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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Guacamelee playthrough log

Started playing this on Wii U. It starts off a bit slow, especially if you're talking to every NPC in town and trying to find all the sidequests/extras before moving on...

But the game suddenly gets really good at the first "real" level. The platforming physics are fun and the various combat moves you learn throughout the game also double as agility moves that add to the platforming mechanics.

This game has a dual-world mechanic similar to LttP, with portals that seemlessly transition you between worlds. The game makes good use of this in platforming situations.

I also like how there doesn't seem to be anything like breakable/fake walls that are indistinguishable from normal walls. at least not so far. the level/map design is very fair about showing you all of the possible paths to take.


Wow... I'm already near the end of the game. Only like 3 levels left on the world map that I haven't been to yet.. and 3 more abilities to unlock before I'll be able to go back through everything and finish up the game 100%.

I'm really liking the atmosphere of this game now... Starting with when I got turned into a chicken in the spirit world, that's when I noticed it... exploring the the spirit world versions of the towns really made me notice a lot of minor details too.

The game suddenly got way addicting once I gained the power to instantly transition between the worlds of living and dead. And it really is INSTANT, like there are tons of platforming sections where you you have to swap worlds back and forth mid-jump.

I like the story of the villain.. he used to be good, and then sold his soul to the devil, only to be betrayed. So he took revenge and turned the devil into a chicken, and took over as lord of the underworld, and now is trying to merge the 2 worlds together.

Guacamelee! screenshot Guacamelee! screenshot


This game actually goes on a bit longer than I thought. Some areas I thought were just a little town/transition area and nothing else, turned out to be full huge levels.

The platforming is getting kind of intense now. Also I found the "Infierno" town which has a building with over 3 floors of challenges. I can't get to the 4th floor yet. I only beat the first floor of challenges so far, including one really hard (but fun) combo challenge.

Guacamelee! screenshot Guacamelee! screenshot Guacamelee! screenshot Guacamelee! screenshot


Beat the game today, with a total time of 8:23. Didn't get 100% though, I still haven't found the ability to break those purple chicken blocks.

That last boss was SO good. It's really intimidating and seems unfair until you learn all of its patterns and tells, then it becomes just an endurance thing. The last stage had some decent platforming but not exactly the hardest in the game, mostly revolved around using the wall dashing/flying abilities while switching worlds or whatever... but the last level did have some crazy new regular enemies that were harder than the rest of the game's enemies by far.

I'm very interested in playing through this on hard mode some day. I wonder if it'll be less lenient with checkpoints and death pits.

Guacamelee! screenshot Guacamelee! screenshot Guacamelee! screenshot Guacamelee! screenshot


Now 100% completed. I actually did some of the backtracking collection at the burnout stage of my last edible high session, and didn't enjoy it all that much... I still think it'd be great to replay this game while high, but just the main game, never mind 100% completing it again.

Those challenges were fun, but kind of annoying to play after a while. There were a few more combat challenges where you needed a high combo for gold, and it mixed it up by not letting you use dodging, or not letting you use abilities, or a maze of rooms and you have to get to the end quick enough... The most fun/weird challenge was the one where you have to throw a chicken through a platforming course and get it to the end.

Some of these hidden paths are ridiculously hard to find. Technically there are no walk through wall paths, but there is stuff like a tiny path that only opens up with a timed switch on another screen... and most of the high up areas that you can't normally jump to, but doesn't look cleared out on the map yet, there's usually some way to get up there involving the wall fly abilities... I was not able to find all the orbs or chests without a guide, even after getting the chicken fly ability.

Overall this playthrough took 14.5 hours.

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