anything. The dummy will not be bothered.
if you use "Act - Talk", the dummy will not respond, and you automatically win... but to get EVERYTHING I probably need to FIGHT the dummy.
Ah... the dummies are not for fighting, they are for talking.
I heard Flowey's laugh as I attempted to kill the Froggit... this game is brilliant.

I found out you don't HAVE to kill the first Froggit... if you fail the first attempt at killing him, Toriel will chase him away though and it will likely
make finding another one of them harder... not really though.
Froggit is trying to run away.
You are intimidated by Froggit's raw strength. Only kidding.

man... I see now how the genocide run is so cleverly designed... Killing needlessly even once will make you want to do it more, because of how it makes monsters less likely to appear as you kill more of them... and if you let too many escape with a sliver of life, they'll be harder to find after.

Killed Whimsun... LOVE increased. waita sec... if I want to kill Napstablook, I have to not kill too many monsters on the way to him.
umm... you do know you cant kill ghosts, right?
i was just lowering my hp because i didnt want to be rude... sorry... i just made this more awkward... pretend you beat me...
* You lost 1 experience point.
(okay I didn't get the joke at first... experience points are not the same as EXP)

Oh cool I found a page that sums up all the differences and stuff you should know about a genocide run... if your kill counter gets maxed out by the time you get to Napstablook in the ruins, he will vanish as soon as you try to walk up to him, and you won't ever be able to fight him again... not that it matters.

Loox is staring right through you.

I guess you don't need to worry about any alternate ACT dialog on normal enemies at least... so don't bother doing that, it'll just risk letting them get away. Just as I was thinking about how the genocide run makes wandering around and collecting everything a lot more enjoyable...

whoa... that symbolism of when you walk out onto the ruins balcony, and see a view of the whole monster kingdom, and a knife laying on the floor... that's brilliant.

Now at LV 4... All the save points just say "Determination."...
Encounter rate has gone way up, with every encounter saying "But nobody came" in small text.

Oh gosh... "Where are the knives" shows up in red text when you look through the kitchen drawers... this has turned into a horror game kinda, except I'm the bad guy...

Killed Toriel in one hit...
Now I see who I was protecting by keeping you here.
You're just like me... empty inside. In fact... you're warpio, right? We're still inseparable, after all these years...
I have a plan to become all powerful. Even more powerful than you and your stolen soul. Let's destroy everything in this wretched world.
Everyone, everything in these worthless memories... Let's turn 'em all to dust.
Some creepy voice clip says "That's a wonderful idea"

The music when Sans first approaches is more creepy than I remembered... he points out how weird it is that I don't react, or show any emotion at all.

The human doesn't listen to Sans when he tells them to go behind the conveniently shaped lamp... Papyrus doesn't even notice I'm there. Both him and Sans don't care about this kid at all.
Are you just gonna keep staring at me, or...
Well, I'll be straightforward with you. my brother'd really like to see a human...
so, y'know, it'd really help me out... if you kept pretending to be one.
Sans goes back the wrong way, as he usually does... the music for this snow area seems way slower than I remembered...

The checkpoints now say how many kills are left in this area, in red text, instead of saying "Determination"...
and now when you fight enemies, you can tap Z to get multiple hits in... I guess because I equipped a different weapon.

Papyrus is still excited to capture me when Sans convinces him I'm a human...
The human doesn't even let the snowman finish talking and just starts taking it apart right away.
Oh my, what are you doing. soon there won't be any of me left.
These things heal 45 HP so there's no reason not to...
You bid a quiet farewell to the Monster Candy.
...(a useless pile of snow)

He doesn't even humor Papyrus's shock puzzle, and just walks past it before he can finish explaining.

* YELLOW - Your sure-fire accuracy put an end to the mayhem of "Ball."
Guess you don't like word searches, huh? Me either, I'm more of a funny pages kinda guy.
After going to look at the puzzle...
I guess despite all that, you still like word searches, huh...?
All the puzzles in the snow area are already solved and completely skippable... she doesn't humor Alphys's puzzle either...
I see Sans twice on the way to the hidden cave... "whats up".. "are you lost?"
and on the way back too... "say... are you following me?"... "you sure do like to exercise"

Of you kill Dogamy first (which I did), Dogaressa becomes enraged and has faster stomping attacks.
if you kill Dogaressa first, Dogamy just attacks with a dog that barks one attack at you...
you do not need to kill Jerry, just flee from him or ditch him since it's not worth the effort.
lol... he does take a lot more hits than usual.

At the deadly bridge trap...
that doesn't look very activated.
Papyrus decides he won't waste this puzzle on him, and will appreciate that at least Undyne is his friend...
here's some advice... if you're gonna keep going the way you are now...
*pupils dissappear*
you're gonna have a bad time.
Then he teleports away.

Challenge accepted.

Snowdin Town red text...
That comedian.
According to a wiki, "That comedian" refers to Snowdrake... if you let Snowdrake get away, it changes to "The comedian got away. Failure."
and if you kill Snowdrake, a Chilldrake can appear after that.
...oh, I would've thought this was referring to Sans... like the human thinks of Sans as the main hero and is doing that cartoon villain thing, like "that blasted comedian..."
That lady over there seems happy today. I don't know why, but it's sending shivers down my spine.
Ah, it's so peaceful and quiet... Usually one of those dogs chases my little Cinnamon around.
I wonder if that weird skeleton is an adult or a kid.
Wow, I've never seen Grilby's this empty before...
(you can't go through the fire exit because you're not made of fire.)
Everyone in town has different dialog, commenting on how the population is rapidly shrinking...
I've sent the kids inside. It feels unsafe here today.
Chilldrake is chanting an anarchist spell.
No bedtime, only DEADTIME.

I like how you still get plenty of dialog in the battles, since monsters usually always talk on both your turn and theirs no matter what you do...

holy shit yes! I finally got to encounter Glyde, that absurdly rare bonus enemy in the Snowdin cave.

Those last few encounters before the "But nobody came" took absurdly long...
At the snowdin shop... "But nobody came"
* Take
* Steal
* Read
* Exit
There's a note here. * Please don't hurt my family.

At the inn... it's merely a decoy.
The christmas tree... * (Nothing for you.)
Only the kid is still hanging around this place... he thinks Undyne can protect him.

Even the ice thrower is gone.

Papyrus calls the human a weirdo...
The human is already moving toward him as he's talking... he tries reasoning with it... and even tries sparing him as soon as the battle starts.
Killed him in one hit... his skull still tried to reason with me even to his last breath...

Tough Glove
Manly Bandanna
Gold 1440 KILLS 43
Waterfall - 18 left

Echo flower - It's strangely silent.

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