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Monday, July 6, 2015

DuckTales Remastered playthrough log

I started playing this today because I don't remember much about the NES version, it's been too long... First I'll play through the HD remastered version by Wayforward, then I'll replay the NES version.

I don't remember this tutorial level at all, I'm pretty sure this is new. They also added a lot of cutscenes that interrupt the gameplay, but you can skip them easily.

Playing on Hard mode... The Amazon level is fairly long. Some parts have spikes on both the floor and ceiling and I'm not sure how you're supposed to avoid getting hit... also that part with the falling rocks is very annoying. I got game over the first time I made it to the boss, but he's not hard once you get a feel for when his shockwaves cancel your pogo.

Got over 1.6 million points on that stage. I'm pretty sure I found every treasure, but probably didn't get the max possible score. Took me over 30 minutes just for that one stage.

Also got over 1.6 million at Transylvania. Could've got more if I bothered to take the minecart route a couple more times.

Got over 2.2 million on African Mines. Himeleyas had a was really easy despite not being able to pogo on snow, but only got like 1.3 million there. I'm pretty sure I haven't maxed any of the levels and missed a few treasures here and there..

Got over 2 million on the moon, and like 1.4 million on the volcano stage.

Ugh... the last part of the last level on hard mode... the lava goes up WAY too fast. It's like just barely possible with frame-perfect chain grabbing.

After you beat hard mode, you unlock Extreme Mode, which is the same as hard except no saving, hard pogo is always on (which means you have to time the pogo button instead of just holding it), and no continues if you run out of lives... I guess this makes it more like the NES version?

Shortly after this, I went and tried to replay the NES version... I got to the Moon level on normal mode but for some reason I wasn't able to beat the boss on this level. They definitely made the bosses easier on the HD version.  I could probably beat it with enough practice... did I really beat the NES version without cheating as a kid? wow...

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