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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pokemon Black part 5: where I accomplish very little

Went to the subway one more time and went to Anville town. Is there gonna be a hilarious cartoon gag coming up?
On the weekends, a lot of people come here to watch the trains... whoa does that mean it'll be more crowded here on the weekend? I'll have to remember that...

I'll head to Black City... and there's the Marvelous Bridge along the way, that should be cool

"They said the Marvelous Bridge is being checked!"

...Well check it later, dammit! I wanna see a marvelous bridge!

Route 16 branches off in a few directions. Not much here though except trainers and some items.

Caught a Gothita... is it just me or does this pokemon look oddly creepy.

Pokedex: "Fixation pokemon. Their ribbonlike feelers increase their psychic power. They are always staring at something."

"They are always staring at something."

... weird. Okay, I think I could use a creepy psychotic goth type on my team. So long as it doesn't stare at me in my sleep or something... *shiver*

There's a path that branches off to a place called Lostlorn Forest. There's a camper and a guy who tells me about the woman living there alone in the middle of these woods... the woman inside the camper doesn't say anything... another thing that I'll get to later in the game maybe? Not much else here. There's also a higher ground that I can't get to.

So I guess I'm going to route 5. I'm stopped again by Cheren. He's gotten the bolt badge as well and wants to battle me... again. By now I know this guy's weaknesses. His Pignite still managed to take out my Tranquill. His Tranquill is a weakling, took it out easily.

lol what a sore loser. "Why? Why can't I beat you?".

Now Elesa comes and introduces us to Alder, the current champion of Unova. Suddenly... Alder gets a couple of preschoolers to challenge us in a double battle. um... okay. bla bla bla... boring champion full of himself speech. Elesa lowers the drawbridge so we can get to Driftveil City.

Man... Unova sure does feel separated. It's the fact that it's split up into 3 arches of land with a big river between them... It feels like you're actually travelling to distant, spaced out cities instead of just one big clustered region.

There's something new... you can see the shadows of wild bird pokemon... that's cool. Something tells me Driftveil will be a flying type gym... I'm there already that was fast. This place is kind of a snowy, windy area, and its music is catchy as hell seriously.

There's a trainer here who introduces rotation battles. Wow this is pretty complex. Got an expert belt from this guy at the food market. Not sure what he's doing handing out belts at a grocery store, but whatever.

A bunch of trainers in the "Cold Storage" area... and on route 6 someone is looking for a legendary pokemon. 2 places I could explore.

The gym leader approaches as soon as you enter the town with Cheren...

I'm Clay. I'm the Gym Leader 'round these here parts. Don't be expectin' no welcome, now. 'Cause when we lowered dat dang old bridge, the Team Plasma guys we'd caught done escaped in all da ruckus!

Ya can say whatever ya want. But what's important is y'all showed up, and then Team Plasma escaped. Maybe you dang little hooligans oughtta start lookin' for Team Plasma, too. Yer both talented trainers, aren't ya?

Tell ya what... If ya find Team Plasma, I'll let ya challenge mah gym! Life's all about give and take.

YEP, he's a total southern hick. Alas, now I must find Team Plasma and beat the crap out of them before I can challenge the 5th gym... sigh.

Now I'm on the hunt for Team Plasma... I don't think Team Plasma would hang around that close by though, their probably in the next town or something. I don't even really know why I have to look for Team Plasma... er I guess because cuz the gym leader told me to, and he speaks in an old west accent, so I'd probably better do what he says or else he'll hang me or something.

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  1. Pokemons are just like gaming mafia. You should be aware and careful - they can take your life one day!