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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Ganbare Goemon DS playthrough log part 3/3

So, the guide isn't helping much on where to go at chapter 5, and when I checked this part in the video walkthrough, this is where they started going back to all the previous areas and doing sidequests...

I definitely won't 100% this game... there's so much dialog I'd be missing out on, and I'd have to follow this walkthrough so closely there'd be no point. even Goemon 3's sidequests weren't as tedious to do without a translation as this game's sidequests are.

I've stopped trying to pay attention to the story around chapter 5... the boss there is a dragon that jumps out of the water and sends out mini-enemies on a bridge... next there's a part where you have to knock on a mansion door exactly 4 times to talk to the person inside, and he gives Ebisumaru a fart stomp ability, that is used for pressing certain switches.

Next I have to find a bunch of dieties who are hiding in obscure places, like inside a bamboo log, etc.. there's a part where I have to use the stylus to draw the japanese character that's shown on the ground, it's very hard because the game is bad at detecting the correct pen strokes... and a part where you have to play whack-a-mole with an old man who pops up out of the ground.

Next there's a food-based 2D platforming section that's only a bit hard, and an easy boss fight against the tengu general, who just flies around shooting easily dodgeable cannonballs at you... then an Impact fight against a giant fish boss.. This one's a bit harder because Impact and the boss are far off in the distance, out in the ocean, and the fish robot moves around alot...

Next there's a snowy area, where you have to find this guy's 3 daughters. Each one that you find has a certain face, and you have to memorize their face and arrange it on this face puzzle to open up the next area... Before finding the 3rd daughter, I found what seems to be the tengu general's hideout...

Also, I found all but 2 of the 30 hidden white elephants (by tapping on random suspicious areas throughout the game). Used a guide to find the last 2... it seems like I can also get all the wallet upgrades and other meaningful sidequests done... and done. that didn't take too long at all. the only stuff I was missing other than the wallet upgrades were the special attacks for each character that you have to buy from a certain trainer. they're all just a cinematic thing that wipes out all enemies on the screen.

Found the 3rd daughter in that mechanical area where the bad guy was gloating at us... after arranging her face on the puzzle, the path to the next sidescrolling stage opened up. This place has a bunch of giant fortune scroll things, you have to shake them with the touch screen and a stick comes out that helps you get across the gaps.. but if the stick is a "misfortune" stick, then a plate will fall on you.. lol these weird level gimmicks are exactly what you'd expect from a Goemon game.

Next there's another boss, but it's the the same boss as last time, the tengu general in a flying machine, he just has a couple new attacks now.

Now onto the last chapter... it seems after capturing the tengu general, now it seems this Magistrate guy is the real villain, and he fooled this tengu general guy into doing his bidding...

The last stage is Edo Castle. This place has bow and arrow platforms that you gotta shoot with the stylus and try to land them on the target.. then the boss, the magistrate, who just sits in the background and makes explosive cherry pedals fall, and enemies come out on the sides that sometimes shoot cannonballs, which you can deflect and make them hit the boss...

That whole part was fairly easy... now for the last Impact battle... this is really tough. it's a giant tengu robot, that flies up and attacks from above, his attacks are pretty hard to dodge.

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